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World Safari with Michael Ruge PowerPoint Presentation
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World Safari with Michael Ruge

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World Safari with Michael Ruge
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World Safari with Michael Ruge

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  1. Enjoy Around the World Safari with Michael Ruge

  2. Dazzling World Safari A trip around the world is an incredible experinece that each one of us would like to undertake once in his lifetime. The animal lovers can couple world trip with safari to have an amazing and enthralling experience. One can enjoy the beauty and diversity of flora and fauna of various continents.

  3. There are various world safari provider companies on the internet that can make one’s dreams come true. However, it is very important to choose the right and reliable tour company that provides you a safe journey and an experience to cherish forever. Michael Ruge’s “Rally around the World” is the one destination for a stupendous world safari.

  4. Michael Ruge invites you to join on a road trip to Costa Rica, one of the world's most popular destinations for eco-tourists due to its biodiversity. Adventure activities in Costa Rica include rafting, kayaking, hikes, sports fishing, windsurf, diving, etc.

  5. This safari provides a great opportunity to share some unique experiences while traveling through Canada, United States, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. People can participate in this spry event and enjoy an amazing vacation. The vehicles supplied are land cruisers, land rovers, or vintage rally car.

  6. In addition, fuel is also supplied for some planned itineraries. Meals are not supplied but the accommodations are arranged for participants who opt for complete support package. Participants can sponsor rotary events that take place throughout the safari. Michael Ruge encourages people to make donations. The money earned through the safari is donated to various charitable trusts worldwide.

  7. Experience the adventurous world safari with Michael Ruge Michael Ruge organizes "Rally Around the World" event every year. He plans a road trip to Costa Rica in well-equipped 4X4 vehicles or vintage rally cars. He organizes the whole event along with his wife, Elly Ruge.

  8. The ARB Toyota landcruisers are equipped with air locking differentials and OME suspension. All vehicles have GPS, iPod / alpine stereos, binoculars along with safety and survival gear kits. To know more about the safari around the world, log on to