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Geological Storage Theme

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Geological Storage Theme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geological Storage Theme. BGS progress. Web-enabled GIS. Now up and running BGS datasets are available to all partners for the project duration. Geology of UK north Sea & onshore, seabed sediments

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web enabled gis
Web-enabled GIS
  • Now up and running
  • BGS datasets are available to all partners for the project duration.
    • Geology of UK north Sea & onshore, seabed sediments
  • Esmond Field model has been given to Leeds for reservoir simulation to model fault influences on CO2 migration and Heriot Watt for an MSc thesis.
fluid rock interactions
Fluid-rock interactions
  • BGS support (Chris Rochelle) of studies at Leeds on fluid rock experiments
  • Provision of petrographic specimens and materials from US analogues (Jonathan Pearce) to Edinburgh
bgs advice to policy makers
BGS advice to policy-makers
  • April 06: Discussions with Coal Authority (Jonathan Pearce)
  • September 06: UKERC Energy in Eastern Europe workshop  (Sam Holloway & Jonathan Pearce).
  • December 06: Anglo-Italian workshop: Clean Coal Technologies: A UK-Italy perspective towards a successful zero emission strategy (Nick Riley & Jonathan Pearce).
  • Advice to the DTI and DEFRA re CCS for negotiations within OSPAR and the London Convention (Sam Holloway).
  • April 07: Presentations and discussions on CCS with UK Minister of Transport (Andy Chadwick Sam Holloway).
analytical modelling
Analytical modelling
  • Joint paper (Andy Chadwick) with Cambridge (Mike Bickle) on analytical modelling of CO2 flow in the Sleipner plume.
bgs plans
BGS plans
  • Add estimates of storage capacity of North Sea oilfields and gas fields to GIS.
  • Will be crude estimates based:
    • for oilfields on the storage space vacated by the additional oil that could be recovered by EOR (say 7% of OIIP)
    • For gas fields on the storage space vacated by the URR, discounted to take account of water invasion and other factors
bgs plans1
BGS plans
  • Ongoing discussions to build upon current CO2-water-rock investigations (e.g. with Leeds and Cambridge Universities), and explore ways to take them further.
bgs plans2
BGS plans
  • Bunter Sandstone study of storage processes: reservoir simulations and reservoir quality study.
    • Petrology
    • Porosity/permeability from core and logs
    • Compare seismic surveys over producing Bunter Sst fields and prospective storage structures re leakage
  • Further develop analytical modelling of Sleipner plume and compare with numerical simulations
bgs plans3
BGS plans
  • Investigations of fault-controlled CO2 migration in fine-grained rocks, based on analogues in central Italy.
    • Recently discovered quarry outcrops reveal fractures and faults that are actively allowing volcanic CO2 to migrate to the surface.
    • Quarry is thought to be an inactive kaolinite quarry, though history of development is still being researched.
    • Outcrops may therefore provide information on CO2 migration through fracture-controlled permeability in fine grained rocks.
    • Petrographic and geochemical investigations of fracture controls on permeability will be combined with ongoing fluid geochemistry and structural investigations at University La Sapienza Roma.