how to get a green card through student f1 visa n.
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How to get a Green card through Student(F1) Visa: PowerPoint Presentation
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How to get a Green card through Student(F1) Visa:

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How to get a Green card through Student(F1) Visa: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to get a Green card through Student(F1) Visa:.

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how to get a green card through student f1 visa

How to get a Green card through Student(F1) Visa:

Many Foreign nationals have a dream to settled in the United States. Every year approximately 40,000 foreign nationals are immigrate to the United States. Immigration from one country to the U.S.A, is not an easy task. If you want to set foot on U.S. Soil then it requires valid passport and Visa from the U.S. embassy located near by your city. Generally passports are issued from alien's birth country. where as Visas are issued From the U.S. embassy. there are many ways to enter, live or work and/or  get permanent residency in  the United States. Most of the Students from through out the World are immigrate to U.S.A. and get green card.


 In order to get a green card first of all alien have to enter into the U.S.A. with valid passport and Visa legally. F-1 Visas are issued to those who pursuing their higher studies like Masters degree or MBA. most of the students have a get doubt about green card through  Student visa. If alien have student visa for study his/her higher studies in the United States He/she may get green card. Getting/holding a green card in the U.S.A. is a great thing. green card holders are having great privileges and rights except voting and government jobs. After completing your Masters or M.B.A. or higher education from the reputed college or Universities you can get a green card through a job sponsorship. F1(Student) Visa holders or international students are not showing their interest to return their birth countries. immediately after getting Masters Degree certificate from the American Universities they are are privileges to work in the U.S.A.


Process of getting Green card though Student(F-1) Visa:

After your graduation from the American Universities you can find a job related to your field. if you find an employer to file an H-1B petition on your behalf then automatically you will get a green card if you do work six years in the United States. or else as a F-1 student visa holders,  you have to eligible for Optional Practical Training(OPT). This (OPT) Optional practical training  is a twelve(12) months training course for getting temporary employment Visa for international F-1 Students to work in the related to their field of study. while you are training under the Optional Practical training(OPT) you will get an opportunity to get a work in the company that willing to sponsor you as a H-1 work visa. this H-1 work visa sponsor by the company is allow you to stay and work maximum of six years in the United States.


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