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Chicago AHR Expo 2003

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Chicago AHR Expo 2003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chicago AHR Expo 2003. From the 96 th floor of Hancock Tower. Glass Elevators. My speaking partner Dave Branson. Implementing Web Based Facility Operations. David J. Branson, Senior V P, Compliance Services Group Ken Sinclair, Editor/Owner online industry magazine

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implementing web based facility operations
Implementing Web Based Facility Operations

David J. Branson, Senior V P, Compliance Services Group

Ken Sinclair, Editor/Owner online industry

Doing more with less manpower by usingweb-based anywhere information to amplify your existing building operational resources.
We must develop the “magic” to take our automation interfaces to the next level in an elegant convergence model.
it is all about a better interface with the end user
It is all about abetter interface with the end-user.

David J. Branson, Senior V P, Compliance Services Group

Ken Sinclair, Editor/Owner online industry

thomas hartman p e contributing editor friend and mentor
Thomas Hartman, P.E.Contributing Editor, Friend and Mentor

I predict a very strong movement to "occupant integrated" HVAC controls within the next decade.

My prediction is that by the second decade of this century, most class "A" office spaces will be required to offer individual control of thermal and lighting levels. This integration will most likely be Internet based.


Occupants are connected to wide area networks, including the Internet, and yet almost none of them can connect to their local comfort system to request changes in thermal or lighting levels in the space they occupy. 


From a worker performance perspective it is extremely wasteful that we arenot aggressively pursuing suchindividual comfortcontrol connections. 

why a web based interface
  • Easy access.
  • Cost of ownership.
  • Ease of installation and configuration.
  • Common 'front-end' to dissimilar systems.
  • Extended life of existing EMS.
  • Scalable.

We are not talking about viewing our old systems through a Web browser; we are talking about total product, design, control, and mechanical/electrical equipment integration.

if we do not change changes will come from outside our industry
If we do not change, changes will come from outside our industry.

The real danger for our industry is if we do not grow rapidly enough to provide this value added service there is a host of "ISIT's" (Information Systems and Information Technology) types who will.


An Update: Proprietary PerspectivesOn Interoperability

David J. Branson, PE, Senior Vice President

Compliance Services Group, Inc.

Ken Sinclair, Editor/Owner online industry magazine

topics covered
Topics Covered
  • Maintaining Proprietary Components
  • Legacy Gateways
  • Levels of Interoperability
  • Self Configuring Controls
  • Distributed Systems
a self configuring architecture

3 Control

4 Eventing

5 Presentation

2 Description

1 Discovery

0 Addressing

A Self Configuring Architecture

0 control point and device get addresses

1 control point finds interesting device

2 control point learns about device capabilities

3 control point invokes actions on device

4 control point listens to state changes of device

5 control point controls device and/or views device status using HTML UI

anatomy a self configured device
Anatomy: A Self Configured Device

Networking stack

Discovery server

Description server

Presentation server

Control & eventing services


Control & Eventing








nurturing the necessary network
Nurturing the Necessary Network 

David J. Branson, PE, Sr. Vice President

Compliance Services Group, Inc.

Ken Sinclair, Editor/Owner online industry magazine

avoiding network clutter
Avoiding Network Clutter
  • Standardized protocols
  • Use managed network hardware
  • Know the domain of use
  • Derived vs collected data
the osi model
The OSI Model

Layer 7: The application where communication partners are identified

Layer 6: The presentation usually part of an operating system

Layer 5: The session layer...sets up, coordinates, and terminates

Layer 4: The transport layer...manages the end-to-end control

Layer 3: The network layer...routing of the data

Layer 2: The data-link layer...synchronization for the physical level

Layer 1: The physical layer...conveys the bit stream