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Researching Information. We live in an age of information. That means that more than ever it is easier than ever to learn about any subject we want! . Resources. Resources. Resources. Resources. Let’s Practice!!!. Voting.

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We live in an age of information. That means that more than ever it is easier than ever to learn about any subject we want!

  • How long do you have to be a New York City resident before you can register to vote in New York City?
  • A.25 days
  • B.six months
  • C.18 years
  • D.30 days
  • What are the two ways you can register to vote?
  • A.In person or online
  • B.In person or by fax
  • C.Online or by mail
  • D.In person or by mail

You would like to find an encyclopedia article about seahorses on the Internet. What should you do?

  • A.Type “encyclopedia” into a search engine to find an online encyclopedia site; then, type “seahorse” into the encyclopedia’s keyword field.
  • B.Type “seahorse” into a search engine to find an online encyclopedia site; then, type “encyclopedia” into the encyclopedia’s keyword field.
  • C.Type “encyclopedia” into an e-mail to find an online encyclopedia site; then, type “seahorse” into the encyclopedia’s keyword field.
  • D.Type “encyclopedia” onto a bulletin board to find an online encyclopedia site; then, type “seahorse” into the encyclopedia’s keyword field.
buying a car
Buying a Car
  • Which source could add the most relevant and appropriate information to the essay above?
  • A.a book about the history of the used car industry
  • B.a television ad for a new car
  • C.a Web site that features a "Used Car Checklist"
  • D.a testimony from a car dealership owner
buying a car1
Buying a Car
  • Which source would add the most relevant and appropriate information to the essay above?
  • A.a television advertisement for a new car insurance company
  • B. a police report of the type of car stolen most often last year
  • C.testimony from a car manufacturer's Web site
  • D.a police report detailing drag-racing accidents
buying a car2
Buying a Car
  • Which source would add the most relevant and appropriate information to the essay above?
  • A.information about where to find new radios
  • B.a car accessory catalog for new car buyers
  • advertisement for popular car rims
  • D.a book with information on used car values
general motors
General Motors
  • According to this article, under what circumstances should you bring your Saturn in to the dealer immediately?
  • A.You drive long distances in your Saturn L-Series every week and need to change the oil every 2000 miles instead of every 3000.
  • B.You own a Saturn L-Series vehicle made between 1999 and 2003 that is running fine.
  • C.Your Chevrolet vehicle is having a hard time starting, has reduced engine power, and is experiencing a change in idle quality.
  • D.Your L-series vehicle is having a hard time starting, has reduced engine power, or is experiencing a change in idle quality.

According to this map, on which street is there a hospital?

  • A.Center Street
  • B.Truman Avenue
  • C.Fleming Street
  • D.Whitehead Street

 The scientists at NASA have launched a new program to explore Mars. The Mars Odyssey is a satellite that will be used to collect information about the planet. A space shuttle will carry the Odyssey into space and release it. Over the next month, Odyssey is expected to get into position near Mars. Once launched, the Odyssey will circle Mars and send pictures to scientists on Earth.

  • Which source could add important and relevant information to the student essay above?
  • A. a science book chapter over finding life on planet Mars
  • B.a scientist involved with the project
  • C.a newspaper article about a space shuttle explosion
  • D.a documentary on NASA's astronauts
  • What are the tires on this scooter constructed of?
  • A.Steel
  • B.Plastic
  • C.Rubber
  • D.Polyurethane
  • What is the fastest speed this scooter can travel?
  • A.30 miles per hour
  • B.22 miles per hour
  • C.4 miles per hour
  • D.10 miles per hour
driver s license
Driver’s License
  • For how long will an interim license be valid?
  • A.60 days
  • long as the applicant lives in California
  • C.44 days
  • D.until the applicant's next birthday
driver s license1
Driver’s License
  • Minors that submit a DL 44 must have
  • A. parent/guardian signature.
  • B.proof of insurance.
  • C.copy of a school report card.
  • D.a check to pay the application fee.
driver s license2
Driver’s License
  • Which of the following fees is covered when a person pays the application fee for a new driver's license?
  • A.Re-stocking fee
  • B.Commercial Class C duplicate fee
  • C.Organ donor fee
  • D.State duplicate coding fee

You just read a good book by Rob Thomas. What should you do to find another one?

  • A.Type “Thomas, Rob” into a report you are writing and then save it on CD.
  • B.Type “Thomas” into an Internet search engine.
  • C.Type “Thomas, Rob” into the “author” field of your library catalog database.
  • D.Type “Rob Thomas” into the “title” field of your library catalog database

You are looking for information about the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. You type this exact phrase into a search engine: “Who Built the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco?” No websites or articles come up. What should you try next?

  • A.Type “Who Built the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco” into a library database.
  • B. Type “Bridge” into the search engine.
  • C.Type “Golden Gate Bridge” into the search engine.
  • D.Look for an article about it in today’s newspaper.

You had a lot of fun on a whale spotting trip in California. You want to learn more about the gray whale. All you know is that the species is common in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Which keyword should you type into an Internet Search engine to find the information you’re interested in?
  • A. Pacific Ocean
  • B.California
  • C.gray whale
  • D.whale

You are writing a research paper about career options for women in the 1950s. Your most helpful source would most likely be

  • A.a woman who searched for a job in the 1950s.
  • encyclopedia entry under "Women."
  • C.a brochure from your school's career counselor.
  • D.the classified ads of your local newspaper.

