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Welcome to ISU !!. 2014 年春季班 外國學生 入學相關注意事項 國際事務處. ISU Spring Semester 2014. Orientation for International Students Office of International Affairs (O.I.A.). 居留證. 1. 第一年第一次入境後二週內 須辦理居留證 ( 若為短期簽證須轉換成居留簽證 ) 。

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isu spring semester 2014
ISU Spring Semester 2014

Orientation for International Students

Office of

International Affairs


  • 1.第一年第一次入境後二週內須辦理居留證 (若為短期簽證須轉換成居留簽證)。
  • 2.協助辦理第二年後的延長居留:請於第二年開學後三天內至國際事務處繳件,逾期者請自行前往移民署辦理 (2014 年春季入學者,2015 年2月需辦理延長居留) 。
  • 3.
how to apply for alien resident certificate arc
How to apply for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)?
  • 1. Please apply for ARC within 2 weeks after you first arrive in Taiwan for the first year (as to those who are holding visitor’s visa, please change visa to resident visa for application of ARC).
  • 2.Application of ARC Extension for the second year: Please submit your application within 3 days after the Fall semester starts in the second year.Those who haven’t followed the rule shall go to NIA to apply on their own. (2014 Spring enroll, 2015 Feb. extend)
  • 3.
  • 獲本校核發外國學生獎助學金者,本校將以獎助學金抵減團體保險費、健康保險費、學雜費等應繳費用。
  • 例:
  • 獎助學金新台幣60000元
  • 團保費新台幣-3000元
  • 學雜費新台幣-57421元
  • 須補繳新台幣421元
scholarship part i
Scholarship- Part I
  • The International Student Section of OIA will help the scholarship recipients to conduct the exemption from the tuition, insurance fees, physical examination fee, accommodation fee and other required fees. If the amount of the scholarship is less than the total fees payable to the University, the scholarship recipients shall pay for the difference. However, the remaining scholarship will be returned to the recipients if the amount of the scholarship exceeds the total fees payable to the University.
  • For example:
  • Scholarship: NTD$60,000
  • Group Insurance Fee: -NTD$3,000
  • Tuition and Other Required Fee: -NTD$57,421
  • Then, you have to pay for NTD$421
  • 凡領取第一年入學獎助學金者,第一年須入住學校所安排之宿舍,否則將取消獎助學金。
  • 入學第二年起之獎助學金申請時間:


  • 每學期續領或或第二年之後申請時,不得有小過或更嚴重之懲處記錄。
  • 校內其他獎助學金
scholarship part ii
Scholarship- Part II
  • Freshmen: International students who receive scholarship are required to live in the dormitory during the first year studying at ISU. Scholarship will not be granted if you decide not to live in the dormitory.
  • Returning students:

Students who enroll in fall semester shall submit application to the Office of International Affairs (hereinafter referred to as OIA) within 1st week of each June; those who enroll in spring semester shall submit application to OIA within the last week of each Dec.

  • Applications for scholarship will be rejected if students violate the regulations of ISU, ISU will keep a record of violation for each of students.
  • Other scholarships.
  • 外國學生入境後,如欲至校外內打工者,者,須向國際事務處提出工作證申請。若學生未依規定,違法工作者將被處以罰款新臺幣3~15萬元不等。
  • 外國學生於每學期完成註冊後可申請工作證。
work permit
Work Permit
  • For international students who wish to work in Taiwan (either on campus or off campus), they are required to apply for and obtain the work permit before starting work.
  • International students are qualified to apply for work permit afterregistration.
  • OIA will assist qualified students to apply for work permit.
  • Please notice that if you hold a job without applying for the work permit, you may be fined for NT$30,000 to NT$150,000.
  • 請於2014年9月參加新生入學健康檢查,費用約為新台幣500元,由學生自付。
health checkup
Health Checkup
  • Please accept health check-up in Sept. 2014.
  • Fee: About NTD$500 (paid by students)
  • 以馬來西亞國民型中學入學者(SPM成績),須於二年內補修數學、華文、英文及電腦四門課,始能畢業。
regulations about the students graduated from a high school of old british academic structure
Regulations about the Students graduated from a high school of old/ British academic structure
  • International students shall take courses according to relevant regulations stipulated by the University. To be eligible for graduation, international students graduated from a high school under the British education system (i.e. five years for high school education) are required to take at least four additional courses (including Chinese literature, English, Mathematics and computer application) at the daytime or evening division of the University within two years of being admitted to the University.
  • 若所就讀學系與本身興趣不符,請於開學後二週內,向國際事務處反應。
transferring to other department
Transferring to other department
  • If you want to transfer to other department, please inform OIA within 2 weeks after the Fall semester starts (by Feb. 17, 2014).
  • 報到後,前6個月(2月-隔年7月),每月新台幣500元,共約新台幣3,000元。
  • 第二學期起繳交6個月(隔年8月-1月),每個月新台幣749元,一學期計約新台幣4,494元。
  • 備註:



