Kerala’s eGovernance Roadmap
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Kerala’s eGovernance Roadmap From Automation to Transforming Governance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kerala’s eGovernance Roadmap From Automation to Transforming Governance. Dr. Ajay Kumar Secretary Department of Information Technology Govt. of Kerala, India October 9, 2009. About Kerala. 100% broadband in all villages Highest tele-density Highest mobile penetration Highest PQLI.

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Kerala’s eGovernance Roadmap




Transforming Governance

Dr. Ajay KumarSecretaryDepartment of Information TechnologyGovt. of Kerala, India

October 9, 2009

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About Kerala

  • 100% broadband in all villages

  • Highest tele-density

  • Highest mobile penetration

  • Highest PQLI

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State Data Centres

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  • Existing State Data Centre

    • First Data Centre by any State Government. (2003)‏

    • State-of-the art Tier III Infrastructure (99.75%)

    • 5000 sq. ft.

    • About 150 servers with multiple applications.

    • Co-hosting for PSUs and other Government organisations

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State Data Centre

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  • Managed by TCS

  • Server sharing

  •  Server co-location

  •  SAN based mass

  • storage

  • Automated backup

  •  44MBPS backbone

  • bandwidth

  •  Mail services

  •  Web services

  •  Enterprise Management

  • System

  •  Help desk

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New State Data Centre

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  • Another 5000 sq. ft Tier III facility.

  • To supplement existing facility.

  • RFP released in September 2009.

  • Estimated cost: Approx. Rs 60 crores

  • Location: Technopark, Trivandrum.

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Wide Area Networks

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  • Kerala State Wide Area Network (KSWAN)‏

  • Covers all 14 districts.

  • Base stations at 152 blocks with

  • wireless connectivity of 10 kms.

  • 1,500 additional remote locations.

  • Operational at the BHQ level

  • 3 nodes: at Trivandrum,

  • Kochi, Kozhikode

MPLS backbone of SII

Link to districts

Link to blocks

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Wide Area Networks

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  • Malappuram District WAN

  • Secretariat WAN

    • 3500 nodes

    • NMS

  • Vikas Bhawan and Public Building WAN (RfP issued)

  • District WANs proposed for all districts (RfP to be issued in October 2009)

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The Kerala CSCs

Akshaya l.jpg

Bridging digital divide

Nearly 2200 Akshaya centres all over Kerala.

Recognized as CSCs by GOI Atleast two centres in a panchayat

Began as e-literacy campaign in Kerala

Evolved as a hub of e-services


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Akshaya Centers

Akshaya Centers

276 in Malappuram

2150- Total in Kerala

ONE e-CENTREcovers about 2-4 sq. KMs serving 1,500 -3000 households

5-10 PCs


IT trained Personnel

Connected communities


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  • Total trained 33.22 lakhs

  • Cent percent literacy achieved in Mallapuram, Kannur, Kozhikode, Trichur, Kasargode districts.

  • Income for Akshaya entrepreneur Rs. 120/ trainee

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VAT Returns Filing

  • Started w.e.f. Jan 1, 2009.

  • 1500 Akshaya Centres in 14/14 districts involved.

  • 10 different returns filed.

  • AKS income Rs 21/ return

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  • Market driven Agricultural Initiative through IT enabled Agri Business Centres in Kerala State

  • Farm Advisory Services

  • Agri Market Information

  • Resource Library

  • Trade Centre with toll Free numbers

  • Farmers database

Friends l.jpg

Fast, Reliable, Instant, Effective Network for Disbursement of Services

A single window ‘no queue’ integrated remittance centre where citizens can pay all taxes and other dues to the Government

9am to 7pm-service including Sundays


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Citizen Call Centre of Services

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  • Call (# 155300)‏

  • Located at Trivandrum- caters to whole state

  • Revenue, Civil Supplies, Motor vehicles, Kerala

  • State Electricity Board, Kerala Water Authority,

  • Universities etc

  • About 25,000 calls per month.

  • Complaint registry available.

  • 24x7

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FOSS based Geographical Information Portal - Government Offices

Integration of map information on to the websites

Information presented in interactive manner

Use of dynamic maps

Distance and area measurement facility

My location facility

Shortest path finding facility

Integrated Government Services Gateway

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Users can add location – Wiki Model Offices

Simple search and advanced search facility

Service through mobile phones, touch screen kiosks etc.

