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Stevia hub india - Fosstevia Sachets manufacturer, exporter and supplier

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Stevia hub india - Fosstevia Sachets manufacturer, exporter and supplier - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stevia Hub India Manufacturer, Supplier and trader of Stevia Saplings with more Total Glycosides, Fosstevia Sachets Manufacturers, Stevia Saplings and Seeds, Better Quality Stevia Seeds in Punjab, India

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About Us

SteviaHub India is a part of JhanilHealthcare Pvt. Ltd. and it is the South-Asia’s leading sustainable and vertically integrated producer of zero-calorie natural sweetener “Stevia”. Jhanil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in year 2012. Through our vertically integrated business, we specialize in the R&D, cultivation, formulation of natural sweetener stevia for distribution in the global food and beverage industry. And after doing a lot of R & D for 5 years we have finally achieved a quality planting material having high TSG and Reb A. And we have also conducted steviafarming environmental studies in various states of India. And now we are moving forward for commercial stevia cultivation in different states of India with our chenal partners.

Today Jhanil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a leading producer of stevia in India and rapidly moving towards establishing one of the world’s largest Extraction Unit of Stevia by 2020.

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Stevia is a subtropical perennial herb that produces sweet steviol glycosides in the leaves for which it is known as ‘MadhuTulsi’. The plant can be utilized as a source for the production of a natural zero calorie sweetener.

 Its medicinal uses include regulating blood sugar, prevent hypertension, and treatment of skin disorders and prevention of tooth decay. The compound obtained from stevia is considered to be the best alternate source for diabetes sufferer. The added value for this new crop can go up to a considerable extent.

Market potential

According to Global Industry Analysis, Artificial Sweeteners, July 2007 Report, International market for sugar free sweetener was of around USD 47.5 billion in 2007-08. Stevia market accounted for only USD 5.5 bn. Opportunity appears great. Statistics indicate that in some countries up to 30% of their needed sugar is replaced by stevioside.


Steviaprefers a well – drained fertile sandy loam or loam soil, high in organic matter with ample supply of water. It prefers acidic to neutral pH 6-7 for better growth. It requires a consistent supply of moisture, but not waterlogged. Too much soil moisture can cause rot.

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Founded by Mr. Deepak Jindal, our company is committed to:

1.Promoting health and reducing obesity

2.Providing wide range of stevia based products from Breakfast to Dinner to the society so that any diabetic, obese and health conscious people can enjoy unlimited sweetness in their life without compromising taste and health.

3.Providing opportunity to the farmers through our Stevia Contract Farming Project,

4.Being a leader in sustainable agriculture practices for a healthy future.

5.An innovator in the natural and healthy sweeteners industry.

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Contact Us

Stevia Hub India

Address : Mata ModiChowk, Sunam-148028

Phone : 01676-222089

For enquiry of Stevia Products Contact:

+91-7087026860 / 55

For enquiry about Stevia Farming Contact:


For Online enquiry:

70870-26860 (Manindersingh(Mani)

[email protected]