You recently saw some pretty paintings in an art museum in New York City. The artist's name is Claude Monet. Since your teacher wants you to write a report about him, you decide to go to the library and find some books. What should you do?

  • A.Type "New York City" in the title field of the library catalogue
  • B.Type "Claude Monet" in the subject field of the library catalog.
  • C.Type "Claude Monet" in the author field of the library catalogue
  • D.Type "Art Museum" in the subject field of the library catalogue

You are writing a research paper about the history of your county's fair. An appropriate source for your report would be

  • A.a film over the State Fair.
  • B.your American history book.
  • C.old local newspapers.
  • encyclopedia.

You would like to use the Internet to find an article about iguanas. What should you do?

  • A.Type “iguana” into a search engine website.
  • B.E-mail someone about iguanas.
  • C.Post a picture of an iguana at an online bulletin board.
  • D.Look up “iguana” in a library database.

A CD-R, CD-RW, or floppy disk is important for report writing because

  • A.Each provides a way for people to communicate electronically.
  • B.Each is a good place to search for information online.
  • C.Each provides a good resource for finding old newspaper headlines.
  • D.Each is a good place to back up your work by saving it.

Your class is doing a report about animals in the grasslands. It is your job to research prairie dogs, specifically what they eat. What would be the best set of keywords to type into a search engine?

  • A.grasslands animals
  • B.grasslands diet
  • C.prairie
  • D.prairie dog diet

How to apply for a duplicate State of California driver license or identification (ID) card To apply for a duplicate license or ID card, you will need to

  • Make an appointment to visit a DMV office
  • Complete application form DL 44 (An original DL 44 form must be submitted. Copies will not be accepted.) For a duplicate driver license, minors must have parents' or guardians' signatures on the DL 44
  • Pay the application fee
    • Regular ID card duplicate fee
    • Reduced fee ID card duplicate fee
    • Class C Driver License duplicate fee
    • Fire Fighter restricted noncommercial Class A or B duplicate fee
    • Commercial Class C duplicate fee
    • Commercial Class A or B duplicate fee
    • No fee for duplicate senior citizen ID card
  • Give a thumb print
  • Have your picture taken
  • To ensure your identity is secure, the DMV will validate your photograph, social security number, and your personal information. You will be issued an interim license valid for 60 days and/or a receipt for your ID card until you receive your new photo license and/or photo ID card in the mail. Check your address before you leave DMV and tell the DMV representative if your address is incorrect. Your new license and/or ID card will be mailed to you within 60 days. If you have not received your license and/or ID card after 60 days, call 1-800-777-0133 to check the status. Have your interim license and/or ID card receipt with you to provide information when requested.
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buying a car3
Buying a Car
  • There is a lot of research that needs to be done before you buy a used car. Think about things like what you will be using it for, how much you can afford to spend, and why you need the car. How many miles do you drive a day? Is there anything you have to have in a car like an iPod connection or power locks and windows? Do you need to fit a lot of people in the car?     Research the maintenance fees and reliability ratings associated with the car models you’re interested in. Read newspaper classifieds to find cars for sale in your area. The Internet is a valuable source of information about buying a car. The local library is also a good place to start your search. You can find some informative books about purchasing a car there.

Voter Registration QualificationsTo register to vote in the City of New York, you must

  • Be a citizen of the United States (Includes those persons born in Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands).
  • Be a New York City resident for at least 30 days.
  • Be 18 years of age before the next election.
  • Not be serving a jail sentence or be on parole for a felony conviction.
  • Not be adjudged mentally incompetent by a court.
  • Not claim the right to vote elsewhere (outside the City of New York).
  • Although you can register any time during the year, your form must be delivered or mailed at least 25 days before the next election for it to be effective for that election.How To Register (In Person OR By Mail)A Voter Registration Form from the New York City Board of Elections may be obtained in the following ways:
  • Download the Voter Registration Application
  • Call the Phone Bank and we'll send you a postage-paid registration form in the mail.
  • You may also obtain Registration Forms from libraries, Post Offices, and most New York City Government agencies.
  • Fill out a Voter Registration Application using only a pen with blue or black ink
  • Be sure to sign the form.
  • Mail (DO NOT FAX) the Voter Registration Form to:      Board of Elections in the City of New York      32 Broadway, 7 Fl       New York, NY 10004-1609
  • General Motors is recalling more than 250,000 '00 to '03 Saturn L-Series cars because of ignition-module problems that could lead to an underbody fire. According to General Motors safety spokesman Jim Schell, seven fires have been reported as a result of ignition misfiring, but no crashes or serious injuries.If a driver continues to operate a car that's misfiring, Schell said, it could affect exhaust-system components including the catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, and exhaust resonator, and could eventually damage the brakes and fuel system.In late July, Saturn will begin notifying owners of recalled vehicles to make an appointment with their dealer for necessary repairs. All work will be done free. If you have experienced any of the warning signs described below, Schell advises you to immediately bring your car in for repairs. If not, hold off until the notification letter arrives. Here's a summary of what you need to know:Models: About 254,000 cars with 2.2-liter engine made 6/13/99 to 6/12/03. Signs of trouble include difficulty starting the vehicle, reduced engine power, and change in idle quality.What to do: If your vehicle exhibits any of these trouble signs, make an appointment with your dealer as soon as possible. The dealer will replace the spark plugs and ignition module. On '02 and '03 models, the dealer will also reprogram the powertrain control module. If your car is running fine, wait until you receive written notification from Saturn to schedule an appointment. The letters will be mailed beginning in late July.