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an exhibition of art based on music dance december 9 13 2001 n.
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An Exhibition of Art based on Music & Dance December 9-13, 2001 PowerPoint Presentation
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An Exhibition of Art based on Music & Dance December 9-13, 2001

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An Exhibition of Art based on Music & Dance December 9-13, 2001
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An Exhibition of Art based on Music & Dance December 9-13, 2001

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  1. Makhan Chor An Exhibition of Art based on Music & Dance December 9-13, 2001

  2. What We Already Know About Ramani... (At Least, What We Thought We Knew about him)

  3. Wedding Set Design... “… very Creative, Simple and Striking… Elegant without being Expensive… (his work) Doesn’t Steal the Limelight away from the Event… very easy to work with - NOT Temperamental and Open to Suggestions!” - (“Enfield”) Smt. Gomathi Viswanathan “… a Pioneer in Wedding Set Design…very Creative and Original….Simple but Elegant - Conveys a Lot with a Little…Doesn’t allow Time or Money to get in the way of the Result…(has) the Right Touch!” - Hema Ramkumar, Fashion Designer “… Designed ALL the artwork for (my) Daughter’s Wedding - (right from) the Wedding Cards, the entry arches, (to) the Wedding Stage… Blended various Shades of his Artistic Sensibilities - Very Tasteful and Aesthetic… (a) Reflection of (his) innate goodness… Everyone (was) amazed at (his) ability to bring out the latent beauty (in) very ordinary materials - sense of Freshness and Nature!” - Nandini Ramani, Bharata Natyam Exponent and Dance Critic

  4. Nandhini Ramani - Daughter’s wedding • Note the Flower Thombais Wedding Sets… • Gomathi Viswanath - Daughter’s wedding • Note the Coordinated “Kasiyatrai” Set • Wedding Entrance • Decorated using Plantain Stalks

  5. Music Set Design... • Music Sets For Chennai’s Leading Sabhas • Music Academy, Narada Gana Sabha, Krishna Gana Sabha… • Music Organizations • Kala Mandir Trust… • Corporate Sponsored Shows • Satyam Infoway (SIFY) Sponsored Carnatic Music • Live Webcast - Featuring Sudha Raghunathan • TransWorld Sponsored Music Festival @ Chennai (2000) • Featuring UnniKrishnan & Shankar Mahadevan • Samudaya Foundation • Orissa Relief Fund • Gujarat Earthquake Fund • HMV Carnatic Music Festivals • Sterling Resorts - “Heritage Kala Utsav” • Book Release Functions - Music Today, and Anitha Ratnam

  6. Music Set Design... “… (he’s) done the interiors of The Music Academy’s Main Hall… discusses the Concept with me… (then) expands on it… Very Much Appreciated by ALL of our Members… (so much so) we’ve asked him to Design the Stage for our 75th Anniversary Celebrations!!!” - T. T. Vasu, Music Academy “… wonderful human being… knows how to give artistes the respect they need… friendly, respectful - yet is able to offer suggestions… ‘Backdrop Ramani’… effervescent, but in a quiet way… Extremely Simple but Creative… always very Down to Earth, but Right On the Mark - Blends with the theme… I’ve seen some of his paintings… Suggested that he should have an Exhibition… A Dream Come True!” - Sudha Raghunathan, Carnatic Vocalist

  7. Sudha Raghunathan in Concert • Live WebCast on Sify.Com • Please note the “Stained Glass” Effect Music Sets… • Stage Design @ Music Academy • Stage Design based on Logo • Using Ikat

  8. Dance Set Design... • Dance Sets For Chennai’s Leading Sabhas • Music Academy, Narada Gana Sabha, Krishna Gana Sabha… • Dance Organizations/Festivals • Kala Mandir Trust Chidambaram “Natyanjali” (Since 1998) • Fine Arts Foundation Lakshaya Dance Festival at Music Academy • Dharani Kalotsav” (Cochin) Sangeet Natak Academy • Props for Dance Dramas • Dhananjayan’s Bharata Kalanjali - Thyagaraja Vaibhavam and Sanghamitra • (Late) S. K. Rajaratnam’s USA Tour - Meenakshi Kalyanam • Drama - Nandini Ramani’s Sanskrit Play (Anarkali) and Ballet (Kuravanji) • Stage Décor for Seminars • Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan’s Dance Seminar • Shruti’s Seminar on “Nattuvanar” Tradition

