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School Libraries

School Libraries

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School Libraries

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  1. School Libraries Advocating A Two-Pronged Approach

  2. Federation Support(and others) For School Libraries and Teacher-Librarians

  3. 2008 is the year of contract renewal for all • teachers in the Province of Ontario • preparations for contract negotiations are • already starting • how can teacher-librarians ensure • that we are on the minds of our • collective bargaining teams and • in the brief that goes to the table?

  4. Let’s start at the beginning to determine what we know: • policy statements endorsing school libraries and • teacher-librarians exist with ETFO and OSSTF • OECTA endorsed teacher-librarians in their 2002 • Brief to the Education Quality Task Force • research studies demonstrating the importance of • teacher-librarians in student achievement have been • acknowledged by OSSTF, ETFO and OECTA

  5. Whatdoes this mean? • we are on the radar screen provincially • technically, there is support for us in the • provincial arena • proof? *ETFO’s glossy Quality Education Includes… • *OSSTF’s latest edition Education Watch • *OCETA’s Agenda • School Libraries & Student Achievement in Ontario • 2006 Research Studyresults indicate that • teacher-librarians positively impact on student • achievement scores and attitudes toward reading

  6. So, why don’t we have full-time teacher-librarians in every school? • many of our colleagues don’t • know what we can do • many of our administrators don’t • know what we can do • many of our federation reps • don’t know what we can do The Stereotype • on a local level, we must communicate what we do, • and what we could do with more time and resources

  7. Policy Lip Service to Policy in Action! • being on the radar screen and • being in the brief at the negotiating • table are as different as buying a • ticket and winning the lottery…no • guarantees it will happen • policy helps to buy the ticket • ticket buys admission to the brief • the brief goes to the bargaining • table

  8. Where’s the win? • any positive change wins the • lottery, no matter how small

  9. What can we bargain for? • board puts funding back into TL staffing to the full • amount allowed under the funding formula • board sweaters the funding envelope for TL staffing • board ceases to assign TLs prep time coverage • institution or reinstitution of Headships for TLs in • Secondary Schools • fully-assigned TLs become 6/8 with remaining • sections assigned to increase number of TLs

  10. With whom do we need to communicate? • our individual school’s teaching staff • they all vote on the new contract • our federation representatives at the school level • they sit on council or council committees • our federation executive at the local level • they influence what goes in the collective • bargaining brief • the collective bargaining committee and table team • they write the brief and negotiate it

  11. Who else? • don’t forget management: • principals • superintendents • director of education • trustees • parent council • (influences principal) • Why? • each is a stake-holder in decision making • during negotiations • during creation of board policy • during the staffing process

  12. What messages should we be sending about teacher-librarians? • teaching partner (a teacher first) • curriculum partner • collaboration partner • resource partner • literacy partner (traditional, numerical, • technology, media, information) • information skills partner • academic honesty partner • assessment and evaluation partner • professional learning community • partner • student success partner

  13. How do we begin? • begin by working through your teacher-librarian • association (groups make it easier and fun) • create a presentation that you can use with • colleagues in your school and with federation • incorporate the federation policy and advocacy pieces which • speak to school libraries and teacher-librarians • create a presentation that you can use with management • and parent council • use the Adopt a Teacher-Librarian and the School Library • Assessment Tool as part of your presentations • use the various advocacy pieces produced by agencies

  14. What else? • include evidence from School Libraries & Student • Achievement in Ontario, 2006 research study • include evidence from school libraries in your board • and from your own evidence based practice • (OSLA EBP toolkit @ • demonstrate how the teacher-librarian has positively • influenced student learning • create a video or slideshow of school libraries in action • show samples of student work completed in the library

  15. Teacher-Librarian Representation on CBC • in addition to presenting to the CBC, it is crucial • to elect at least one TL to the CBC • to have a strong TL delegate at CBC means a • strong voice during the preparation of the brief • try to elect your TL CBC rep to the table team • this rep will be the source of information about • school libraries and teacher-librarians during • negotiations

  16. Whatelse can a TL rep do on CBC? • represent the voice of the TL group on the committee • or at the table • speak to TL items in the brief and answer questions • advocate for any teacher-librarian friendly provincial or • local priorities included in the brief stay on the table • as long as possible

  17. The Time Has Come... • federationprovincial policy has been mandated • provincial is negotiating for change with MOE • Ontario based research studies are demonstrating • the evidence • professional organizations (OSLA) are bringing • the evidence to the provincial table • we must provide the local impetus for change • bring our voice to your local bargaining table!

  18. Who is that woman? Sharon P. Armstrong Head of Library, North Park Collegiate Grand Erie District School Board OSLA Councillor, Central West 1st Vice President District 23, OSSTF TBU CBC Rep, Table Team