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Where Business & Technology meet iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. F – 1898, South Extn. – I, New Delhi – 110 049 Email – [email protected] Web Site – www. inextgen.in. About iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Where Business & Technology meet

iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

F – 1898, South Extn. – I, New Delhi – 110 049

Email – [email protected]

Web Site – www. inextgen.in

About inextgen it solutions pvt ltd
About iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Since its inception iNextGen has come a long way, From a ‘me too’ company, we have been able to create niche for ourselves in this fiercely competitive environs. iNextGen IT offers the combined strengths of usability, reliability and efficiency.

  • iNextGen is having adequate office - space and equipped with latest infrastructure facilities. It comprises a core team of software professionals and other outsourcing personnel.

  • The Company is currently working with cross – functional teams; e.g. relationship management, marketing, technical, programming and administration.

  • the Company has established reputation in the market by providing quality services.

  • iNextGen promoters are well equipped with their skill in various fields and establish it as a leading business solution provider, specializing in HR, Payroll and Taxation domain.

About inextgen it solutions pvt ltd1
About iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • The main focus of the Company is to perform according to the customer’s thought i.e. “customization”.

  • “Time & speed” is the decisive factor to achieve success in the current and future business market. Technical excellence in the quality of software and continuous pro-active support is at the core competence of the Company.

  • The Company has developed various range of software application e.g. Payroll Management System, HR - Human Resource Management System, TDS Software, Financial Accounting System etc.

  • We transform the business capability of our clients, by combining proven expertise in technology and skills in harnessing the knowledge of selected industries and business processes. We provide the state-of-the-art technology solutions that range from enterprise solutions to Internet applications. We already have clients like Sahara Global, IGNCA (Ministry of Culture), Electrolux, Hotel Le Meridien, EPC Global, Lanco, Domino, dunnhumby, Swiss Embassy, Nihon Denkei, Turner, D S Groupand so many in a short period of our existence.

Inextgen it solutions pvt ltd
iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Software Development

  • Web Development

  • Outsourcing Processes

Areas Of Services

Inextgen it solutions pvt ltd1
iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The Company has developed various range of software’s

  • Payroll Software (PayGuru)

  • TDS Software (iTDS)

  • Financial Accounting Software

  • HR Software

  • Production Planning and Control System

  • School Management Software

  • Fixed Assets Software

  • Website Design and Maintenance

  • Clinic Software

    many more……….

Inextgen it solutions pvt ltd2
iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The Company also provides Following outsourcing solutions

  • Payroll Outsourcing

  • Accounts Outsourcing

  • Income Tax E- Filing

  • Digitalization Of Documents

  • Data entry Services

  • All Hardware and Software Services

iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

PayGuru(An Advanced Payroll Software)

Payguru an advanced payroll software
PayGuru An Advanced Payroll Software

Payroll is an important activity in any organization. With iNextGen “PayGuru”,it is possible to maximize the potential of HR and Accounts through timely and accurate Salary Processing, efficient handling of Reimbursements, Loans /Advances and statutory requirements including PF, ESIC, TDS, Leaves, Bonus and Gratuity reports.

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • The iNextGenPayGuru Advantage

    • Proven Product with over a decade of research

    • Domain knowledge gathered from leading industry experts

    • Successfully running at multiple Sectors & locations

    • 100 % Customizable to meet  your specific needs

    • Windows based  payroll software

    • With multi company

    • With Multi Locations / States

    • With Multi user

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • PayGuru is more than 10 years old product of iNextGen. PayGuru is developed with valuable inputs from leading experts in HR from top MNC's and Indian Corporates. Over the years we have implemented PayGuru at some of the most demanding customers in India and with their inputs PayGuru now has features that are rarely seen in other products. Today it is one of the best Payroll Software in India.

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Special Features

    • Completely Masters Driven  Payroll Software

    • Powerful and Flexible Business Logic to suit any kind of organization.

    • Powerful and Flexible Organizational Structure Module

    • Multi Company Multi Location Software

    • Windows based Easy- to- use Software

    • Different versions to suit different client requirements

    • Powerful reporting capabilities

    • Facility to export reports to PDF and Word Formats

    • Facility to import / Export with Excel

    • Facility to e-Mail Salary Slips

    • Floppy Generation for reports

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Special Features

    • Report Codes

    • Powerful Reporting Tool

    • Facility to export all Reports

    • Powerful Security Module

    • Back up and Restore Module

    • Report Designer

    • Alerts

    • Centralized Documents Management

    • Facility to Scan photographs and Signatures

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Customizations

    • PayGuru is 100% customizable. In case you have any special needs iNextGencan customize  Software as per your specific needs at a nominal cost.  In case you require any special report specific to your organizational needs that too can be done. 

