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Mycorrhizae Restoration To Inoculate or Not to Inoculate: That is the Question.

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Mycorrhizae Restoration To Inoculate or Not to Inoculate: That is the Question. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ethan Cox. Mycorrhizae Restoration To Inoculate or Not to Inoculate: That is the Question. What is Mycorrhizae?. Symbiotic fungi Binds with plant’s roots.

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Presentation Transcript
ethan cox
Ethan Cox

Mycorrhizae RestorationTo Inoculate or Not to Inoculate: That is the Question.

what is mycorrhizae
What is Mycorrhizae?
  • Symbiotic fungi
  • Binds with plant’s roots

types of mycorrhizae
Types of Mycorrhizae
  • Two Types
    • Ectomycorrhizae
    • Endomycorrhizae

restoration and mycorrhizae
Restoration and Mycorrhizae
  • Do we need mycorrhizae restoration?
    • Hmmm….yes and no.
  • What is mycorrhizae restoration?
mycorrhizae restoration is not needed
Mycorrhizae Restoration is Not Needed
  • Olympic Peninsula in Washington state
  • Mount St. Helens Example
  • Prairie Restoration in the American Midwest
mycorrhizae restoration is needed
Mycorrhizae Restoration is Needed
  • Iceland Sand Dunes
  • Minnesotan Taconite Mining Area
  • China and Arsenic
inoculation or not inoculation
Inoculation or Not Inoculation?
  • What are the similarities between sites?
    • Extremely degraded sites
    • Mycorrhizae helped scavenge the few nutrients
  • Should be determined on a case by case basis
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