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New Media and Communities PowerPoint Presentation
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New Media and Communities

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New Media and Communities
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New Media and Communities

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  1. New Media and Communities Milagros (Millie) Rivera, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Head Communications & New Media

  2. What is new Media? • Term used to describe emerging digital technologies • Internet • Mobile phones

  3. What is new Media? • Also refers to some applicationsyou can use when you are online

  4. Attributes of New Media • Highly social • Brings together people who share similar interests • Easy to learn • Anyone can create and share content • Easily accessible, mobile and wireless

  5. Online Communities • You can freely choose your “neighbors” • You can reach more people • Time and location are not a problem • Relatively easy to deal with troublemakers

  6. Overview of Online Platforms

  7. Blogs, Forums, Social Networking Sites • Forums are particularly good for people to discuss issues, share information, complain about problems, and help each other •

  8. Wikis • Wikis are a type of encyclopedia • But content is a contribution of those interested in the subject • You could create a community Wiki and include events, services, shopping information, etc.

  9. Blogs, Social Networking Sites • You can use these to share news and events about the community • Boon Lay has an online community in Facebook

  10. Other applications • If you want to share photos or videos of community events you can do it in Flickr, YouTube, Facebook

  11. How do you create an online community? • Approach youngsters who attend JCs, ITEs, Polys, Universities • They live in your community and know new media well

  12. Some ideas… • Start a Youth Club (like Boon Lay did) • Coordinate with the schools to have the development of the online community as an approved CCA • Use door-to-door visits to recruit youngsters who can help develop the online community • Have youngsters run workshops to train community volunteers

  13. Benefits of creating an online community • Would create a platform for communicating and exchanging ideas/information • Would create ties between older and younger community members

  14. Benefits of creating an online community • Could increase the diversity of the community network, bringing in people who would otherwise not have participated

  15. Benefits of creating an online community • Could improve the way the “real community” interacts • Would create a record of the community’s work, its history and its achievements • New neighbors could learn about the community more easily

  16. Potential dangers • New media provides access to all kinds of information—some of it anti-social • Example: It’s easy to find information about terrorism and radical points of view • The good comes with the bad, all in one package

  17. Potential dangers • Just like some people could join community groups to help develop closer ties, some could join radical groups • Important! • While new media can provide opportunities for self-radicalization, those seeking to create chaos through terrorist acts will use any medium at their disposal

  18. Bottom line… • You should be aware of the dangers without losing sight that new media could create a “kampong spirit”in your community

  19. Cost • Pretty inexpensive • Hosting could cost around $300-$500/year • 1st year would cost more due to cost of developing the online community • Afterward cost would be mostly hosting fees

  20. Acknowledgements • Graduate students from Communications & New Media, NUS • Aaron • Elmie • Jodie • Joshua • Meimin • Siti

  21. Thank you!