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Implementation Support

    • Master Entry / Business Policies Entry Support

    • Employee Masters Entry Support

    • Data Entry Support 

    • Data Porting Support 

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Training Support

    • iNextGenprovides extensive Training to all users to get up to speed in the shortest possible time. iNextGen proven and tested Training Methodology helps you in understanding the numerous features in PayGuru. At the start of the implementation iNextGen charts out the Training Map and by the end of Implementation users gain valuable expertise of the usage of the software.

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Maintenance

    • After iNextGencompletes Implementation and Training of all uses free Maintenance starts for a fixed period. iNextGen shall take care of any queries you may have during this period. The free Maintenance period lets you get settled down in the software. After you have developed confidence in the software and had a few months successful usage of PayGuru encourages you to sign up for the paid Maintenance. Here you get cost effective support on a annual basis along with new versions and updates.

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • PayGuru modules are categorized as

    • Rules And Regulation

    • Employee Details

    • Reports

    • Statutory Reports

    • Master Reports

    • Admin

    • Master Printing

    • Help

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Master

  • Employee Details

  • Departments

  • Location

  • Payment Type

  • Category

  • State

  • Family Nominee Details

  • Parameter Setup

  • Organization Set Up

  • Payroll Processing Parameters

  • Statutory Information (PF / ESI Rates & Charges setup)

  • Payslip Setting (Payslip Customization)

  • Earning Heads (Unlimited user defined Earning Components)

  • Deduction Heads (Define Like Earning Components)

  • Reimbursement Heads (Define Like Earning Components)

  • Leaves Type (Setup for EL / CL / SL Leaves rules)

  • Professional Tax (Setup for Professional Tax Slabs)

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Transaction

  • Attendance (Can be import from Excel or Attendance Machine)

  • Loan (Multiple Loans shall be taken care)

  • Overtime (Overtime Payment shall be calculate Single / Double)

  • Reimbursement (with Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly option)

  • Arrear (Back Date Increment Arrears generation)

  • Earning / Deductions (Monthly Fixed Earning / Deductions)

  • Statutory Deposits (PF / ESI / TDS Deposits)

  • TDS Details (TDS Calculation Module)

  • Process

  • Payroll Calculation (for process the current month payroll)

  • Deduction Calculation

  • PF Calculation

  • VPF Calculation

  • ESI Calculation

  • Loan Calculation

  • Interest Calculation

  • OT Calculation

  • PF Arrears

  • ESI Arrears

  • Bonus Calculation

  • Gratuity Calculation

  • New Month For Payroll (Freeze the processed month)

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • General Payroll Reports

  • Payslip (Option Print with or Without Tax Computation)

  • Payslip YTD (Full Year Employee Payslip)

  • Salary Register (Salary Register with Journal Voucher option)

  • Payment Register (Cash / Cheque / Bank / Draft Letters)

  • Earning Deduction Statement (With Head selection)

  • Salary Register in Excel (an Ultimate query to generate reports)

  • Leave

  • Leave Ledger (Employee wise Detailed Leave records)

  • Leave Register (Employee wise Leave register)

  • OT

  • Overtime Register (Overtime calculation as per setup)

  • Post Overtime (Overtime post in Salary, if required)

  • Loan

  • Loan Ledger (Employee / Head wise Loan Details)

  • Loan Register (Employee / Head wise Loan register)

  • Interest Calculation (Interest calculation on Loan given to Employee)

  • Post Interest to Loan Register (Post Interest in Employee loan Ledger

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Reimbursement

  • Reimbursement Ledger (Employee / Head wise Details)

  • Reimbursement Summary (Employee / Head wise Register)

  • Unpaid Voucher (End of the Year Unpaid vouchers report)

  • Personal

  • Date of Birth (Date of Birth Listing Employee / Month wise)

  • Employee History (Employee Growth chart)

  • List of Employees (Current working Employee List)

  • Left Employees (Left Employees List between dates / Department wise / Location wise / State wise / Category wise)