Students shall pay for NTD$3,000 (NTD$500 for each month×6=NTD$3,000) for first 6 months (from Feb. to next July ) in Taiwan.

Then, students shall pay for NTD$4,494 (NTD$749×6 months= NTD$4,494) from 2nd semester (from Aug. to Jan.).

Note: Students who have acquired ARC for more than 6 months, and only exit Taiwan for one time and less than 30 days, are qualified to apply for National Health Insurance.

  • 一、請至合法登記之診所或醫院就醫。
  • 二、請至國際事務處填寫理賠申請書,並檢附繳費收據、診斷書、護照、居留證及學生證影本。
compensation of group insurance
Compensation of Group Insurance
  • 1. If you need to see a doctor, please go to legal clinic or hospital for medical treatment.
  • 2. If you need to apply for compensation, please come to OIA to fill out the application form and submit your receipt, medical certificate, and one copy of ARC and Student ID Card.
  • 國際事務處網址:
  • 家長資訊系統
  • 預設帳號:學生之居留證號(亦可使用錄取通知單上帳號)
  • 密碼:學生之出生年月日

(ex. 19890721)

introduction to the website and parents information system of oia
Introduction to the Website and Parents’ Information System of OIA
  • Website of OIA:

  • Parents’ Information System: Please go to , and click Parents’ Information System.
  • Account by default: Students’ ARC number or the file no. of the admission letter.
  • Passwords: Student’s date of birth (ex. 19890721).
  • 緊急電話:0911885115 (先記下來以後有手機記得把號碼輸入手機內)
  • 電話:07-6577711 # 2099


  • E-mail:
  • 國際事務處設有意見反應箱。
  • 國際事務處網頁點選「意見反應」

introduction to office of international affairs
Introduction to Office of International Affairs
  • Emergency call: 0911-885-115
  • TEL: 07-6577711 # 2099 (Hotline only for international students)
  • E-mail:
  • Suggestion box: It’s in front of the OIA.
  • Website of OIA: Please go to , and click “Feedback”.
q a part i
Q&A- Part I







q a part i1
Q&A- Part I

1.How to say Hello to your family?

Please make an international call in the dormitory or write an E-mail to tell your family that you have arrived in Taiwan safely.

2.Where can you exchange or receive New Taiwanese Dollars?

You can exchange money at E-Da Outlet Mall or withdraw money from ATM of Land Bank.

3.How to keep large of money safely?

You can authorize ISU to keep the money for you.

q a part ii
Q&A- Part II









q a part ii1
Q&A- Part II

4. How to open an bank account?

You can open an account in a post office or bank after you have your ARC.

5. Where can you go shopping?

You can go to FamilyMart Convenient Store or E-Da Outlet Mall.

6.Where can you have a meal?

You can have a meal at City Corner and Green Restaurant, etc.

7.How can you go to other areas?

You can go to other areas by taking a school bus or a bus of E-Da Bus.

q a part iii
Q&A- Part III







q a part iii1
Q&A- Part III

8. Where can you see a doctor if you’re sick?

You can go to ISU Clinic, E-Da Hospital, Hygiene Section or Counseling & Guidance Section (mental problems) on the 3F of the Administration Building .

