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Each Folder contains : Instruction manual in Bengali alongwith Bengali Survey Questionnaire

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Each Folder contains : Instruction manual in Bengali alongwith Bengali Survey Questionnaire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Each Folder contains : Instruction manual in Bengali alongwith Bengali Survey Questionnaire English Survey Questionnaire 3) Caste List (One per ULB) 4) Software Installation manual (One per ULB) One CD (per ULB) contains Order issued from MA Deptt , BCW Deptt .

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Each Folder contains :

  • Instruction manual in Bengali alongwith Bengali Survey Questionnaire
  • English Survey Questionnaire
  • 3) Caste List (One per ULB)
  • 4) Software Installation manual (One per ULB)
  • One CD (per ULB) contains
  • Order issued from MA Deptt, BCW Deptt.
  • Today’s Presentation
  • Instruction manual
  • Survey Questionnaire both in Bengali and English
  • Ward-wise List of existance of Insanitary latrine as per Census,2011
  • Caste list
  • Format of Appointment Letter and Identity Card
  • Required Number of Superviser, Enumerator, and Data Entry Operator
  • Another CD (per ULB) contains
  • Software for Data Entry developed by NIC
  • Installation manual

Survey of Manual Scavengers


Statutory Towns of West Bengal

Conducted by :

Department of Municipal Affairs


Department of Backward Classes Welfare

Govt. of West Bengal

As per direction of

Deptt. of Social Justice and Empowerment

Government of India

background contd
  • On 1992, existence of manual scavengers in India were about 7.65


  • Between 1992-2005, 4.23 Lakh manual scavengers and their
  • dependents were assisted for rehabilitation under National
  • Scheme of Liberation and Rehabilitation of scavengers and their

dependents ( NSLRS)

  • On January,2007 GoI introduced Self Employment Scheme for

Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers (SRMS). Out of 3.42 Lakh

existing manual scavengers 78,941 beneficiaries were assisted for

alternative occupations by 30.06.2010.


background contd1
  • National Advisory Council (NAC) advised GoI to ensure the

practice of manual scavenging to abolish fully by the end of

11th Plan period in coordination with all the Departments

and States/ Local Governments . For this purpose to conduct

fresh survey for identification of manual scavengers and

insanitary latrine

  • Pursuant to this recommendation a Task Force was

constituted on 10.2.2011 by Ministry of Social Justice &

Empowerment, Govt. of India



For this purpose , Govt. of India instructed all the States to conduct the fresh survey for identification of Manual Scavengers and collection of information on incidence on Insanitary Latrine in all the statutory towns.



1.To identify the manual scavengers in statutory towns ,who -

a) Not Covered under SRMS

b) Covered under SRMS but not given up manual


2. To ensure that all genuine manual scavengers are identified, and at the same time, possibility of inclusion of non-genuine scavengers is minimized, if not eliminated.

3. To ascertain the social, economic and skill status of the identified manual scavengers, and their willingness for taking up alternative self employment ventures.

4. To ascertain details of the insanitary latrines, open drains etc. to clean which the manual scavengers are engaged/employed


Definition of Manual Scavenger

  • “Manual Scavenger” means a person engaged or
  • employed by:-
    • an individual / local authority / public or private agency, for manually cleaning, carrying, disposing of, or otherwise handling, in any manner, human excreta in an insanitary latrine or in an open drain or pit into which human excreta from insanitary latrines is disposed of, or on a railway track, before the excreta fully decomposes.
    • [Cleaning human excreta with the help of any devices like high pressure water jet etc and using proper protective gear shall not be treated as manual scavenger ]
definition of insanitary latrine
Definition of Insanitary Latrine

“Insanitary Latrine” means a latrine which requires human excreta to be cleaned or otherwise handled manually, either in situ, or in an open drain or pit into which the excreta is discharged or flushed out, before the excreta fully decomposes.