  • Department Strength (Department wise Male / Female Strength)

  • Salary Entitlement (Employee wise Cost to Company report)

  • Full & Final settlement Sheet (Employee Full & Final Sheet)

  • Due for Retirement (Due for retirement list)

  • Employees Not confirmed (Employees on Probation List)

  • PF Eligibility Register

  • Increment due List

  • Date of Joining (Date of Joining wise Employee List)

  • Employee Details

  • Anniversary Report

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Statutory Reports

  • ESI

  • Monthly Deduction Statement (Employee wise Employee / Employer Share and Wages Calculation)

  • Deposit Challan (Monthly)

  • Form 5 (ESI Half Yearly Return)

  • Form 6 (ESI Half Yearly Return)

  • Form 3 (ESI Nomination Form)

  • PF

  • Monthly Deduction Statement (Employee wise Employee / Employer Share and Wages Calculation)

  • Form 5 (Monthly New Employees PF Form)

  • Form10 (Monthly Left Employees PF Form)

  • Form 12A (Monthly PF Return)

  • PF Deposit Challan (Monthly)

  • Form 3A (PF Yearly Return)

  • Form 6A (PF Yearly Return)

  • PF Data for PF Department (PF Date in DBF Format)

  • Form 2 (PF Nomination form)

  • Form 10C (PF Withdrawal Form)

  • Form 19 (PF Withdrawal Form)

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

  • Statutory Reports

  • Bonus

  • Bonus Calculation (Option for Selection of Bonus %, Maximum Salary for Eligibility and Bonus Calculation)

  • Bonus payment Register (Form C)

  • Bonus Summary (Employee wise Bonus List)

  • Post Bonus in Paycard (Bonus posting in Salaries)

  • Reconciliation of Bonus (Previous & Current Bonus reconcile)

  • TDS

  • Pay Card (Employee / Head / Month wise Details)

  • Tax Computation Sheet (Employee wise TDS Calculation Sheet)

  • Form 16 (Employee wise Form16)

  • Form 12BA (Employee wise Form12BA)

  • Form 24Q (Quarterly TDS e – Return)

  • Form 27A (Quarterly TDS e – Return)

  • TDS Deduction Report (Employee wise Monthly TDS deduction)

  • Head wise Listing (Employee / Head wise Total/Taxable Amount)

  • Pan Validation report (Employees Invalid Pan Listing)

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

Company Selection Screen

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

Employee Master Screen

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

TDS Calculation Screen

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

Loan Entry Screen

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

Reimbursement Calculation Screen

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

Payslip Printing

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

Payslip with Tax Computation Sheet

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

PF Deposit Challan

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

ESI Deposit Challan

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

TDS Form16

PayGuruAn Advanced Payroll Solution

TDS Form12BA

Itds tax deducted at source software
iTDS Tax Deducted at Source Software



To discharge the onerous statutory liability of tax deduction at source, the person responsible for tax deduction at source has to be aware of his responsibilities and the manner in which they are to be carried out. However, the relevant guiding material on the subject of tax deduction is widely scattered making the task of tax deduction at source rather arduous. For the first time, you can relax and let this package take care of all your worries about tax deduction at source, or the payee, or a person in the tax profession or even an official in the tax department. 


iTDS Software package has been designed and developed keeping in view the problems relating to tax deduction at source. Problems include how much tax is to be deducted, when to deposit this, what forms are to be issued to payee, what are the reports to be submitted to authorities, etc. this package takes care of all these problems and an online help regarding ACT/CIRCULARS/RULES is also displayed whenever required. Apart from this, care has been taken for calculation of tax on salaries. In nut shell : this package * seeks to address, to the best of its ability, all problems relating to TDS and *the generation of returns to be filed*



iTDSprovides the user with the easy to use interface for maintaining the TDS details. It provides the following advantage to its users:

  • Easy to use & user-friendly software.

  • Multiple Company database

  • Secured login facility is available for extended security.

  • Software also provides facility for providing user-defined access to the users of this software.

  • Import Data from excel to TDS

  • Backup/ Restore of Data

  • Other features like Delete Temporary Files, Compact Database are provided for efficiency purpose.



  • Compliant with the latest format prescribed by the Income Tax Department.

  • Validation as per NSDL File validation Utility.

  • A detail of pending entries for which tax has not been deposited is available.

