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Green Ideas by Michael Ruge PowerPoint Presentation
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Green Ideas by Michael Ruge

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Green Ideas by Michael Ruge
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Green Ideas by Michael Ruge

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  1. Green Ideas by Michael Ernst Ruge

  2. Michael Ernst Ruge pioneered green ideas in Eco Self Storage Eco Self Storage is developing an eco-conscious self-storage company that helps in saving the environment. It also provides its partners with a better than average opportunity to participate in a growth industry. Eco Self Storage, Canada follows environmentally responsible business practices in a top down, pervasive, and obstinate way.

  3. Michael Ernst Ruge has been the eco advisor of Eco Self Storage. During his leadership in Eco Storage, he integrated pioneering notions into the company’s advertising and marketing campaigns. Michael Ernst Ruge brought great and better green ideas and strategies. He incorporated “green” concept into the company’s advertising and marketing campaign.

  4. The present green initiatives include using recycled containers, saving steel, and avoiding the negative environmental effects of additional manufacturing. He installed passive infrared sensors in the offices that automatically controlled the lighting, to assure that no lights are left on unnecessarily and implemented roof top gardens and living walls to contribute to air quality as well as the aesthetics of the property.

  5. Michael Ernst Ruge promoted recycled packaging material Michael Ernst Ruge convinced authorities to print the marketing material on recycled paper, advised the employees to wear organic cotton and bamboo uniforms, and offered recruitment and training for local marginalized people and at risk youth.

  6. In addition, he also promoted a unique choice of alternative packing materials like biodegradable packing peanuts and shredded paper from the office paper shredder. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of recycled packing materials is donated to organizations devoted to fostering sustainable lifestyle practices and further planned for future partnerships for discarded shipping containers to be used for alternative housing.

  7. It is with the assistance and guidance of Michael Ruge’s hard working efforts that Eco Self Storage has become an authentically green business with which Michael Ernst Ruge aims to make the world green. For more information on the projects undertaken by Eco Self Storage with Michael Ruge’s initiation, log on to