9.How can I improve my Chinese?

The Language Center can provide free Chinese courses for 2 hours each week.

10.What if I find out that I’m not interested in the department I major in currently?

Please inform OIA within 2 weeks after a new semester.

welcome to join us on facebook
Welcome to Join Us on Facebook
  • 義守大學國際事務處 ISU OIA


Office of International Affairs of ISU will announce important news about international students on Facebook. For more information, please refer to the Facebook at

  • 義守大學外籍生聯誼會

I-Shou University International Student Association


I-Shou International Student Association is established by the international students of ISU and holds different activities for foreign students each semester. For more information, please refer to the Facebook at

welcome to join us on facebook1
Welcome to Join Us on Facebook
  • 國際志工團 International Volunteer Association


International Volunteer Association is set up by a group of students who have enthusiastic spirit of service and ability to work in a team. With participating in their activities, local students have more chances to interact with international students each semester. For more information, please refer to the Facebook at

  • 四海義家 ISU Facebook


ISU will announce important news about ISU on Facebook. For more information, please refer to the Facebook at


Please download the data for orientation of new international students from the website of OIA at

campus safety
校園安全生活快報Campus Safety
  • 一、騎乘機車:
  • 1. When you ride motorcycle:
  • 騎乘機車時,務必戴安全帽,喝酒時或太過勞累時亦不要騎乘機車,不幸發生意外時,請保持冷靜,並儘快通報校安中心電話0911885115。
  • Please wear helmet when you ride motorcycle. Please don’t ride motorcycle when you’re tired or after you drink. If you have any accidents, please stay clam and call ISU emergency hotline at 0911-885-115.
campus safety1
校園安全生活快報Campus Safety
  • 二、網路購物詐騙:
  • 2. Prevention of Internet Scam:
  • 不隨便提供或曝露個人身分資料、帳號及密碼,匯款前請多思考、多查證、多謹慎。
  • Please don’t provide your personal info relating to your identification, account no., password and so on.
  • Please be careful and think twice before you remit money to other people.
campus safety2
校園安全生活快報Campus Safety
  • 三、在外打工:
  • 3. Part-time Job:
  • 外籍生須持有工作證才能在台灣打工,台灣政府規定雇主須投保勞保,記得向雇主說明;同學過於勞累時,亦請勿從事危險工作,並注意自身安全。
  • International students can’t work in Taiwan unless they have a valid work permit. Please notice that Taiwanese employers must help their employees to insure the labor insurance. In addition, please don’t do any dangerous job when you are tired.
campus safety3
校園安全生活快報Campus Safety
  • 四、請勿心存僥倖偽造請假卡簽名,以免觸法。
  • 4. Please don’t sign on the application form for asking a leave on behalf of your parents without their agreement.
campus safety4
校園安全生活快報Campus Safety
  • 五、若忘記攜帶鑰匙出房門被反鎖時,可向管理站借用備用鑰匙,嚴禁攀爬宿舍欄杆、窗戶、以免發生意外。
  • 5. If you forget to bring your key of dormitory room, please borrow spare one from the dormitory office. Meanwhile, students should also not climb up the railings or out of window to avoid accidents.
campus safety5
校園安全生活快報Campus Safety
  • 六、妥慎財物管理、防杜宵小竊取。
  • 6. Please take care of your own property carefully.
campus safety6
校園安全生活快報Campus Safety
  • 七、校內可吸菸地區:
  • 7. Smoking Areas on Campus:
  • 於非吸菸地區被查獲者,將依校規處置及罰款。
  • Students who smokes in the non-smoking areas will be punished and fined by law.
  • *校本部吸菸區域:面對理工大樓左側涼亭、綜合教學大樓西側門涼亭、男宿管理站前涼亭。
  • *Smoking Areas on Main Campus: Pavilions on the left side of Building of Science & Engineering, west side of Teaching Building and in front of the office of male dormitory.
  • *燕巢分部吸菸區:B棟教學大樓後方涼亭。
  • *Smoking Areas on Yanchao Campus: Pavilion on the back side of Building B (Teaching Building).