  • Generation of TDS certificates i.e. Form 16, 16A, 12BA

  • User can now generate both Electronic as well as Print Copy of Form24, Form26 and form27.

  • Generation & Printing of Form 27A.

  • Automatic Checks to ensure that Data is as per the prescribed format of Department.

  • Enhanced editable options have been provided so that the data can be modified at any instance of time.

  • Search utility & more detailed reporting that suits the needs of the users


  • iTDS software modules are categorized as

    • MASTER


    • Reports

    • Admin

    • Tools

    • Help



  • Employee Master

  • In this option user has to enter the basic details of the employee, viz., Employee Code (it can be numeric, character or a combination of both), Employee’s name, address, PAN Number, Father/Husband’s Name, Gender, Designation, Date of birth, Date of joining, Date of leaving etc.

  • Party

  • In this option user has to enter the details of parties of different sections (other than salaries), viz., Party Code, Party name, Party Address, PAN Number, Under Section (user has to select the relevant section which the party belongs to, user can select more than one section also), Status (select from the list i.e. Individual / Company), Issue Form 16 A as (Yearly or Monthly), No TDS certificate received (Yes or No), Lower TDS certificate received (Yes or No) etc.



  • Salaries

  • Personal Details

  • Salaries

  • Pervious Employer Salary

  • Allowances

  • Perks

  • Income from House Property

  • Income from other Sources

  • Gross Total Income

  • Section 80c Savings

  • Section 88 Savings

  • Taxable Income

  • Tax

  • Education Cess

  • Higher Education Cess

  • Total Tax to be Deducted

  • Already Deducted by us

  • Already Deducted by others

  • Per Month Deduction



  • Other Than Salaries

  • Interest on securities

  • Interest other than interest on securities

  • Winnings from lotteries or crossword puzzles

  • Winnings from horse races

  • To contractors or sub-contractors

  • Insurance commission

  • To Non-resident sportsman or sports association

  • Commission, Etc, on sale of lottery tickets

  • Commission or Brokerage

  • Rent

  • Fees from professional/Technical services

  • Income in respect of units

  • Other sums payable to non residents

  • Income from foreign currency bond

  • Foreign Institutes Investors from securities



  • TDS Deposit Commitment

    • Date Wise

    • Section Wise

  • Forms to Payee

    • Form No. 16

    • Form No. 16A

    • Form No. 16AA

    • Form No. 12BA

    • Worksheet Format I

    • Worksheet Format II

    • Tax Computation Sheet

  • Quarterly Returns

    • Form No. 24 Q

    • Form No. 26 Q

    • Form No. 27Q

    • Form No. 27A



    • Summary of TDS

    • Section Wise

    • Section Month Wise

    • Section Date Wise

    • Section Account Wise

    • Account Date Wise

    • Late Deposits

    • Head Wise Listing

    • Party Master Printing

    • Employee Master Printing

    • Deposit Detail Printing

Inextgen it solutions pvt ltd3
iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Employee Self Support System




  • Workflow of ESS


Check Username





Change Password

Login 1st Time


Home Page


  • Workflow for Leave Approval


Apply Leave



Manager Remarks

Ess user l ogin to ess
ESS User Login to ESS

Ess user can change their password
ESS User can Change their Password

Ess home page for ess
ESS Home Page for ESS

Ess configuration screen for administrator
ESS Configuration screen for Administrator

Ess administrator can change or add user password
ESS Administrator can Change or Add user & Password

Ess leave setup by administrator only
ESS Leave Setup by Administrator only

Ess leave request screen for users
ESS Leave Request screen for Users

Ess user can view their leave history
ESS User can View Their Leave history

Ess time sheet screen for users
ESSTime Sheet Screen for Users

Ess approval rejection screen for managers
ESS Approval / Rejection Screen for Managers

Ess leave status of request leave
ESS Leave Status of Request Leave

Ess data import export option from excel
ESS Data Import / Export Option from EXCEL

Outsourcing solutions
Outsourcing Solutions

  • iNextGen offers expert services of outsourcing which incorporate the complete range of accounting, finance, business process outsourcing and tax preparation. Our "service delivery model" or outsourcing methodology provides clients with an opportunity to improve business processes while delivering them at substantially lower costs.

