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What’s New in Sage SalesLogix

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What’s New in Sage SalesLogix - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What’s New in Sage SalesLogix. V7.5.2. Release Overview. Sage SalesLogix v7.5.2 focuses on: User Enhancements streamline the user experience furthering user adoption Quality and Performance Improvements target bandwidth issues and minimize latency

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Presentation Transcript
release overview
Release Overview
  • Sage SalesLogix v7.5.2 focuses on:
    • User Enhancements streamline the user experience furthering user adoption
    • Quality and Performance Improvements target bandwidth issues and minimize latency
    • Customization Improvements and New Developer Community ease the time and effort to customize
    • Unicode Enhancements ease the burden of growing a global business and reduces the cost of supporting multilingual and global implementations
calendar enhancements
Calendar Enhancements
  • Visual indicator for attachments in activity main view and calendar
  • Hyperlinks in calendar to accounts, contacts, tickets, opportunities, etc.
  • Performance improvements to speed up page load times
activities enhancements
Activities Enhancements
  • Perform more actions in the Reminders window for improved efficiencies including the ability to confirm or decline activity confirmations and mass delete activities
  • User interface design and layout enhancements make the Reminders view easier to use and navigate
  • New check boxes make it quick and easy to mass dismiss and snooze individual, multiple, or all reminders in a single step
  • Complete multiple activities in a single step
  • Reminders button in toolbar is highlighted when new reminders are triggered so you’re on top of tasks
  • Click on an Activity for more information that now appears in convenient pop-up window
additional user experience enhancements
Additional User Experience Enhancements
  • Sales Orders
    • Added as a main view so you can create them independent of Opportunities
    • Support for account manager field
  • Folder Hierarchy for Sales Library
    • Streamlines navigation and organization
  • Customizable look-up field can default to your preferences
  • Customizable logoff/redirect page
improved customization experience
Improved Customization Experience
  • More selections available in Application Architech picklists, which helps reduce entry mistakes
  • Provides the ability to add multiple preconditions on triggered database events in the process orchestration engine, which helps to support more complex processes
  • Sdata v1.0 support
    • New features include support for batch processing, asynchronous operations, template support, and schema discoverability
    • Sdata documentation is now publically available at http://interop.sage.comto help answer your questions
intellisync improvements
Intellisync Improvements
  • Intellisync Health Check
    • Helps troubleshoot installation and configuration issues
    • Provides Portal validation and statistics
  • SSL Support
  • Documentation
    • Architecture
    • Field Mapping
  • Stabilization
    • Client logging, server logging
    • Defect fixes
web client performance
Web Client Performance
  • Significant performance improvements in the areas of navigation, Activities, Calendars, and more help increase page loading times and reduce bandwidth
field customizable unicode
Field Customizable Unicode
  • Improvements have been made to support multiple multi-byte languages in the area of Unicode
developer documentation
Developer Documentation
  • API Reference Guide
  • Best Practices Documents
    • Intellisync Architecture
    • Exchange Link Architecture
    • Tuning & Performance Optimizations in SalesLogix
developer community
Developer Community
  • Sage Supported Forums
  • Contributor Recognition
      • Most Active Contributors
      • Top Contributors
      • Popular Tags
  • IdeaLogix
    • Exchange Product Ideas with OpCo’s, Partners, & Customers
    • Vote on Ideas & Track Those You Like
  • CodeLogix
    • Exchange Code Samples, Bundles, & Snippets
saleslogix mobile v5 6
SalesLogix Mobile v5.6
  • Improved calendar integration
    • Calendar sync compatibility to ensure email and activity sync engines work together without creating duplicates in SalesLogix, SalesLogix Mobile, or Outlook
  • Usability improvements
    • BlackBerry Storm UI and navigation updates
    • Support for high-resolution devices



saleslogix mobile v5 613
SalesLogix Mobile v5.6
  • Sdata support for subscriptions
    • Enables ad-hoc retrieval of account and contact information without having to store data locally on the device
  • Supports
    • Windows Server 2008, Oracle 11g and Windows Mobile OS 6.5