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Rochester Speedskating Team

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Rochester Speedskating Team. Overview of the Plan for 2004-2005. References. Periodization theory and Methodology Tudor Bumpa Periodization Training for Sports Tudor Bumpa Handbook of Competitive Speedskating ISU publication The Cyclists Training Bible Joe Friel

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rochester speedskating team

Rochester Speedskating Team

Overview of the Plan for 2004-2005

  • Periodization theory and Methodology
    • Tudor Bumpa
  • Periodization Training for Sports
    • Tudor Bumpa
  • Handbook of Competitive Speedskating
    • ISU publication
  • The Cyclists Training Bible
    • Joe Friel
  • Healing with Whole Foods
    • Paul Pitchford
  • USS level 2 manual
why train in the summer
Why train in the summer?
  • A breakthrough season starts with a break through summer
    • Pat Maxwell
  • You race on the legs you build during the summer.. not the fall or winter!
  • Is Fun!
rsst training programs
RSST training programs
  • Weights
    • Lion’s Fountain Fitness
    • Try to attend some classes
  • Cardio
    • Mendon bike rides, Inline skating, Runs, etc
  • Dryland
    • Cobb’s Hill
  • Technique/agility/balance TAB
    • MCC
  • ICE
what we are going to cover
What we are going to cover
  • What is periodization training
  • How to create and use your training plan
what is periodization
What is periodization
  • Step by step planned approach to training
  • Designed around
    • Personal goals
    • Competition dates
  • Tracking of workouts
  • Tracking of mental/physical factors
  • Tracking of diet
  • Performance testing
periodization cycles
Periodization cycles
  • There are many loading and unloading cycles during the course of a year
  • This removes fatigue from the mind and body (regeneration)
  • These cycles prevent overtraining and burnout
periodization weight training phases
Periodization weight training phases
  • General preparation
    • Anatomical adaptation
  • Sport Specific preparation
    • Hypertrophy
    • Maximum strength
    • Conversion to power
    • Conversion to muscular endurance
    • Maintenance
strength training variables
Strength training variables
  • Refer to “Important aspects of periodization phases” for details on
  • Phase length
  • Intensity
  • Frequency
  • Duration
  • # exercises
  • # reps
  • # sets
  • Load
  • Speed
  • Rest interval between sets Rest between workouts
anatomical adaptation
Anatomical adaptation
  • Strengthen tendons and ligaments
  • Strengthen core
  • Strengthen stabilizers
  • Increase muscle size
  • Provides a potential for increase in maximum strength
  • Not for everybody
maximum strength


Maximum strength
  • Increase strength
  • Increase CNS response
conversion to power

6-10 ft vertical leap?

Conversion to power
  • Increase speed of contraction
conversion to muscular endurance
Conversion to muscular endurance
  • Learn to cope and continue in a fatigued lactate acid environment
  • Keep muscular strength, power, endurance during the competition phase
periodization endurance system training
Periodization endurance system training
  • LATT – lactic acid tolerance training
  • MaxVO2T – maximum oxygen consumption training
  • AnTT – anaerobic system training
  • PST – phosphate system training
  • ATT – aerobic system training
endurance training durations
Endurance training durations

Contained in monthly workout workbook

periodization endurance training ratios
Periodization endurance training ratios

Contained in monthly workout workbook

guidelines on how to peak
Guidelines on how to peak
  • Count down to competition
    • Four weeks prior to a competition
      • End high workload cycle
    • Three weeks
      • start reducing volume
      • Cut back intensity
    • Two weeks
      • Cut back volume
      • Increase intensity
    • One week
      • Volume should be 50% of the four week volume
      • Intensity should be very high
putting it all together
Putting it all together
  • The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.
    • Mark Twain
rsst plan modification
RSST plan modification
  • Setup for regional and national level training minimums – 355 hours (~100 hours more than last year)
  • Based upon all RSST training sessions and doing 1,2 extra cardio workouts per week on your own
  • To customize training hours
    • Change frequency first
    • Duration second
setting up a periodization plan
Setting up a Periodization plan
  • Self assessment and goals
  • Competitions for the year
  • Training diary
  • Weight workouts
  • Cardio workouts
  • Dryland workouts
yearly planner spreadsheet the big picture
Yearly Planner spreadsheetthe “BIG” picture
  • Training
  • Competitions
  • Goals
  • Diary summary information
  • Testing results
  • What needs work
  • What doesn’t need as much work
  • Use to develop your short and long term goals
  • Don’t just list goals, but develop a plan to reach them (talk to your coaches)

