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Harry Coumnas Motivates People PowerPoint Presentation
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Harry Coumnas Motivates People

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Harry Coumnas Motivates People - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Harry Coumnas Motivates People

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  1. Harry Coumnas Motivates People To Help The Underprivileged

  2. Harry Coumnas is a well reputed Electrical Engineering Technology professional from Flushing, NY, which is a neighborhood in the north central part of the City of New York Borough of Queens. It was established in 1645 and is located ten miles (16 km) east of Manhattan.

  3. Harry is Majors in Psychology and Political Science and has attended some of the prestigious educational institutions in New York including the Queens College, Queensborough College and the City College. The Queens College is one of the best colleges in New York and is regarded as “the jewel of the CUNY system.”

  4. This college is popular for offering personalized attention and world-class education to the students every year. Harry also attended the City College which is known for providing its students with comprehensive teaching, research, and services.

  5. CCNY is highly dedicated to fostering student-oriented education and advancing knowledge through scholarly research. Harry Coumnas strongly believes in working for the welfare of the poor and needy sections of the society. He is a family oriented person who values his large family of around 50 members and likes to spend quality time with them.

  6. Harry Coumnas is a keen humanitarian who makes significant contributions in a large number of donations, charitable causes and community services. Harry is also known for voluntarily working for the church. He likes mediating and helping others in resolving their problems.

  7. Harry Coumnas also motivates others to help the underprivileged sections of the society. He offers people life changing advice and teaches them to have a positive outlook towards life. He likes playing chess and watching the History Channel on cable. Besides this, he also involves himself in activities like holoculture and carpentry.