Name mohan reddy reg no 112gcma009
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Name: MOHAN REDDY 112GCMA009. Internship Training At Mother Dairy, Yelahanka. INTRODUCTION.

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Name mohan reddy reg no 112gcma009


Internship Training


Mother Dairy, Yelahanka


India is a country where 70% of the total population is dependent on agriculture. in modern day’s dairy, poultry and sericulture the secondary agriculture practices followed, milk is one of nutrition’s diet which is consumed to meet the day requirements of the human body and maintain a balance diet.

Company profile
Company profile

Type of the company: Government

Year of incorporation: In june 1974,

Promoters: Government

Product produced
Product produced:

1.Nandini milk

2.Khova 9.Cheese

3.Curd 10.Badam powder

4.Masala butter milk 11.Paneer

5.Tetra pack milk 12.Peda

6.Flavoured milks 13.Burfi

7.Ice cream plant 14.Jamoons

8.Ghee 15.Dahi


1) Jersey 9) Thirumala

2) Heritage 10) Agri gold

3) Arogya 11) Kaveri

4) Dodla 12) Amulya

5) Saptagiri 13) Niligiri

6) Shivashanker 14) Govardhan

7) Shruthi 15) Mukunda

8) Teja



To be country’s No.1 in manufacturing and marketing of quality milk and milk products in terms of export, major market share, and socio-economic uplifetment of all the stakeholders.


  • Procuring the raw milk from the local farmers at a fair price.

  • Pasteurization and homogenizing of the procured raw milk.

  • Producing the other milk products.

  • Supply milk to the consumer at a reasonable rate.

Organizational chart
Organizational Chart


Procurement Production Marketing Administration Finance

Dept. Dept. Dept. Dept. Dept.

Transport Quality FGS & Store MIS Account &

control Purchase

Study of functional departments
Study of Functional Departments

  • Purchase Department

  • Production Department

  • Quality Control Department

  • Finance Department

  • Human Resource Department

  • Marketing Department

  • Management Information System Department

Production department
Production Department

Definition of production:

  • Production can be defined as “An organized activity of transforming raw material into finished products”

  • Production can also be defined as “Production of goods, which satisfies some human wants.”

    Products produced:

  • Milk

  • Butter milk

  • Curd

  • Ghee

Processing of milk
Processing of milk

Reception of raw milk

Testing & grading


Chilling from 4 degree



Pumped to milk tankers

Passed to packing machine

Ready for Distribution

Marketing department
Marketing department

Marketing is process of exchanging goods and services between producers and consumers. It is a human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants of the consumers.

Role of marketing manager:

  • To collect information for sales forecasting.

  • Search for new market area.

  • Pricing the production as per the demand.

  • To appoint new dealers and distributors.

Human resource department
Human Resource Department

“organization is not the mere bricks, motor, machineries or inventories. They are the people. It is the people who staff and manage organization”.

Scope of HR department:

  • HR planning

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Orientation and placement

  • Employee welfare activities

  • Safety and Health

Finance department
Finance Department


Preparation of annual budget.

Maintain of sales ledgers.

Cash book.

General ledger.

Preparation of cost sheet.


Finance department have 30 members employees.

Swot analysis of the company
Swot Analysis of the company

Swot, acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Through such an analysis, the strengths and weaknesses exiting within the organisation can be matched with the opportunities and threats operating in the environment. This is very crucial for the existence, growth and profitability of any organisation


A strength is an inherent capacity which an organisation can use to gain strategic advantage.

  • Good brand image in market

  • Wide distribution network

  • Consumers are highly satisfied with Nandini products

  • Good distribution and transportation system


A weakness is an inherent limitation or a constraint which creates strategic disadvantages.

  • Quality consistency.

  • Need more counselling interaction between employees

  • More decentralized in the area of decision Making.


An opportunity is a favourable condition in the organisational environment which enables it to consolidate and strengthen its position.

  • Institutional supports

  • Introduce new products.

  • Clean milk production.

  • Effective advertisement.


A Threat is an unfavourable condition in the organisation environment which creates risk for, or causes damage to the organisatio.

  • Cut through competition from emerging competitions.

  • Presence of duplicate milk and milk products in the market.

  • Rapid change in Technology.

  • Lack of consumer awareness.


  • Mother Dairy is being showing consistent growth prospective.

  • The premises are always kept clean and neat.

  • Majority of the consumers are fully satisfied about the Nandini milk and milk products.


  • Mother Dairy has good image in the market and should try to maintain and increase its image and goodwill.

  • Job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment need to be done frequently which motivates an employees to do better.

  • It faces tough competition from the private firm. It must formulate effective marketing strategy to overcome it.


Mother diary is providing milk and milk products under the different kind of brand names , have made a sufficient name and fame in the minds of people for its quality, availability and relatively satisfying the needs of ultimate consumers and it has made a sufficient mark on established brand among the milk and milk products. initially when Mother Dairy was started, its capacity of production was less, as for now it has uplifted for higher production capacity.

Name mohan reddy reg no 112gcma009

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