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harry coumnas - a thrill seeker PowerPoint Presentation
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harry coumnas - a thrill seeker

harry coumnas - a thrill seeker

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harry coumnas - a thrill seeker

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  1. Harry Coumnas - A Thrill Seeker

  2. Harry Coumnas is an adventure loving person who belongs to New York. He loves to try various thrill seeking activities during his free time. He enjoys camping out in the woods with his close friends. Harry loves nature and often goes for hitch hiking the country as he feels that it brings him closer to nature.

  3. He likes sky diving from high mountains and has tried it a number of times. Apart from this, Harry Coumnas has a strong liking for fast cars as he enjoys the thrill experienced while driving fast cars. He is full of life and takes each day as it comes. He believes that life comes with a lot challenges but with a positive attitude, one can face any challenge easily.

  4. He is an optimist and also encourages others to have a positive outlook towards life. Harry Coumnas completed his studies from some of the most prestigious colleges of New York. During college, his major subjects were Psychology and Political Science. Harry is a sports enthusiast and enjoys playing a number of games.

  5. He pays special attention towards his fitness. In his college time, he participated in many wrestling championships and won awards. He also played for the Knicks Basketball Team in New York City. Along with this, Harry Coumnas enjoys playing pool with his friends and sometimes they play it all night long. Harry has many friends due to his affable nature.

  6. He is a family man as he comes from a large family. The count of his family members is over 100. Harry Coumnas is a pet lover and owns 3 cats & 3 dogs. In his leisure time, he loves playing with his 6 pets as it acts as a stress buster for Him. Whenever he is at home, he enjoys reading books and watching movies on HBO cable.