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  1. Improvisations Elk Run Elementary Quarter 1

  2. Eight Rules When Doing Improv EIGHT RULES WHEN DOING IMPROV • Don’t negate or deny the other player-follow where they're going • Don’t ask questions • Make choices based on actions • Do make assumptions • Do give and take • Listen, watch and concentrate • Work to the top of your intelligence

  3. Energy 1-10 ENERGY 1-10 Everyone is positioned in a big circle, squatting down. All participants count 1 to 10. This is done in unison -- moving up slowly with increasing energy level. 1 is barely audible, 10 is as loud as possible—with everyone standing straight, hands reaching up. It’s important to watch each other, to ensure all are at the same energy level. Also make sure that the increase in energy is very gradual.

  4. Alien, Cow & Tiger ALIEN, COW AND TIGER (To prevent confusion-write directions for characters on a whiteboard) Everyone is in a circle. There are 3 things a player can be: • An Alien: hold you index fingers up next to your head, as little antenna’s and say `Bleebbleeb`, bending inwards into the circle. • A Cow: bend forward, hold your right hand on your tummy and go `Moooo` • A Tiger: push your right hand forward, imitating a claw and roar. On your signal, each player decides to become one of the three. The idea is for everyone to become the same, which obviously won’t be the case, the first time. Re-do this until everyone is in sync.

  5. Popcorn POPCORN Everyone finds themselves a spot, and squats down. The facilitator talks the group through the exercise. “Everyone is a piece of corn, the floor is a big pan, and we’re going to make popcorn. --- We slowly start heating the pan”… As the pan gets hotter, the corn starts to `pop`. A player `pops` by jumping up, clapping hands above their head, and saying `pop`. Make sure the `popping` starts gradually, `popping` is a group thing, and in the end, `popping` should stop. Variation: Forget to take the pan off the fireplace, and have the popcorn start burning.

  6. Yes, Let’s _______! YES! LET'S ______! This is an excellent warm-up, and great introduction to Accepting . Pick a group activity, such as throwing a party or organizing a picnic. One player starts, saying,” Let’s ______" filling in what he/she wants to do. Then he/she actually starts doing what he/she said she wanted to do. A second player jumps in, saying "Let’s________." (It’s doing something else-- to advance the group activity) Both players say "Yes, let’s do that" and start doing whatever was suggested. The third player jumps in and suggests what to do--- and again all the players loudly agree to do it, and actually do it. Continue till everyone has suggested something.

  7. Cross the Circle CROSS THE CIRCLE Everyone is numbered around the circle as 1, 2, OR 3. The leader call a number such as 2. All number 2's must cross the circle in one role of leader's choice as: •A ballerina •A panther •A moonwalker •Someone who’s stuck in the mud…….. •A fashion model…… •Whatever your imagination comes up with! After all the number 2's cross cross the circle-a different number is called; they are told to cross the circle in the manner the lead directs.

  8. Fruit Basket Upset Fruit Basket Upset: Students sit on a chairs in a circle. One person stands in the center and calls out a “category” (everyone wearing jeans, everyone with a birthday in summer, everyone with brown eyes, etc.) If a person sitting falls into the category they have to change seats (must move at least two seats away from where they are currently). Whoever is left standing then calls out the next category. Play continues at teacher discretion.

  9. Never Have I Ever Never Have I Ever: Similar to Fruit Basket Upset, except the person in the center says something they HAVEN’T done (been on a cruise, been snorkeling, etc.) If a person sitting HAS done it, they have to find a new seat.

  10. Whoosh! Students stand in a circle and pass the “ball of energy.” The ball is passed in the following ways (must say the word as it is passed): Whoosh: ball is passed to next person Whoa: hands up and ball is stopped and goes back to the person who passed it. Ball then goes in the other direction. Ramp: Continuing in whatever direction the energy ball is already going, the ball skips one person. Re-ramp: Can only be used after a Ramp. Re-ramp sends it back to the person who Ramped it. Rizz-a-zamp: Can only be used after a Re-ramp. Rizz-a-zamp sends it back to the “re-ramp” person. This is the “ultimate dis.” Everyone else in the circle “gets up in the face” of the person who was rizz-a-zamped. Play continues with the rizz-a-zamped person passing the energy ball in the opposite direction they received it. Kadoosh: Energy ball can be passed to anyone in the circle by saying “Kadoosh (person’s name).” The receiver can then pass it either direction. All Calls: Adding all calls is a way to get all students participating in the game even when the ball gets “stuck” somewhere in the circle. Anyone can call out an all call as long as they have the energy ball. All Call Jackie Chan: everyone grabs their ankle, jumps up and down and says “Ow, my ankle.” All Call 300: everyone says “This is Sparta!” and kicks foot high in the air. All Call Snow: everyone lays face first on the floor and says “We are snow.” More all calls can be added throughout the year. Students love getting an all call that is specific to them.

  11. Pirate or Captain, My Captain! Students spread out in a large space with plenty of room to move. Leader calls out different instructions, players that don’t follow directions are out. Establish North, South, East and West. These do not have to be the actual cardinal directions; they just have to be consistent. North, South, East, West: when leader calls out these directions, players run in place facing that direction. Pirate: Players stand on one foot (wooden leg) and cover one eye (eye patch). Hit the Deck: Players lay flat on the floor. Last one down is out. Mess Hall: Four players sit with feet towards center and pantomime eating while making “yum, yum, yum” sounds. Any players not in a group of four are out. Canoe: Three players get together in a “canoe” and “row”. Players not in a group of three are out. Man Over Board: Players find a partner, one person gets down on hands and knees, the other puts their foot on the back of the first person and “searches” for the man over board. Players not with a partner are out. Calls can be mixed up in any way the leader wants. Play continues until there is a single winner.

  12. Samurai Players stand in a circle. Leader starts by making a samurai sound while chopping through the air with their hands (like a sword) towards another player. That player throws their hands above their head (also like a sword) and make a samurai sound. The players on either side of them the “chop” the person in half with a samurai sound. The player with their hands above their head then chop towards another player. There should be three distinct beats with the action…any player that throws the rhythm off or misses their action is out. Play continues until there is only one or two winners.