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.

    • Michael Jordan
  • Write down competition dates
  • Indicate their importance by using the “peaking” rating
monthly workout spreadsheet
Monthly workout spreadsheet
  • Calendar page
    • Customize to your annual plan by changing frequency
  • Weight workout page
    • Customize by changing frequency, 1RM, (reps for body weight exercises)
  • Study info page
    • Use to design cardio workouts
  • Calculations page
    • Use to determine heart rate zones and calorie intake
weight workouts
Weight workouts


training diary
Training diary
  • All serious athletes use a training diary
    • Ink it, don't just think it.
  • RSST training diary consist of
    • Daily entrees
    • Weekly averages
  • Graphing data to see
    • Under training trends
    • Over training trends
performance testing
Performance testing
  • New this year A LOT OF TESTING!
  • Why?
    • because it will help our training loading and unloading cycle
    • Push ourselves physically and mentally
  • 1RM every 4 weeks
  • Cobb’ hill every 4 weeks
  • Bike time trial every 4 weeks
  • Inline time trials every 4 weeks
  • 5-10K Running time trials every four weeks
  • Skating TT every four weeks
1rm testing
1RM testing
  • During the AA phase use a weight for 7-10 reps and estimate the 1RM
  • For the other weight phases shoot for 1-6 reps and estimate if needed
  • Join excellent source of information. Weekly emails
  • Whole foods stay away from processed foods
  • Training right and eating right are a winning combination
eating and exercise
Eating and exercise
  • You must eat right and train hard to get into your best shape. And, most importantly, you must always train and eat with your goals in mind. Fail to do this and you won’t gain even one ounce of new muscle.
  • Technically correct exercise execution is important for muscle stimulation, but flawless nutrition is required for muscle recovery and growth. If you fail to eat or not eat correctly you won’t realize any results from exercise, whereas diminished gains can still be seen from incorrect exercise execution within the context of a sound nutrition program.
  • Eating for lean muscle gain requires the consumption of functional, unprocessed, whole foods. These fresh whole foods are living food, and they are functional because they affect your health and enhance your immune function.
    • From
post exercise
Post exercise
  • Get carbs and protein ASAP!
    • Endurox R4
    • Power bar recovery drink
    • ProV60
  • Ask Lee or Mike at the Supplement Warehouse what’s good
    • 10% discount for RSST
awesome foods



Brown rice




Lean beef


Sea weed

Awesome Foods
  • Fats
    • Salmon
    • Nuts
    • Olive oil (cold pressed)

Work the walls. Ask Tim…

meal time
Meal time!
  • Small frequent meals. Eat 5-6 meals per day
    • 1 palm size portion of protein
    • 2 palm size portion of carbs
    • 1 palm size portion of veggies
  • Scale depending on periodization phase and weight/fat measurements
cleaning out the frig and pantry
Cleaning out the frig and pantry
  • Get rid of all HFCS
  • Processed foods
  • You hear those comments that my face makes it look like what I'm doing is easy... but come and look at my face in January, February and March when I'm at home training... it's an ugly face then!
    • Lance Armstrong, TdF 2001
  • A winner makes commitments to a goal, a loser makes promises.
    • Unknown
  • Adversity cause some men to break; others to break records.
    • William A. Ward
  • When you are behind, don't give up; when you are ahead, don't let up.
    • Unknown
  • I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.
    • Thomas Jefferson