Distinction between Manual Scavenger & Safai Karmachari

  • Safai Karamcharis normally include persons engaged as ‘Sweepers’ or ‘sanitation/cleaning workers’ in municipalities, government and private offices. They may be direct employees of these bodies (municipalities, government/private sector organizations) or may be contract employees who happen to be working for these organizations. However, Safai karamcharis, per se, are not manual scavengers.
  • (ii) Manual Scavengers are usually self employed or contract employees. “Self employed” means a person who scavenges a group of household dry latrines or drains etc. in a particular ward, for payment in cash and/or in kind, by the house-owners. Contract employees would normally be those who are hired through contractors, by a municipal body, any other organization or a group of house-owners, to scavenge individual or community dry latrines and open drains where night soil is disposed.

Geographical Scope of the Survey

  • Pilot Survey already completed in the ULBs of Dakhin Dinajpur District
  • The proposed Survey would be conducted straight away in total 127 statutory towns including Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority and Barrackpore Cantonment Board Area.

State Level Institutional set up

  • State Level Committee constituted under the

chairmanship of Secretary, Municipal Affairs Department.

Member Secretary is Secretary, BCW Department

  • State Level Nodal Agency :

State Urban Development Agency (SUDA)

  • State level Nodal Officer : Director, SUDA
  • State Level Principal Coordination Officer :

Sri Amit Kumar Dan,

Programme Engineer, SUDA

and Executive Engineer, MED


District Level Institutional set up

  • District Level Committee constituted under the

chairmanship of District Magistrate. Convener is

District Manager, WB SC ST Development and Finance


  • OC Municipal Affairs/ DMDO and District Manager,

WB SC ST Development and Finance Corporation will

jointly monitor the survey process and fulfill all the

modalities on behalf of the District

  • District Magistrate would notify an Officer not below

the rank SDO/ BDO to process the claims and objection

filed by the manual scavengers in each urban local body


Town Level Institutional set up

  • Town/City level committee constituted under the

chairmanship of Chairman of the concerned municipality

/Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation.

  • Commissioner/Executive Officer will monitor the survey

work and fulfill all the modalities on behalf of the ULB

  • Nodal officer to be nominated at the Self Declaration

Centre – responsible for all the activities of Self

Declaration Centre

  • Supervisor, Enumerator and Data Entry Operator
  • Officers for processing Claims and objection to be

notified by District Magistrate.


State : Action

  • Notifications for institutional set up and operational

procedures and circulation

  • Publicity :
  • Publicity through Newspaper
    • Printing of Leaflets and Posters for all ULBs
  • Matter for campaigning through local cable by the ULBs
  • Distribution of Ward wise list of existing insanitary latrine as

per census,2011 and Caste list

  • Training : District and ULB level Officials and preparation of

Training material

  • Above activities should be completed within 6th of April,2013.
  • Compilation of List of Manual Scavengers for onward

transmission to Govt. of India

  • Overall Supervision and monitoring of all the activities of the



District : Action

  • Constitution of District Level Committee
  • Designating District level nodal officer
  • Designating the Officer in each ULB for processing the
  • Claims and Objections filed by Manual Scavenger
  • Approval of final list of manual scavengers for all the
  • ULBs in the District.
  • After approval and finalization of the list, District level
  • Survey Committee will send the compiled list alongwith
  • soft copy and hard copy of the filled up survey format
  • and the photo of some declaration centre and survey to
  • SUDA within 31.05.2013 for all the ULBs of the District
  • and upload the same in the website at the District Level.
  • Overall Supervision and monitoring of all the activities of
  • the survey

ULB : Action ---contd.

