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Integrated Service Delivery

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Integrated Service Delivery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrated Service Delivery
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  1. Integrated Service Delivery Nipissing District Streamlines Client Services Delivery through Integration of Ontario Works and Children’s Services

  2. Mission & Vision • We are committed to promoting and enhancing healthy communities, strengthening our people and empowering our citizens. • Healthy Employees Providing Quality Services

  3. Goals • Improve service delivery, promote team work in a cost effective, friendly environment. • Streamline the application process to provide one point of access for financial assistance in the areas of Child Care, Ontario Works • Streamline referral processes to Community Partners to ensure options are available for clients and staff.

  4. Plans of Action • DNSSAB undertook review of Service Delivery, Management Organization and Accommodation • To review Service Delivery, expressions of interest were requested to engage staff in the research and development of Integrated Services at DNSSAB • 27 staff members expressed interest in working on the project • Focus groups were established to research, develop and implement the plan

  5. Timetables • Research began in May 2008. • A plan of action was presented and gradual implementation began June 2009 with Integrated Intake (Child Care/Ontario Works) via telephone and in person contacts • Phase two implementation began Dec 2009 moving to integrated telephone intake in the North Bay Office • Phase 3 implementation of integrated telephone intake in the entire district commenced March 2009

  6. People Focus • Integrated Services creates a People Focused Environment • One stop shopping for customers in an open, welcome work space • Staff collaboration in program crossover • Broader program knowledge and resources available for staff and clients • Expanded time frame for face to face interviews to discuss goals and planning

  7. Structural Changes • Management Assignments Streamlined effective November 1, 2009 • Staff positions reviewed and work assignments realigned to create more efficient and effective integrated services • Job Descriptions were updated to reflect new changes in Service Delivery

  8. Accommodation Changes • Relocation of Reception and Intake to 1st Floor • Client Appointments temporarily move to 7th, then 4th Floor in Desk side Interviewing • Co-location of OW, CS and Housing on 4th Floor • Individual enclosed Workstations versus “public workstation” • Elimination of interview room restriction • Creation of Central Records and elimination of Library Storage • Electronic Document Management • Increased meeting and training space • Staff lunchroom and wellness room

  9. Impact • Enhanced client services • Effective use of Human Resources • Client focused environment • Streamlined processes to achieve DNSSAB Mission and Vision • Ability to monitor effectiveness of services through client feedback and performance management • Quality services that are cost effective

  10. Plan Follow-up • Develop benchmarks to measure strengths and areas of improvement through performance measurements. • Develop client and staff feedback process for ongoing follow up • Continue staff engagement through focus groups and planning • Research the possibility of online applications

  11. Close • Questions & Answers