  9. Dance Set Design…(Contd.) “… ALL Stage Performances of the Kala Mandir Trust… very Creative, Simple and Striking… (his work) Doesn’t Steal the Limelight away from the Event… very easy to work with - Not Temperamental and Open to Suggestions!” - (“Enfield”) Smt. Gomathi Viswanathan “… Fully Blossomed Art by himself… ideas of ancient and modern cultures… without losing the importance of Traditions… For any Abstract, he will give a real or live exposure… Not Only an Artist, But a Creator!” - Krishnaswamy, Narada Gana Sabha “… a Great Feel for Aesthetics… rare person who has Talent and Humility - (his) constant quest for improvement… (he’s) honed, refined and polished (his talent) like a gem… and like a gem, it’s multifaceted… Deep involvement in All Cognate Art Forms and Cognate Disciplines enriches them all… gives him a wide and deep vision… (a) Key Attribute of Greatness!” - Padmashri Chitra Visweshwaran, Bharata Natyam Exponent

  10. Innovations in Dance Set Design... • Collapsible Dance Props for Individual (NRI) Dancers • Canada* - Menaka Thakkar (Ramayana), Lata Pada • Special Mention - Harish (Narasimha Avataram) - Usage of Thombai for Pillar • USA* - Aparna Ramaswamy, Vidya Subramanian, Ratna Papa… • UK - Pushkala Gopal, Dr. Ghosh (Student of Chitra Visweshwaran)… • Singapore - Neela Satyalingam… • International Forums - Cleveland Cultural Alliance - ABHYASA • Collapsible Props for Dance Productions • Presented in 25 Cities - Across USA and Canada

  11. Abhyasa Dance Set • Note Collapsible Props Dance Sets… • Krishna Gana Sabha • Natya Kala Conference

  12. Dance Costume Design... “… from the first impression… (our ideas) Blended so Well… (made me feel) Very Comfortable… able to Expand on a Theme (with) Minimum Guidelines… Very Responsible and Responsive!” - Bhanupriya, Film Star and Dancer “… very soft-spoken… hides a very Intense, Observant and Creative Artist… able to juxtapose Traditional Looking Props with Contemporary Materials… Fine Sense of Color, Texture & Fabric… Looks at ALL Elements of a Production… Props are Designed with Excellent Visualization of Music & Dance Movements… (he’s) Synonymous with Quality and Aesthetics!” - Anita Ratnam, Dancer and Cultural Activist “… very Quiet and Unassuming… very Receptive… very Good Listener … puts me at ease - very important when you’re trying to convey an artistic image…Aware of Budgets (but) Doesn’t Compromise on Creativity - Always Exceeds Expectations… Engenders Trust… (I) Treasure his Friendship!” - Priyadarshini Govind, Bharata Natyam Exponent

  13. Costume Design for “Tarkash” • Mughal/Islamic Theme Dance Costumes… • Bharata Natyam Costume

  14. Film Art Design… • Film Art Appreciation Course • “Swati Thirunal” (Malayalam) • Asst. Art Director to Krishnamurthy • Krishnamurthy on Ramani • “…Very Good in Design for Sets…Tremendous potential as a Designer… Excellent Eye for Color Schemes - especially for Traditional/Period Costumes… (I) Would love to work with him again…”

  15. Television Set Design… • DD National Programmes of Dance • Lakshmi Knight, Chitra Visweshwaran,The Narasimhacharis • Anita Ratnam’s “Independence Day” - Dance Ballet • Children’s Day Programme • Radhika Shurjit’s Ballet • TV Programs • GoodKnight’s “Face to Face” (Sun TV) • Khushboo • Shivaranjani • Srinidhi Rangarajan’s Dance Program (Vijay TV) • “Shivanjali” Music & Dance Program (Vijay TV) • Talk Show for Madan (Jaya TV) • Radhika Shurjit, Creative Dancer/Choreographer - TV, Film “… Very Intense but Tasteful… Simple and Wonderful human being, which is Reflected in his Work… (When you see his work) the Focus is the Art, Not the Artist… I see Music, Dance, and Movement in his work - Even in his Paintings!”

