fund raising 101 to be or not to be n.
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Fund Raising 101 “To be or not to be” PowerPoint Presentation
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Fund Raising 101 “To be or not to be”

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Fund Raising 101 “To be or not to be” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fund Raising 101 “To be or not to be”
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  1. Fund Raising 101“To be or not to be” Civil Air Patrol Summer Board Dr. James E Dotherow Director of Development 23 August 2012

  2. The many faces of fund raising

  3. Basics -a-thons This fundraising idea traditionally involves creating an event that raises money during a certain amount of time. You could raise money by having others simply call in to donate money like Muscular Dystrophy Telethon held on Labor Day.

  4. Imagine That!! You could also raise funds by holding a hair cutting-a-thon (charge for each haircut), a walkathon (charge people to walk), or some other fun way to get people to donate money. These events usually take place during a fixed time period- 24 hours or 12 hours.

  5. PT Door-to-Door Sales Lots of companies provide products that can be sold and that you can receive a percentage of the price each item sold. Some of these companies include Krispy Kreme Donuts, Sees Candy, Ghirardelli Chocolate, etc

  6. Blueprint for Action There are many models for fundraising at the local level

  7. The Basic components

  8. Key Elements How much do we need to raise? Why give to us? Who will be responsible for this? Should we involve our cadet corp.? Target the constituencies for your unit.

  9. Establish the Goal Goal setting is not the difference in how much you get from services minus overhead. Goal setting is based on: Past efforts and results Resources available Repeat gifts What increases can be reasonably expected

  10. Getting Started

  11. Getting Started 2 What do you want to raise money for is the key question. Cadet programs? Social events? Emergency fund? Subsidize Travel costs? Access funds for unit events/

  12. First things first Ask yourself this question: Would I give money to this organization if I were not employed by them ? Why should a company write a check for $500.00 to your unit? Is there a compelling reason to ask for the money?

  13. Getting startedTaking the fist step is the hardest!

  14. What can we do 1. Small goals- sell something simple 2. Larger goals- organize an event 3. Mass appeal- direct mail approach 4. Personal approach- one on one.

  15. Sell Something

  16. Organize an event

  17. Mass Appeal Direct mail is the medium to accomplish this. CAVEATS: Expensive—postage alone Labor intensive- put the package together and sort for bulk mail. Current addresses a must, without current data you will get more returns than anything else.

  18. The Personal Touch

  19. The Personal Touch This is the most effective method for raising money at any level! Most effective if the personal relationship is at play and the donor knows about your passion for the project and organization. Best approach is in person, preceded by a telephone call to secure the appointment.

  20. It is a process

  21. CAP Regulation 173-4 Section 2, No Air Force Involvement ( No CAP uniforms while fund raising) Take note of Prohibited Activities. Avoid promoters who offer a % of the total.

  22. CAP Reg 173-4

  23. Truth in Advertising

  24. outline 1. Basic programs 2. Process 3. Methods 4. Case for Support 5. 173-4 6. Proposals 7.Pitfalls

  25. Where we go from here? Your fund raising efforts should be specific to your local and your needs. Look to the people who know your organization best as your first donors. Don’t forget to give those who work with you the opportunity to financially support you and CAP.

  26. Tried and True

  27. Be careful what you ask for!

  28. Never Forget 2 Words • Thank You • For your financial support • For your overall commitment to our values • For your continued support of Civil Air Patrol

  29. Thank You

  30. Contact Me Dr. Skip Dotherow Director of Development 105 S Hansell St Maxwell, AFB, AL 36112 334 953 7748 ext 225