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Home Economics Visual Journal

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Home Economics Visual Journal. By: Jarrett Lewis . Paragraph.

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My interview with my family taught me a lot of things about my home economics. In my visual it shows my mother seeming like a dictator while my father is in on what she does. In the back you can see me running away due to a lack of understanding of what they do. However; despite the fact my family is autocratic the top half of my picture shows my understanding that everything my mother does is for the good of the whole, such as setting aside money for my college fund and my fencing. As said in the article “Journal of Marriage and Family” it is said that management and agreement can not work without the other. My father and I understand my mothers abilities to handle the families finances so we agree to leave that part of the household to her. Regardless of the autocratic nature of my family, my mother insures that parts of the budget are used on things that other members of the family enjoy or need. Basically every decision she makes benefits the whole or a specific member of my family. Another thing that is apparent through the way my family has its finances handled is the attitude of the one that runs it. My mother is incredibly smart however pretty serious at times, because of this she is able to understand what should be done with our families money. After reviewing my families finances it is shown that my family is around upper middle class. This economic status was probably achieved through the fact that no arguments in the household come up due to the autocratic nature of the family. We all coexist and understand each others jobs and that keeps us together and on track.