  16. Textile/Fabric Design... • Lalit Kala Akademi - Batik Exhibition • DCM • 3 Years - Textile Designer for Dress Materials, Furnishings, Sarees • Radha Silk Emporium (RASI) • In-House Designer • Sarees - Printed and Woven • Salwar Kameez • Designs for Collections & Exhibitions • Printed & Woven Sarees with Folk Motifs • B&W Collection - Block Printed Sarees • Paavadi/Dhavani/Blouse Revival Collection • Display Design - Shop Floor Displays • Mayuri Boutique • “Sun Signs” Collection - Printed Sarees based on Zodiac Signs • Saree - ‘Sun Signs’ Collection

  17. Introducing Ramani - The Renaissance Man (Or What you Didn’t Know about him)

  18. Corporate Sector • Logo Design • Viswapriya Finance • Enfield Agrobase • Event Management • HMV Carnatic Music Festivals • Sanmar Group Dinners - Dinner Settings • CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) Partnership Summit (Jan ‘98) • Designed Stalls & Settings • Interior Decoration • Citiband Shelters Office • “Blues Power” - Alsa Mall

  19. The Teacher... • National Institute of Design (NID) • 1 Year as A Full-Time Faculty Member • Taught Textile Design • Visiting Faculty • MGR Engg College - B. Arch. Program - Freehand Drawing • Stella Maris College - B. A. (Fine Arts) - Block Printing • NIFT - Course on World Art Appreciation

  20. The Journalist… (A Selection) • Art Reviews, Articles & Profiles • “Shimmer of Gold & Silver” - The Hindu (06/11/1988) • “The Art Page” - Feature Column -TRENDS OPUS (Since 1991) • “The Queen of Hearts” - Aside (15/11/1995) • “Still-life in Lines” - The Indian Express (26/07/1997) • Art & Dance Critic • TRENDS OPUS • The Indian Express • Ananda Vikatan • Nunkalai • Illustrations for Articles & Features • The Indian Express • Ananda Vikatan

  21. The Musician... • Proficiency in Classical Vocal • Carnatic Classical Tutelage by • Mrs. Shrimati Brahmanandam • Prof. Dr. S. Ramanathan • Hindustani Classical Training • Music Performances • Light Music Group - Performances in Delhi • Vocal Accompaniment for Dance • Anitha Rathnam • Srikant (Disciple of Dr. Padma Subrahmaniam)

  22. Ramani - A Man Ahead of His Times (He Marches to a Different Drummer - Even for an Artist)

  23. Fabric Design… • Appliqued Bedspreads & Fun Cushions • “Shrushti” - Bed Covers, Painted Planters & Furniture (Sept. ‘85) • “Kid Décor” - Exhibition at Shakshi Gallery (Apr. ‘87) • Lalit Kala Akademi - Batik Exhibition • Exhibition of Batik Wall Hangings and Sarees (Feb. ‘83) • Designer Collection of Thombais • Exhibition in Chennai (Dec. ‘97) • Appliqued Bedspread

  24. Cork As A Medium of Expression… • FIRST ARTIST (in the World) TO USE CORK AS A MEDIUM • “Cork Assemblages” - Exhibition at Sakshi Gallery (Aug ‘89) • Exhibition of Murals and Collages • Exhibition was a Sellout - Pieces ranged from Rs. 15-35,000/- • Dhananjay Bhatt - Partner, Cork Industries “… happened to mention (this) to him… possibly be the First in the World to Use Cork as an Art Medium… pushed him to work the fastest possible… Brought out this exhibition (25 Murals and Collages) in Record Time (45 Days)!”

  25. Cork...

  26. “Thombai Mela” • Tradition • Always on a White Background • Common Uses - Temples, Dance/Drama, Marriages • No Utility Other than Beauty • Ramani’s Innovations - Balance of Beauty & Utility • Bright Colors and Motifs - e.g. Bandhini Prints, etc. • Extended Usability - Includes Offices & Homes • Maintainable - Collapsible, Cloth Removable & Washable • Attractive Gifts - Because of Easy Portability “Small pieces…exquisite colors…lamp shades…glow rendered…even more resplendent…(Ramani) an artist for whom innovation in everything is imperative!” • Malathi Rangarajan, Columnist, The Hindu (Dec 19, ‘97) “…such a sincere and honest person… comes through in his work… (Ramani believes that) the Art is it’s own reward… (his) ‘Problem’ is that he’s So Good at So Many Things!!” • Shanta Guhan, Art Connoiseur “The credit for the Thombai Mela idea goes to Shanta Guhan” • V. V. Ramani, Artist Extraordinaire!

