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All About Me eryn t.n. marshall. By:eryn marshall Date:march 15 th 2012. ALL ABOUT ME.

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All about me eryn t n marshall

All About Meeryn t.n. marshall

By:eryn marshall

Date:march 15th 2012

All about me

Hi! My name is Eryn Tyler Nicole Marshall, I am 12 years of age. I am a proud pupil of St.Anne’s, school of champions and the home of the MIGHTY BLUE WAVES. I take part in many activities, such as cheerleading, swimming and Sunday school.

Richae,Tyler,Joelle,Kristine,Hughy,Timothy,Jeru,Nathan, and Michael are my 9 best friends that attend St.Anne’s School. I have enjoyed many wondrous occasions with my friends. I enjoy spending time with my friends every opportunity that I have available. I hope that when my friends and I get older we could stay close like the way we are now.


  • Over these past 3 years I have accomplished many things . From being named head girl, to being nominated to represent my school at the Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year competition. Every year I place in the top 5 in my class and I have maintained a 96% average grade. I have participated in special school assemblies, such as our 4th grade prize giving, business and technology assembly and said the prayer at our 5th grade prize giving service, just to name a few. When I was selected to represent St. Anne’s School at the Primary School Student of The Year I was honored, excited and overwhelmed. I participated in this event May 19th, 2012 and I was a semi-finalist, I received a medal and two trophies and a $1,000.00 scholarship to any high school of my choice. I chose to stay at St. Anne’s School. My most Memorable experience was sitting on the stage and anticipating if I had won. I was selected as St. Anne’s S Primary School Head Girl in September of 2011. I was very grateful for the opportunity, it was hard because little children from grade 2 and under threatened to take my tie away. I look back on those days and laugh! If I had another chance to do it again I would take on that challenge again. It was a great experience, I have learnt a lot about leadership, responsibility and I have matured greatly. I was priviledged to represent my school many times and I am thankful that my school believed in me. Over the past 12 years of my life my greatest experience was meeting the Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes and having him shake my hand.


  • Extracurricular activities are very important to the development of a well rounded student.

  • I am interested in helping and getting to know other citizens of The Bahamas. That is one reason why I joined the Early Act Club. This club is geared towards meeting people and developing our country with our time and talents. I am a member of Swift Swimming. I was a member of the Reading Club for the 4th and 5th grades. I am a dedicated member of the Primary Cheerleading Squad. Cheerleading has allowed me to meet International Cheerleaders, compete with other local schools and show that teamwork is very important. I enjoy participating in these clubs because we get to visit places in the Bahamas such as visting the old folks home with the reading club and visiting swim meets. I also participate in every play that the Sunday school presents and I am proud to particpate each year.

My life at st anne s school
My life at St.Anne’s School

  • I enjoy being a member of the MIGHTY BLUE WAVES. I left Nassau Christian Academy (NCA) and enrolled into St. Anne’s School and I am happy to be here. I have attended St. Anne’s School for about 3 years and I am having a wonderful time. It has been an experience and I have explored a lot of things such as coming first, being on the honor roll each year, my biggest accomplishment so far, Head Girl. Since the 4th grade I’ve had the following teachers; Mrs. M. Bowe and Mrs. V. Clarke, they have helped me in my mission to success and I thank them for that. Also they teach me the differences between good and bad and the ways of how to live a good life. I was proud and I am still proud to have them as my teachers. I wish to also thank the other teachers who have contributed to my success.

When i grow up
When I grow up

When I grow up I hope to continue to strive for excellence. My dream is to become a lawyer. My aim is to use the gifts God gave me to assist others in our community . I hope to have a good future filled with success and accomplishments and be independent and one day return to my school and give back .

The End

Hope you enjoyed