The anesthetic agent substance abusing provider
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The Anesthetic Agent Substance Abusing Provider - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Anesthetic Agent Substance Abusing Provider. Poonam Agarwal, RN, BSN, SRNA Valentyna Groelle, RN, BSN, SRNA York College of Pennsylvania Nurse Anesthetist Program. Objectives.

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The anesthetic agent substance abusing provider

The Anesthetic Agent Substance Abusing Provider

Poonam Agarwal, RN, BSN, SRNA

Valentyna Groelle, RN, BSN, SRNA

York College of Pennsylvania

Nurse Anesthetist Program


  • Discuss statistics and risk factors for anesthetic agent and substance abuse among Nurse Anesthetists and Anesthesiologists.

  • Identify currently abused anesthetic agents, in addition to patterns of behavior of the addicted provider.

  • Discuss legal issues regarding reporting impaired provider.

  • Examine current treatment and recovery programs, as well as options for reentry into the workforce.

Occupational exposure gold et al 2006
OccupationalExposure(Gold et al., 2006)

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Occupational Exposure(Gold et al., 2006)

The anesthetic agent substance abusing provider

Why Can’t Addicts Just Quit?

Non-Addicted Brain

Addicted Brain












Because Addiction Changes Brain Circuits

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