Current Status

The project is ready for launch within 2 weeks.

Integrated Government Services Gateway

Official email system l.jpg

Officers responsible for official emails. Offices

Archival for 10 years

Unlimited storage.

Open Source

Official Email System

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Video conferencing l.jpg

19 VC locations Offices

24-hour service

Over 4 years

Around 500 VCs every year

Video conferencing

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It infrastructure under development l.jpg

Sub CA for providing digital signatures Offices

Service Delivery Gateway

State Spatial Data Infrastructure


Mobile Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure (under development)

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Local Language Computing Offices

My computer my language

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Malayalam Computing Offices

  • Bridging digital language divide

  • Focus on training and awareness creation

  • Train Master trainers (Akshaya) / Hardware vendors

  • Train students / teachers / public

  • Creating websites/blogs in Malayalam

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Malayalam Computing Offices

Policy Initiatives

  • Standard Malayalam font

  • All Government websites to have Malayalam version

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Malayalam Computing OfficesCapacity Development

  • Inauguration

  • Posters/ Keyboard stickers/ Booklets

  • Enable Fest

  • Road Shows

  • Public awareness campaigns

  • Advertisement Films

  • Documentary, Tutorial Videos etc.

  • Campaign started in 7 districts. Will be extended to all 14 districts

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Malayalam Computing OfficesCampaign … so far

  • More than 1000 Training programmes held

  • More than 70.000 persons trained

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Malayalam Computing OfficesContent creation

  • Ente Gramam websites

  • English - Malayalam, Malayalam - English Dictionary and Thesaurus with 5 lakh words

  • Malayalam blogs for all colleges and schools

  • Digitizing old Malayalam books

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Malayalam Computing Offices

Ente Gramam

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  • Kannur district

  • Funded by UNESCO & KSITM

  • All local bodies in Kannur District

  • Roll out to two other districts (Malappuram & Kollam)

  • Local Content

  • Local Language

  • By Local People

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ICT for differently-abled: INSIGHT Offices

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  • Train visually challenged on ICTs to help

  • them earn better livelihood.

  • Free and Open Source based

  • Orca

  • Initiated in March 2007.

  • INSIGHT ICT Centre in Trivandrum

  • Pilot successful. Roll out in Mallapuram,

  • Thrissur, Kasargod, Ernakulam and Kannur


Kerala innovation foundation kif l.jpg

Documentation of Traditional knowledge Offices

Intellectual property management

Offer prizes at state level competitions of grassroots innovators

To motivate a culture of creativity and innovation in society

Kerala Innovation Foundation -KIF

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Sutharya keralam l.jpg

Convergence of all the available forms of Communication to redress the grievances of the citizens.

Automation of Chief Minister’s Grievance Redressal Cell

Sutharya Keralam

Slide42 l.jpg

Applications Standardized Across All Departments redress the grievances of the citizens.

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SPARK redress the grievances of the citizens.

Payroll and Personnel Management Software

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  • Payroll and personnel management

    • 5.25 lakh Employees

    • Data Entry for 3.5 lakh employees completed.

    • More than 75000 employees in 1200 salary processing offices

    • Mandatory implementation in all Departments during FY 2009-2010

      Website (‏

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<< Home redress the grievances of the citizens.

Slide45 l.jpg

Digital Workflow-MESSAGE redress the grievances of the citizens.

<< Home

  • Paperless Organizations: KSITM, KSUDP, KSITI, Akshaya, Callcentre, Food and Civil Supplies.

  • Departments in Secretariat to use MESSAGE: Finance, PWD, Higher Education, IT, NORKA and co-operation

File tracking using ideas l.jpg

The CITIZENS can obtain online information about the current status of their petitions submitted to the government.

The OFFICERS can obtain online information about the movement of files related to their subject, office, department or ministry under the government.

The GOVERNMENT obtains an advanced information support system that facilitates more efficient administration.

File Tracking using IDEAS

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Asset Management System- Aasthi status of their petitions submitted to the government.

  • Automated e-Inventory management of computers and related equipment

  • Open source based application

  • Implemented in Kerala State IT Mission

  • Implementation commenced in Secretariat

  • Roll out envisaged thereafter.

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Websites on status of their petitions submitted to the government. Content Management Framework

  • Over 200 websites and portals.

