the great egg race n.
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The Great Egg Race

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The Great Egg Race - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Great Egg Race. Eggs Over Fish River Canyon. The Backdrop. Spectacular panoramas over the world’s second largest canyon. The stunning dunes of Sossusvlei. The Canyon. The second largest canyon in the world

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the great egg race

The Great Egg Race

Eggs Over Fish River Canyon

the backdrop
The Backdrop
  • Spectacular panoramas over the world’s second largest canyon.
  • The stunning dunes of Sossusvlei
the canyon
The Canyon
  • The second largest canyon in the world
  • 161km long canyon, up to 27km wide, half a kilometre deep and millions of years old
  • Inhabited by jackals, klipspringers, hyrax and baboon.
the team
The Team
  • 1 presenter - funny, smart and across it all
  • 2 on-screen experts – a comedy double act who know their stuff and show us how “the science bit” works
  • 6 team members - 2 teams of 3 techno geeks – they build in their sheds, they wire up satellites and now - they fire eggs across canyons
the challenge
The Challenge
  • To design a device to get an egg safely from one side of the canyon to the other.
  • Using tools, plans, software, equipment and their scientific knowledge.
day 1
Day 1
  • Presenter sets the scene on the dunes of Sossusvlei.
  • Teams arrive by chopper at the canyon, survey the setting and the challenge is laid down
  • Each team decides how they will attempt to breach the canyon
  • They begin to design and build
  • Our experts demonstrate scientific principles and comment on the teams chances
  • Using tent-cam we see how they fare as darkness falls and they are left to fend for themselves
day 2
Day 2
  • Sun rises on the teams with only 8 hours left before lift off, cold and tired after a night in the bush, the teams set to work.
  • They test components of their contraptions, but will they be able to fix the problems they find in time ?
  • Last minute panics and frayed nerves test team work to it’s limit.
  • It’s tools down, their time is up.
the finale
The Finale

Standing on the cliff tops side by side, sun low in the sky the teams launch their eggs across the canyon.

Who will get nearest the bull? Have they delivered their charges intact? Or will both teams go down in a blaze of glory?

We fly the teams cross the canyon to see who – if anyone – has landed their egg intact.