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FIMS Data Validation Improvements And Lessons Learned PowerPoint Presentation
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FIMS Data Validation Improvements And Lessons Learned

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FIMS Data Validation Improvements And Lessons Learned - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FIMS Data Validation Improvements And Lessons Learned . Phil Dalby, PE, LEED AP, CFM Office of Acquisition and Project Management Property Management Virtual Workshop May 22, 2013. Agenda. FIMS Validations Status of FY 2013 Validations Validation Trends QA Reviews

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Presentation Transcript

FIMS Data Validation Improvements


Lessons Learned

Phil Dalby, PE, LEED AP, CFM

Office of Acquisition and Project ManagementProperty Management Virtual Workshop

May 22, 2013

  • FIMS Validations
  • Status of FY 2013 Validations
  • Validation Trends
  • QA Reviews
  • FY 2013 Validation Plan
  • Best Practices
  • Lessons learned
  • Questions
  • Reliance on FIMS is increasing – Good News
    • Current user community consists of almost 500 people
    • The user base has increased by 40% over the last 5 years
    • We have seen an increased level of interest in FIMS training by management and facilities personnel in the field
  • OMB's and GSA’s focus has shifted from data completeness to data quality/accuracy
    • This makes our data validation process all the more important
    • We have seen significant improvement
    • Still plenty of room for improvement
  • OMB considers our validation Process a best practice
  • GAO encouraged continued use of the FIMS validation process

Call the hotline!!

importance of fims validations
Importance of FIMS Validations
  • FIMS is the Department’s repository of real property information
    • Legal/regulatory requirement
  • Annual Submission to the FRPP
    • Required by 41 CFR § 102-84.55
    • 41 CFR § 102-84.30 requires agencies to verify the accuracy of each FRPP submission
  • 20,000 records with upwards of 175 data elements per record
    • Used in decision-making throughout the Department
    • Populates the Federal Real Property Profile
    • Supplemental data for financial reporting
    • Avoids unnecessary data calls and site-level queries
fy 2013 fims validation status
FY 2013 FIMS Validation Status
  • 50 Sites to be validated
  • 22 Validated to date
    • 16 Green
    • 1 Yellow
    • 5 Red
  • LPSO is lead on multi-program sites
    • One scorecard per site

Go’in for Green!

quality assurance reviews
Quality Assurance Reviews
  • ~ Eight per year
  • Try to get to each site every 4 to5 years
  • Share and capture best practices
  • Ensure validations are consistent Department-wide
  • OPAM/HQ Program Office do not run validation
    • Observe process
    • Provide assistance
    • Answer questions


We’re from Washington and we're here to help!

fy2013 fims validation plan
FY2013 FIMS Validation Plan
  • FY2013 Three validations will be performed
    • One validation will include a random sample of DOE owned buildings, trailers, and Other Structures and Facilities (OSF)
    • The second validation will include all DOE leased buildings, trailers and Other Structures and Facilities (OSF)
    • The third validation will include DOE owned, DOE ingrant – DOE leased and withdrawn from public domain land
    • Contractor leased assets will not be validated
    • Bridge Safety Inspections will be verified
best practices
Best Practices
  • Complete source documentation worksheet
    • Streamlines process
    • Provides contact information of source data owner (SDO)
  • Develop source documentation notebook
    • Tab for each data element
    • Signed Memo, dated, clarifying process for obtaining source data by SDO
    • Be prepared to go into detail on how you arrived at the values for the source data
  • Develop local data base for source data
  • Review entire process prior to validation


lessons learned reminders
Lessons Learned/Reminders
  • DM inspection no longer than at 5 years apart
    • Check inspection dates before validation
  • Source data required to be updated annually
lessons learned reminders1
Lessons Learned/Reminders
  • Source documentation development
    • Develop a table for Source Data Owner (SDO)
      • SDO provides data or
      • SDO reviews, makes corrections and certifies existing data
        • Signs and dates table certifying data is accurate
    • One SDO per table
    • Certified by one SDO
    • SDO must personally review and certify data as correct
lessons learned reminders2
Lessons Learned/Reminders
  • FIMS generated RPVs
    • Use FIMS User Guide Appendix F to crosswalk Usage Code and RPV model
  • Update process memos if process changes
  • Estimated disposition year for excessed assets
    • If Site does not have a planned date for disposition
      • Use 9999
      • Update annually
  • Conduct walkthrough for 25 to 30% of sample
  • Drive by as many of the remaining assets in the sample set as practical
the facilities walkthrough
The Facilities Walkthrough
  • During Walkthrough:
    • Verify
      • Usage code
      • Status
      • Utilization
    • Do a “sanity check” on deferred maintenance
    • Verify that multiple buildings and/or trailers assets are not being reported as one single record in FIMS
corrective action plan cap
Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
  • Sample available on FIMS website at
  • Usually just the scorecard with a few additional columns to identify:
    • Corrective action plan completed within 30 days of validation
    • Point of contact
    • Estimated date of completion

Phil Dalby PE, LEED AP

Department of Energy

Office of Acquisition and Project Management (APM) - MA-652

Phone: (202) 586-4548

Cell: (202) 615-3405

Fax: (202) 586-3695