  • All Ministers have websites

  • All panchayats have webpages

  • Free and Open source based initiative to migrate all Government websites to CMF.

  • All websites being migrated to State Data Centre

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Dr. SMS m-health Application status of their petitions submitted to the government.

  • Enables citizens to use mobile phones to get information on health resources

  • Provides the user with a comprehensive list of medical facilities available in their locality, like doctors or hospitals having expertise in various medical disciplines

Slide50 l.jpg

Dr. SMS m-health Application status of their petitions submitted to the government.

Implemented in 7 Districts – Kozhikode, Kannur, Thrissur, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Idukki and Kasaragod districts

A web portal and GIS based interface is ready; available at

E governance in departments l.jpg

E-Governance In Departments status of their petitions submitted to the government.

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Value Added Tax status of their petitions submitted to the government.

e-filing and e-payment

E facilities available l.jpg

e -Returns – A statutory requirement of all Dealers who registered under Value Added Tax (KVAT) Act 2003 filed return Periodically.

e -Declaration – Vehicle & goods details filed in advance by the consignor / third party logistics provider (TPL)

e-Payment - Payment of Tax.

E- Facilities Available

E filing of vat returns l.jpg

e-filing of returns is mandatory to all Dealers from 01-01-2009.

Kerala is the 1st State in India implementing e-filing of VAT returns to all dealers.

This facility is availed by 1.60 lakhs dealers

e-Filing of VAT returns

Utilisation of e akshaya kendra s l.jpg
Utilisation of e-Akshaya Kendra's 01-01-2009.

  • Dealers having no internet facility, can e-File return through Akshaya Centres.

  • At present 1536 Akshaya Centers are selected.

E payment l.jpg

e-Payments commenced from 01-09-2009. 01-01-2009.

First State in India implementing e-Payment for all TIN dealers subsequent to the success of 100% e-filing.

Collaboration with SBI & SBT bank group. Other Banks in future.

Amendments made to Kerala Finance Code and Kerala Treasury Code.


Resources support l.jpg

Running 24*7*365 01-01-2009.

Internet Transaction security ensured by Secured Socket Layer (SSL).

Quality level certification for web application from STQC is in the final stage.

24*7*365 toll free helpline service.

e-mail service.

Wide Area Network (WAN) linking all Commercial Tax Offices and major Check Posts connected to nearly 2000 computers in 280 locations.

Resources & Support

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IT @ School 01-01-2009.

  • Capacity building

  • ViCTERS Educational Channel

  • Broadband connection to all schools

  • Web portal

  • Laptops to all schools

Worlds largest simultaneous FOSS deployment

Slide61 l.jpg

IT @ School 01-01-2009.

  • Training Programmes in ICT

  • Hardware Training to School IT Co-ordinators

  • Internet Training to all Teachers

  • Training Programmes for ICT enabled education

  • Infrastructure upgradation

  • Content Development

  • Maintaining EDUSAT Interactive Terminals for Various Training Programmes

Policy and re engineering l.jpg

Lay down policy guidelines 01-01-2009.

IT e-governance applications guidelines

IT security and testing policy

IT procurement guidelines

Website guidelines- Content Management Framework

Use of local language guidelines

Email use policy

Setting up of IT Division

Business Process Reengineering

Policy and Re-engineering

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Promotion of FOSS 01-01-2009.

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  • International Centre for FOSS in Trivandrum

  • CAT-FOSS FOSS Finishing School in Kochi

  • International Conference on Free Software Free Society

  • Most applications described in this presentation are Open Source.

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Major FOSS Deployments 01-01-2009.

  • Insight

  • Malayalam Computing

  • IGSG

  • CMF

  • E-Krishi

  • KIF



  • Dr. SMS

  • Email System


  • Ente Gramam

Human resource development l.jpg
Human Resource Development 01-01-2009.

<< Home

  • Capacity building programmes

  • Women's skill enhancement programme

  • Skill enhancement in polytechnics

  • Model Finishing Schools

  • For more details log on to www itmission kerala gov in l.jpg
    For more details 01-01-2009.Log on to

    Thank you l.jpg
    Thank you 01-01-2009.

    Dr. Ajay KumarSecretaryDepartment of Information TechnologyGovt. of Kerala, India

    [email protected]