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Power point By chase #6.

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power point by chase 6
Power point

By chase #6

chapter 1 mr ocax
A thin crescent moon high in the sky, shed faint white light over Dimwood forest. nearby Mr.ocax notice 2 mice he said a mice my favorite food to catch 1 a gold mouse and the over mouse was a deer mouse. as Mr. Ocax watches the mice. Hears their names poppy and ragweed Mr. Ocax says what stupid name mice have ragweed and Poppy. ragweed please come In this log with me I want to answer your question and I want to dance with you. ragweed you reamer what my dad said about Mr. Ocax you mean that dumb owl ragweed said than ragweed said this ant good girl ragweed said come in please ragweed than ragweed said girl your best girl you don’t know to live like me than Ocax said when that deer mouse comes out I can eat them both right step out Mr. Ocax came swopping down and right when Mr. Ocax

came down Poppy ran right in the log and only killed ragweed and poppy was safe than Mr.Ocax went back to his tree.

Chapter 1 Mr. Ocax
chapter 2 poppy reamers
A stinging sensation on her noise woke poppy she touched her paw to the sore spot and winced. She started thing about Mr.ocax and how he killed her boy friend ragweed and than she was thinking how ragweed was much different than the over mice. Than Poppy was thinking back when they were in gray house how rag would always ask questions about stuff like porky pines. And why Mr. ocax would protect them and than poppy’s dad was really mad at ragweed for asking all those questions. And that’s why poppy loved him cause he was different Chapter 2 poppy reamers
chapter 3 poppy alone
Poppy started out side the log trying to escape! but she new she couldn't escape but she still risk it so she ran as fast as her little mice feet could run then Mr. Ocax caught her running so he started flying over her but she was still running so Mr. Ocax saw were she was trying to run in to a bush to hide. he flow right over the bush ready to kill her but right as she leapt to dive in the bush Mr. ocax leapt down and swiped and right as he did poppy jumped and Mr. ocax hit a stone and poppy got away again then she saw the red flag at grey house and that means emergency meeting.chapter 3 Poppy alone
chapter 4 emergency meeting
Poppy ran across the lop sided porch and into the house and her dad that’s name was lungwort. Lungwort said where have you been and were ragweed said lungwort and poppy so novices to talk. Poppy said lungwort wares ragweed said lungwort than Poppy yield Mr. ocax killed him! And lungwort said what he wants to protect us said lungwort than poppy said he tried to kill me to but lungwort didn't believe her. But do you now why the flag was up said lungwort no said poppy we have to levee grey house for food and I want to take you to see Mr.Ocax to move to new house well will you come yes said poppy. chapter 4 emergency meeting
chapter 5 leaving grey house
Poppy and lungwort are going to meet Mr.Ocax at the watching tree. and they have a white flag . poppy had to hold up the flag to show him that they come in peace. That shows that they wont harm mr.ocax . But than they got there and mr.ocax eyes wide and looks down at poppy. Chapter 5 leaving grey house
chapter 6 stanting before mr ocax
Than poppy was so scared of Mr. ocax that poppy was swatting so hard that lung word that she was melting than lungwort said am to ask you that we can move said lungwort. than Mr. ocax said have you been there be for no said lungwort but my friends live there and they said it’s a good place said lungwort . then mr.ocax interrupting him have you been there said mr.ocax no said lungwort. Than you are not aloud to move to new house unless you give me your girl poppy Mr.ocax said Mr. ocax than lungwort said no than poppy saw something sparkle and it wasChapter 6 stanting before mr.ocax
ragweed's ear wing than mr.ocax you aren't a loud to move because poppy and ragweed went to bannock hill with out permission
home again chapter 7 home again
Poppy and lungwort were walking back to gray house. Then poppy said I'm sorry papa said poppy its ok said lungwort. Then when they got there they went to there room in then poppy said I'm going to new house poppy said to his cousin basil why said basil because I'm going to find out what mr.ocax is hiding from us.Home again chapter 7 home again
chapter 8 papa and poppy
Poppy told lungwort that mr.ocaxs refuel wasn't because of poppy and ragweed going to bannock hill with out permission. there's some thing at new house that he didn't wand us to know about. Than poppy said that she’s going to new house. Chapter 8 papa and poppy
chapter 9 on her way
She's in the forest alone She dances with flower slippers. she cross glitter creek with the help from a turtle. She slips and Mr. ocax was watching her drown. Chapter 9 on her way
chapter 10 dimwood forest
Poppy was in DimWood forest she heard a swiping noise and she started running as fast as she can.

Than she ran in a log and the noise was a fox than she turned a round and their was a big bad porky pine!

Chapter 10 Dimwood Forest
chapter 11 erethizon dorsatum
Poppy inside the log and a animal starts talking to her. He tells her his name and he tells her he’s a porcupine. He ask her why are you hiding in my toilet?. Chapter 11 erethizon dorsatum
chapter 12 what poppy learns
Poppy thought Ereth would kill her than Ereth said he doesn't eat meat then poppy said you wont kill me said poppy than poppy said what’s in that tree with the broken bark said poppy then Ereth said Mr.Ocax then poppy said isn't Mr. ocax the ruler of DimWood forest

Then poppy said and he said he would protect us, then Ereth said that dang owl he's just lire then Ereth yield out hay ocax I got a girl named poppy here you been lining to the mice.

Chapter 12 what poppy learns
chapter 13 early morning
Poppy discovered Dimwood Forest and she said it was really beautiful. She discovered that Mr. Ocax was lying about the porcupines. She takes Ereth to go with her to New House.Chapter 13 early morning
chapter 14 on the way to new house
Mr. Ocax follows them. Ereth takes Poppy through Jayswood to get to New House. Ereth says he is going to leave her until he gets the salt. Then she sees an owl who is twice the size of Ocax.Chapter 14 On the way to New House
chapter 15 alone again
Ereth leaves her. She watches the Owl and wonders why he doesn’t just attack her. She picks up Ereth’s quill for protection. She looked at the Owl one more time and it still hadn’t moved. She goes into New House to see if it is a real owl or not.Chapter 15 alone again
chapter 16 the truth at last
Poppy saw her first human. Then she walked inside and saw a cat. But the cat saw her and the cat was friendly. His name was George. Then, he told her that the owl was fake. Then he said they got it because Mr. Ocax kept coming back to eat the chickens.Chapter 16 The Truth at last
chapter 17 a surprising conversation
Poppy taunts Mr. Ocax. She is in a cornfield and Mr. Ocax can’t see her. He says she’s smart and she walks out. He plunges down behind Poppy.Chapter 17 A Surprising Conversation
chapter 18 the battle
Than Poppy made a swing and it hit Mr.ocax right in the claw and than Mr.ocax leapt back and rolled down a hill than poppy chased after him than mr.ocax snapped poppy and poppy was in the air hanging from the quill and than mr.coax was heading right into the salt and right before he crash poppy leapt off and Mr. Ocax was laying than Mr.ocax as dead Chapter 18 the battle
chapter 19 the return
poppy raced to Ereth log to tell him that ocax was dead than Ereth said did you get the salt than poppy said yes but Mr. ocax is dead than they raced to the salt than poppy said did you see him yes than poppy ran to new house saying mr.ocax is dead we can move to new house. Chapter 19 The return
chapter 20 a new begging
Poppy and rye and their 11 children stand around the nut tree that ragweed planted than ereth said some words and than poppy put the earring that sparkled all around Dimwood forestChapter 20 A new begging