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Unit 1 Summary

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Unit 1 Summary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 1 Summary
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  1. Unit 1 Summary Geography and Map Skills

  2. OVERVIEW: Essential Questions: (what you will learn) What is geography and how do we use it? How do humans divide up and organize the world? What is the purpose of maps? What is the geography of the United States?

  3. ****Warm-up Instructions**** • Complete your map from memory, then check your answers • Write down your vocabulary words in your notebook and write a sentence for each on your page as shown. Friday, August 23rd VOCABULARY DRILL Geography (noun) The study of land and people theme (noun) An important and unifying idea Region (noun) An area that shares the same characteristics. Movement (noun) The shifting of people, goods, and ideas from one place to another. NOW use this term in a sentence NOW use this term in a sentence NOW use this term in a sentence NOW use this term in a sentence


  5. TODAY’S TOPIC: FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY Location: Where am I? Absolute: your street address Relative: uses landmarks or directions Place: What is a location like? Trees, weather, types of people, roads, etc. Region: Places with similar characteristics. E.g. the South, Prince George’s County, etc Movement: People move, ideas move, goods move. Human-Environment Interaction: We adapt, modify, and depend on the environment. 1410 N 3rd St. Phx, AZ,  85004 Hyb South of the basketball courts. YOU DRINK THIS! MUSIC IN DIFFERENT REGIONS: DC Area: Go-go Philadelphia: Wu-tang San Francisco: Hyphy

  6. Human Environment Interaction Adapt Modify Depend

  7. LOCATION:Where are we?PLACE:Characteristics that make this place unique (both physical and human)Human-Environmental INTERACTION:How do humans and the environment affect each other?MOVEMENT: How do humans interact with each other?REGION:How do we divide the world into distinct areas? Language? Landforms? Laws?