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Welcome to AdviceIT Computer Sales, IT Support and Maintenance . Why Choose AdviceIT ?. Hardware Repairs. Computer Repairs Service. Laptop Repairs. PC Repairs. Apple Mac Repairs. Business and Residential Services. Computer Networking . Wireless Networking.

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Welcome to


Computer Sales, IT Support and Maintenance

Why Choose AdviceIT?

Apple Mac Repairs

Data backup and recovery solutions

Tape Replacement Solutions

AdviceIT expert computer technicians always deliver a viable and cost-effective Disaster Recovery Plan throughout your data center. Furthermore, we’ll help reduce risks on your business.

Disk-to-Disk Solutions

We offer a safe, reliable, and faster way of securing your files. We only use state-of-the-art systems for 100%Data Backup and Recovery over your data.

Computer, Laptop, Remote Office Solutions

Our professional technicians will provide comprehensive protection over your data sources – inside and beyond the data center.

Virus and Spyware Removal

What is a Computer Virus?

It is a software program that has the ability to replicate and commonly damages your documents, system registry, database, and other programs in your computer.

What is a Spyware?

This is different from a virus since it does not duplicate; however, it will deteriorate the overall performance of your computer system. Another crucial threat is that it will transmit personal information and files over the World Wide Web.What is an Adware?

These are self-generated advertising software and far different from a computer virus and spyware. This annoying advertisement will keep on popping-up in your system, which is very unhealthy for your overall system.

At AdviceIT, our professional technicians are very efficient at investigating malicious software on your system. We only use state-of-the-art programs and guarantees for 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Managed Antivirus Service

Computer Help and Training Program

AdviceIT has a well-formulated learning system that is also up-to-date with the current developments. Our professional computer technicians will give personal coaching and can go through everything in an easy to understand step-by-step manner. In this way, we can guarantee our clients 100% Learning as well as Comprehension.

Our technicians are easy to speak with and acknowledge that not everyone talks “Computer Talk” . At AdviceIT, our Computer Help and Training programs are designed with excellence and perfection. Whether it is how to use Windows 8 or how to send and use email. Whatever the issue you  are facing, we will ensure that you can learn and use these without any problems.

We want you to stay up to date with your Computer System and understand how it all pieces together without overloading you with information. We can also customize training to suit businesses or residential customers.

Fixing and Troubleshooting Computers

Monitoring Your Computer System

Our expert computer technicians will effectively check your computer system with the use of latest software programs. In this way, we will be able to understand what your current needs are.

Give Necessary Assessment

With the right knowledge on the field, we can then evaluate your system. We will employ the perfect strategy to keep your business running.

Solution and UpdatesWe will then provide a great solution to your computer problems and then install necessary software & hardware. Updates will also be given for optimum performance.

AdviceITexpert technicians are always ready for any computer repairs.

We’ll GUARANTEE to fix your computers RIGHT the first time!

Home Support Plan (RESASSIST)

Mobile / Android / iPhone & iPad Support

Account Setup Fee $19.95 (Per Account)

Business Support Plan (BIZASSIST)

Virtual Assistants

• Market Research

• Keyword Research

• Product Creation

• Product Fulfillment

• Customer Support

• Affiliate Management

• Content Creation

• Website Maintenance

• Live Chat

• Word Processing

• Travel Planning & Reservations

• Calendar Management

• Event Planning

• Data Entry

• Create Newsletters

• Email List Management

• Social Media Management

• Link Building