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Word within a Word

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Word within a Word . LIST 13. #13 SHADED. FORM - shape. Formation: the act of forming a shape. Formative: shaping or forming. SEQU - Follow. Sequence: following of one thing after another. Consecutive: following in uninterrupted order. HEMO - blood.

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Word within a Word

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Presentation Transcript
form shape
FORM - shape
  • Formation: the act of forming a shape
  • Formative: shaping or forming
sequ follow
SEQU - Follow
  • Sequence: following of one thing after another
  • Consecutive: following in uninterrupted order
hemo blood
HEMO - blood
  • Hemophilia: medical condition in which the blood does not easily clot
  • Hemostat: instrument used to prevent blood flow from an open blood vessel
meso middle
MESO - middle
  • Mesophilic: bacteria that grows best at middle/moderate temperatures
  • Mesophyll: tissue in the middle section of a leaf
milli thousandth
MILLI - thousandth
  • Millimeter – one thousandth of a meter
  • Millimicron – one thousandth of a micron
mem remember
MEM - Remember
  • Memory: the mental capacity of remembering facts/events/impressions, etc.
  • Memoir: a record of events written as the author remembers them
labor work
LABOR - work
  • Laboratory: a building equipped for scientific work
  • Elaborate: to work out and develop with great care; to expand
vac empty
VAC - empty
  • Vacant: empty
  • Vacuole: a fluid-filled but otherwise empty cavity in a cell
ose sugar
OSE - sugar
  • Glucose: a simple (sweet) sugar that is an important source of energy
  • Lactose – known as “milk sugar”
patho disease
PATHO - disease
  • Psychopath – person with a disease that manifests in criminal/amoral behavior
  • (think about this—what does “path” mean? How could it fit into this definition?)
  • Pathogenic: capable of producing disease
chrom color
CHROM - color
  • Chromatic: relating to color
  • Chromosome: literally “color of the body”
glyc sweet
GLYC - sweet
  • Glucose: a simple (sweet) sugar that is an important source of energy
  • Hypoglycemia: low glucose level in the blood
ultima last
ULTIMA - last
  • Ultimate: happening last/at the end
  • Penultimate: second to last in a series
infra beneath
INFRA - beneath
  • Infrared: on the invisible spectrum directly beneath the red end on the visible spectrum
  • Infraorbital: below the orbit
leuko white
LEUKO - white
  • Leukemia – any of several cancers of the (white) bone marrow
  • Leukocyte – white blood cell
lys break down
LYS – break down
  • Analysis: the process of breaking down something and studying it
  • Dialysis: the separation (break down) of large molecules
gress step
GRESS - step
  • Progress – a step forward
  • Regress – a step back
myo muscle
MYO - muscle
  • Myogram: tracing of muscular contractions
  • Myotomy: dissection of the muscles
oligo few or small
OLIGO – few or small
  • Oligarchy – government by the few
  • Oligopoly – a market of few sellers
osis condition
OSIS - condition
  • Neurosis: a condition marked by excessive anxiety or indecision and compulsive acts
  • Psychosis: a condition marked by hallucinations and/or delusions
tude state of
TUDE – state of
  • Solitude: state of being alone
  • Multitude: state of being many
phag eat
PHAG - eat
  • Phagocte – any cell that eats and destroys foreign objects
  • Geophagy: eating earthy matter, like clay or soil
phor carry
PHOR - carry
  • Metaphor: a comparison in which a term is “carried” through writing to describe something figuratively
  • Euphoria: a feeling of happiness carried by a person
phyt plant
PHYT - plant
  • Lithophyte – any plant growing on the surface of rocks
  • Phytotoxin: any toxin produced by a plant
phyll leaf
PHYLL – Leaf
  • Chlorophyll – green coloring matter of leaves
  • Phyllopod – any crustacean with leaflike swimming appendages