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Dax Sukhraj

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Dax Sukhraj
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Dax Sukhraj

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  1. Brief Biography of Dax Sukhraj Business

  2. Dax Sukhraj has been in the financial services industry for almost 30 years. He is a college graduate in Marketing and Business Administration. He was one of the first 25 Certified Financial Planner (CFP) graduates from the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning. He has been a major participant in the capital and investment marketplace focusing his individual business interest towards the financial advisory business investment and the retail clientele.

  3. He is currently President and CEO of Keybase Financial Group and Argosy Securities Inc. He has spent all his whole career in the financial and investment world. Prior to his ownership and leadership at Keybase and Argosy, he founded and was President and CEO of a major Mutual Fund Dealer with over $8 Billion Assets under Administration and over 500 Financial Advisors. During his career, he served as Chairman of the Investment Funds Institution of Canada (IFIC). Member firms managed over $575 Billion in assets and over 48,000 Million unit holder accounts.

  4. He was also the Chairman of the Board of Regents of the Canadian Institute of the Financial Planning, one of the educational institutions that offer the Certified Financial Planner designation. Between the companies he currently controls he has a network of 150 Financial Advisors (FAs) who have over $1.5 Billion assets under administration for over 20,000 client's accounts. Keybase mission statement is "Building and Preserving Personal Wealth".

  5. Keybase's mandate is to fulfill this mission statement by assisting and helping many Canadians to control their financial lives and to achieve financial independence and retirement dignity. Hobbies and Philanthropic Endeavors My hobbies are non-fiction reading of business books and autobiographies of the people I admired the most whether they are successful in business, life of people like Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Gandhi. I like to travel, meet new people, attending hockey and basketball games.

  6. My current challenge is to improve my golf handicap and to stick with a highly disciplined exercise program. My family is my anchor and my wife holds us together and is my compass. She keeps me grounded and provides a good sounding board for my reality checks. First, everything I do outside of business is geared towards supporting key causes and charities that represent those causes. I am passionate to assist new immigrant's transition and assimilation in North American Culture and Society.

  7. I am especially fond of the hopes and aspirations of young people. Some future endeavor is that I might be involving in creating mentoring and coaching programs for the underprivileged younger people. Because I am from West Indies, I want to do something at the macro level for the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) nations. I also want to help and assist in improving quality of life, education and helping to create domestic economic opportunities for the local residents of the various Caribbean countries of the CARICOM nations.

  8. The charities I am supporting and was a key fundraiser are as follows: * Friends of charities * Caribbean Children Foundation * The Toronto Sick Children Hospital * The Heart and Stoke Foundation

  9. In addition, over 50 children were brought to Canada for medical operations due to financial support of the Caribbean Children Foundation. Some of the moneys were sent overseas to assist: * Earthquake Relief * Guyana Flood Disaster * Tsunami Relief Fund

  10. This various charities have rise over $500,000 dollars in the past several years. Besides being a significant contributor, I was also a key fundraiser. In my bucket list, someday, I hope that I would have enough time to write a book sharing some of my life experiences. If time permits, I would like to write another book on the philosophy of investing and having success at retirement.