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MCRunJob in SAMGrid. i.t. Outline. Architectural relationship JIM’s Requirements/expectations SAMGrid Status w.r.t. D0 MC in relation to RunJob/Shahkar. SAMGrid/MCRunJob Interaction. JIM User Interface. Client Site. Sanity Checks. SAM DH Services. Req details. JIM Local Job Submission.

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  • Architectural relationship

  • JIM’s Requirements/expectations

  • SAMGrid Status w.r.t. D0 MC in relation to RunJob/Shahkar

Igor Terekhov, FNAL

Samgrid mcrunjob interaction
SAMGrid/MCRunJob Interaction

JIM User Interface

Client Site

Sanity Checks

SAM DH Services

Req details

JIM Local Job Submission

Generate Local Macro


At exec site


(Retrieve)/Store Files

Execute Local Macro

Worker node

At exec site

JIM Local Job Execution (Sand-boxing)

Igor Terekhov, FNAL

Interactions cont d
Interactions, cont-d

  • Sanity Check – see if request can be executed an any site. Add requirements on sites based on D0 soft (to go away)

  • Macro Generation – Request details retrieval (a must) and local settings incorporation (being revised)

  • Execution – JIM sandbox package initializes environment and calls MCRJ.

  • DH – Store files from worker nodes (now) or prepare for merging (later).

Igor Terekhov, FNAL

Abstracted interactions
Abstracted Interactions

  • Need to validate request

  • Need to prepare job execution

  • (Use external job submission) actually execute it

  • Need to use a Grid Data Handling like SAM for file access

Igor Terekhov, FNAL

Requirement derivation
Requirement Derivation

  • Must be able to provide several services rather than mix all in one command

  • Must use (externally configured) Fabric Adapter services such as:

    • SAM batch adapters

    • JIM sandboxing

  • Must NOT assume that “qsub” is in the path and shared file systems “rcp” works

  • Must have thin configuration layer

    • Goal is (statistical) reproducibility of Grid job results

    • On-site editing of core files is out of question

    • More than that, should not have 20 obscure parameters that will ensure that your results will differ

Igor Terekhov, FNAL

Xmas wish list req s continued
Xmas Wish List (Req-s Continued)

  • Should NOT assume control of everything it gets a hold of

  • Should not have concepts like “HOME directory” (WM – grid site is time-shared condo not your house)

  • Should have ability to validate statistically results from multiple sites

Igor Terekhov, FNAL

Jim status and mcrunjob
JIM status and MCRunJob

  • Initial phase of SAMGrid integration complete

    • Separated job preparation from execution

    • Inserted fabric management tools

    • Reimplemented SAM file storing in new Executor framework

    • Miscellaneous bug fixes

  • Much work was done by JIMmers due to core folks doing re-processing

  • We are running SAMGrid MC jobs at Wisconsin, Manchester and Lyon

  • We need to freeze MCRunJob to complete MC commissioning with SAMGrid:

    • Understand brokering issues

    • Understand Monitoring issues

    • Decompose Jobs at Grid level

    • Use SAMGrid for unified management of Data and Job files


Igor Terekhov, FNAL

Status continued
Status, Continued

  • Expect a few months (depends on D0 participation. Warning, Rod leaving).

  • Et Apres, (or in parallel if resources from outside the SAMGrid team), migrate to the next generation mc_runjob.

Igor Terekhov, FNAL