periode taal engels n.
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Periode taal:engels. Aan klas 8b door Nathalie French. St Valentine’s Day. In the third century there lived a Roman priest named Valentine. The Emperor at that time, Claudius ll , banned (=verbieden) marriages because he believed unmarried men were better soldiers !?!

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periode taal engels

Periode taal:engels

Aan klas 8b door Nathalie French

st valentine s day
St Valentine’s Day

In the thirdcenturytherelived a Roman priestnamed Valentine. The Emperor at that time, Claudius ll, banned (=verbieden) marriages because he believedunmarried men werebettersoldiers!?!

Valentine didnot accept thislawandmarriedcouples in secret. When Claudius found out, he sentenced Valentine todeath.

st valentine s day1
St. valentine’sday

While he was in prison, he fell in love with the jailer’sdaughterandjustbefore he was put todeath, on 14th Febraury, he wrote a finalmessageto her andsigneditFromyour Valentine.

Not long after his death, Valentine was made a saint.

st valentine s day2
St Valentine’s Day

The story of Valentine spread anditsoonbecametraditiontosend a card to the person yousecretlyadmired.

The cards werealwayssignedFromyour Valentine.

In the 19th century, the first commercial mass-produced cards appeared.

st valentine s day3
St valentine’s Day

Today we send over a billion Valentine cards eachyear. Seventy percent of them are sent bywomen.

valentine cinquain poem
Valentine cinquainpoem

Line 1: write a noun

Line 2: writetwoadjectivesdescribing the noun in Line 1

Line 3: Write threewordsendingwith –ing (action words) thatdescrivewhat the noun in Line 1 might do

Line 4: Write a phrasedescribing the noun in Line 1

Line 5: Write a synonym of the word in Line 1



Humourous, solid

Loving, caring, challenging

The rock in my life