  • Constitution of Town Level Committee
  • Designating nodal officer of ULB and Declaration
  • Centres
  • Publicity: To arrange publicity through local newspaper
  • & Cable network
  • Distribution of poster and leaflet in all wards
  • particularly in the suspected places where
  • concentration of manual scavengers/insanitary latrine
  • To notify the designated places (Self Declaration
  • Camp), dates and time for Survey
  • Intimation letter to SUDA regarding Name & contact
  • no. of nodal officers, enumerator, supervisor, data entry
  • operator and no. of declaration centres with location
  • Training to Nodal Officer, Enumerator, Supervisor and
  • Data Entry Operator by Master Trainer (s) of ULB

ULB : Action ---contd.

  • Issuance of Appointment letter and Identity Card to the assigned
  • nodal officer for self declaration camp, supervisor, enumerator
  • and data entry operator
  • Self Declaration Camp : Infrastructure Setup
  • 1) One Computer with Data entry software
  • 2) One Printer
  • 3) One Scanner
  • 4) One Webcam
  • 5) One UPS
  • 6) Plain A4 paper for printing
  • 7) One Ink Pad
  • 8) Survey Questionnaire ( Both Bengali and English)
  • 9) Ward wise list of insanitary latrine and caste list
  • 10) If Webcam not available then ULB will arrange for Digital Camera

[ Existing Infrastructure Facilities in the office should be utilized, as the survey is of a limited duration. Inspite of all possible efforts there is still requirement of any essential equipment, ULB may utilise the Municipal Own Fund /Fund under 13th FC, SFC since allotted ]


ULB : Action ---contd.

  • Distribution Enumerator and Supervisor Kit :
  • Bag
  • Appointment and ID Card
  • Instruction manual in bengali
  • Ball Pen
  • Note Book
  • Sufficient number of Survey Questionnaire (both in Bengali and
  • English)
  • 7)Ward-wise List of Insanitary latrine and caste list
  • 8)Ink Pad
  • 9)Digital Camera
  • 10)Plain A4 size paper
  • All the above activities should be completed within 7th April,2013

Methodology and the process for the Survey

1) Self Declaration Camp : Manual Scavengers will declare themselves and provide their information to the enumerator, and the Data Entry Operator will capture the recorded information in the Software. Manual Scavengers will provide his/her passport size photo and a family photo, signature/thumb impression, which needs to be scanned and incorporated in the software. If photos not provided, then the photos to be captures through webcam/digital camera by the ULB. After completion of data entry instantly a copy of filled-up format will be provided to manual scavengers


Methodology and the process for the Survey

  • Field Survey : The filled up Survey forms collected in the declaration camp and also the ward wise list of insanitary latrine will be carried by the enumerator in the field. Enumerator will verify the information of the manual scavenger visiting their house and also the households having insanitary latrine declared by manual scavengers. If any other manual scavengers identified during the survey , enumerator will also capture their details .
  • Irrespective of the fact that Manual Scavengers have turned up or not at the declaration camp, the enumerator shall survey the following :
  • 1) Ward wise list of insanitary latrine present in the household, as provided from Census ,2011 data
  • 2) Any list provided by the NGOs/local authority

Methodology and the process for the Survey

  • Verification and validation of Collected data by the enumerator
  • 100% Verification of data and modification, if any of the captured data by Supervisor
  • Draft List Publication in local news paper and display in the Ward / ULB/ Sub Division Office , if required , in DM office. Copy of Draft list to be circulated to the Councillors and Town level Committee.
  • After receiving the claims and objection , summary hearing and settlement would be done by the officer nominated by DM
  • After taking approval from Town level Committee , ULB will send the list , copy of all the Filled in survey form, photo and Data in Soft & hard copy to District level Survey Committee for finalisation of list
funding for the survey
Funding for the survey
  • Publicity, Training and Procurement of Kits –
  • 20000/- for Corporation
  • 10000/- for other ULBs
  • Honorarium for Enumerator- @ Rs. 1000/-
  • Honorarium for Data Entry Operator- @ Rs. 1000/-
  • Honorarium for Supervisor- @ Rs. 2000/-

Necessary Orders and Formats will be uploaded in the websites: and