6 major problems to sell on amazon n.
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6 Major Problems to Sell on Amazon PowerPoint Presentation
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6 Major Problems to Sell on Amazon

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6 Major Problems to Sell on Amazon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Always new FBA user is dealing with the problem and feel trouble to sell on Amazon. What to sell on Amazon? and How to sell on Amazon? are the biggest question in-front of Amazon seller. http://www.officialkevindavid.com/

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6 Major Problems to Sell on Amazon

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    1. 6 Major Problems to Sell on Amazon http://www.officialkevindavid.com/

    2. Problems With Selling on Amazon - Barriers to entry - Payment on every 2 weeks - The competition is brutal - Difficult to build a positive Feedback profile - Products can become restricted at any time - Amazon is complicated and expensive

    3. Barriers to Entry It isn't so simple just to jump on Amazon and start selling. As the platform has become inundated with sellers who don't follow the rules, Amazon has had to become more strict in allowing who can sell, and what can be sold.

    4. Payment on Every 2 Weeks When you sell on Amazon, payment is made by direct deposit to your checking account every 14 days. That can be a real drag if you are using the revenue from your sales to purchase more inventory to sell.

    5. The Competition Is Brutal Many Amazon sellers don't sell one of a kind items. They sell items purchased from wholesalers or suppliers in bulk, so how to put yourself up against so much competition for the same items? With the help of Amazon FBA Ninja Course you can compete all the competitions.

    6. Difficult to Build a Positive Feedback Profile Only about 3 in 10 buyers leaves feedback on Amazon, so you have to sell a lot of products to build up your feedback. FBA Ninja Course will help you how to build your prositive beedback profile on Amazon?

    7. Products Can Become Restricted At Any Time Amazon works closely with manufacturers and brands. If a brand decides they don't want third party sellers listing items on Amazon, they can deem them restricted at any time.

    8. Amazon Is Complicated & Expensive Amazon’s fee structure is a bit more complicated and variable. Amazon FBA charges fees for storing items, as well as around $1.00 for packing and around $0.47 per pound per unit ordered.

    9. Thank You http://www.officialkevindavid.com/ Reference : www.thebalance.com