Outsourcing solutions1
Outsourcing Solutions

  • At iNextGen, we believe a company should have more power over its single largest expense. Our comprehensive methodology brings efficiencies to payroll processing at the front end, where more than 75% of costs associated with this function exist. These are the labour-intensive functions like data entry, additions, deletions and corrections, employee service support, payroll tax filing rules and code adherence, multi-jurisdiction splits, variable pay adjustments and many more

Client benefits in back office work tax preparation work
Client benefits in Back Office Work/ Tax Preparation Work

  • Timely, accurate & faster processing with improved turnaround time.

  • Tremendous cost savings & lower overheads.

  • Purge the need for additional staff during peak / long season.

  • Information & documents are captured & stored in digital format.

  • Improved workflow & processes through latest technology.

  • Complete solutions for all finance & accounting services at one place.

  • Optimized financial reporting & data availability.

Advantages of outsourcing
Advantages of outsourcing Work

  • Helps companies focus on their core capabilities & businesses.

  • Increases management's valuable time and thus an improvement in productivity.

  • Substantial cost saving.

  • Accurate, fast, efficient and timely results.

  • Benefits of outsourcer's standardized processes and advanced

  • technology.

  • Helps companies streamline and improve business processes.

  • Inside resources are freed for other purposes.

Outsourcing solutions2


Submit data to data processing department


Data entry validation from Payroll experts

Collect Client’s Information related to that activity

As per checklist

Our Consultant will process that data and convert it into relevant information on software , as per client requirements

Output deliverables as per requirement of client like Salary Sheets, Salary Slips, Bank Letters, PF, ESI, Professional Tax and TDS reports

Generation of E-file (Validation File)

If activity is payroll processing

S/W Installation with relevant data will take place into Client systems. Customer typically bungs into iNextGen software and development

Client approval for relevant data

If activity is TDS

Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing solutions3
Outsourcing Solutions Work

Payroll Administration Features:

  • Induction of Master Data in Software

  • Induction of New Employees and Salary Structuring

  • Maintaining Left Employees

  • Maintenance of Attendance and Leave Records

  • Salary Processing

  • Calculation and generation of TDS , PF ,ESI

  • Generation of Reports Like Salary register , Salary Slips, Earning Deduction Statements , Bank transfer letters, Cheque Payment Registers

  • Statutory Compliance. (PF and ESI Reports like Challans, Form 5, Form 10, Form 12A, Etc)

  • Distribution or E-mailing of Payslip,Tax Computation Sheets

  • Query Solving.

  • MIS

  • Recording Keeping

Some of prestigious clients
Some Of Prestigious Clients Work

List of Clients that iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is Serving

  • Videocon Industries Ltd.

  • Sahara Global

  • Electrolux Kelvinator Ltd.

  • Conax Access Systems India Ltd.

  • Atrenta India Pvt Ltd.

  • CJ International Hotels Ltd. (Hotel Le Meridien)

  • Embassy of Switzerland

  • Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering)

  • Lanco Infratech Ltd.

  • Orient Abrasives Ltd.

  • Orient Steel Ltd

  • Gandhi Smriti & DarshanSamiti

  • Applied Research International Pvt. Ltd. (ARI)

  • Connect Pro

  • Turner International India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Unicorn Medident Pvt. Ltd.

Some of prestigious clients1
Some Of Prestigious Clients Work

  • Today Homes & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

  • Kajima Corporation

  • Roto Power Projects Pvt. Ltd.

  • Y. M. C. A. New Delhi

  • Mobile Creches

  • Chinmaya Mission

  • Chaque Jour Outsourcing solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

  • Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (Cultural Ministry)

  • MGF Development Ltd.

  • Dharampal Premchand Ltd. (D.S. Group)

  • Domino Printech (I) Ltd.

  • Ergo India Limited (STUDDS)

  • Global Infocom Limited

  • dunnhumby IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Wilway Fort (I) Ltd.

  • Plasser India Ltd

  • Unicorn Denmart Ltd.

  • Policy Bazaar

    And Many more……..

List of outsourced payroll clients
List Of Outsourced Payroll Clients Work

  • TCK Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

  • Panthera Developers Pvt. Ltd.

  • Uppal IT Projects Pvt. Ltd.

  • Apodis Hotels & Resorts Ltd.

  • Enfield Property Management Pvt. Ltd.

  • SITQ India Pvt. Ltd.

  • S. Kapoor & Associates

iNextGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Work

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.inextgen.in