  27. Ramani - The Artist (How Could he be a Renaissance Man Without Being an Artist???)

  28. Cork Mural -“Kutcheri” Murals… • Design & Execution of Murals in Cork • “Cork Assemblages” - Exhibition @ Sakshi Gallery ( ‘89) • Private Clients • Design & Execution of Murals in Cement • SIPCOT - M. S. Swaminathan Foundation • Residence of Mr. Basu John • (Poes Garden, Near Rajnikath’s Residence)

  29. Collages… • Exhibited Collages at: • “Cork Assemblages” - Exhibition at Sakshi Gallery (‘89) • Regional Art Exhibition - Lalit Kala Akademi (Chennai ‘92) • Annual Art Exhibition - Chitra Kala Parishad (Bangalore ‘92) • Annual Exhibition - Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu (‘97) • Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu - Senior Artist Award • State Level Award - Presented by the Governor • Commemorating 50th Year of Independence • Citation and Cash Award • Paper Collage “NAVARASA” “…unlike many collage artists, Ramani works with a definite end image as a goal… journey literally papered with every kind of image… Yet in all the ‘Madness’ of swirling, colorful, even bizarre images, there is the ‘Method’ of Final Creation!” • Pushpa Chari, Columnist, The Hindu (Mar 13, ‘98) • Cork Collage -“Flower basket”

  30. And Now…Margazhi Moments (Or as Ramani Puts it… His First Love)

  31. Ramani at Work...

  32. Paintings… • One Man Show • Painting & Graphics (Chennai 1978) • Exhibitions: • Atul National Exhibition of Art (Gujarat 1982) • Third Rashtriya Kala Mela (New Delhi 1985) • Madan - Cartoonist & Columnist “… know him for over 20 years…WE Pioneered Illustrations in “Ananda Vikatan”… Excellent Illustrations…keeps a very low profile... Extraordinary Talent with a Catholic Approach… very original work… very aware of budgets… Like Picasso, he Can Create Art with Very Little and Very Ordinary Materials!!!” • Adimoolam - Artist “… very Talented and Creative Artist… Extremely Versatile… Murals… Cork… Thombai… very good taste & sense of aesthetics… Very Knowledgeable and Excellent Art Critic!” • Ramani… On Ramani “I’m a bit of everything, that everybody thinks… But, I’d like to be known as an Artist and a Fine Human Being!”

  33. Ramani on ‘Margazhi Moments’... • Why this Exhibition “I’ve been missing my paintings now… been doing a lot of other art…thought I’ll get back to brush and paint!” • Why Portraits on Music & Dance “I have a Strong Love of Music & Dance… Portraits per se as a medium not very common now… you see more of Abstracts and Compositions.” • Why ‘Margazhi Moments’ “Margazhi is a Month of Activity in Madras for Music & Dance - ‘Margazhi, Music & Madras’… enough said!”

  34. Ramani’s Head Cheerleader (Who has Always Been Aware of His Talent)

  35. Mrs. Ramani… “…Ramani’s very fortunate to have her in his life… words or compliments cannot describe her contribution… in my opinion, (Ramani’s) work is dedicated to Hema… (She is) Ramani’s Muse!” - Padmashri Alarmel Valli, Bharata Natyam Exponent “… (this) Presentation would NOT be possible or complete without mentioning Hema… (She’s) Ramani’s Torch-Bearer!” - Priyadarshini Govind, Bharata Natyam Exponent “… (I) cannot think of Ramani without Hema… (they’re) like ArdhaNareeshwara!!!” - (“Enfield”) Smt. Gomathi Viswanathan “… Artistic Flair of an Industrious Couple… Creative Couple” - Malathi Rangarajan, The Hindu, Jan 24, 2000

  36. Acknowledgements

  37. Mrs. & Mr. Ramani Thank... • All the People & Artistes Involved in this Presentation for giving us their ‘Invaluable Time and Kind Words’ • The Media & Press for their Gracious Presence & Coverage • Vinyasa Art Gallery and Music Academy • Mrs. & Mr. S. Thyagarajan, (S. Thyagarajan & Co., Mylapore) • Mr. V. Srinivasan (“Murali”), Nanganallur • Mrs. Kalpana & Ramnath, Nandanam • Our Families • And Last But Not Least: • Munuswamy & his team of Carpenters • Sarangan Flower Shop • Chella Video • Chandrashekhar

  38. For Copies & Enquiries VIJAY SAI Principal Consultant & COO Sai Business Consultants “Raj Nivas” 37/2, Vijayraghavachari Road T. Nagar, Madras 600017 Phone: 91-44-8239411 Cell: 91-98410-99139 Email: HomePage: