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LEADER WP 1 Meeting

LEADER WP 1 Meeting. 10-11 July 2012 Amsterdam Ferry Roelofs roelofs@nrg.eu. Welcome NRG. Petten. Arnhem. Petten Site. 600 FTE. 400 FTE. 180 FTE. 230 FTE. Location Radarpoort.

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LEADER WP 1 Meeting

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  1. LEADER WP 1 Meeting • 10-11 July 2012 • Amsterdam • Ferry Roelofs • roelofs@nrg.eu

  2. Welcome NRG Petten Arnhem Kalpakkam • 2 March 2011

  3. Petten Site 600 FTE 400 FTE 180 FTE 230 FTE Kalpakkam • 2 March 2011

  4. Location Radarpoort • NRG founded in 1998 as merger of the nuclear units of ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) and KEMA (Energy consultancy). • ECN located in Petten • KEMA located in Arnhem • ECN unit ‘policy studies’ has an office in Amsterdam near train station Sloterdijk: ‘Radarpoort’ since 2006 Amsterdam • 10 July 2012

  5. Diner Amsterdam • 10 July 2012 Belgian diner at ‘De Brakke Grond’ (in honour of our WP1 coordinator)

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