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MEH-PPV GIWAXS. (100). (100). ITO. ITO. cb06ls. cbhs2. MEH-PPV GIWAXS. (100). (100). ITO. ITO. tlls. tl06xhsw. (the ellipse may indicate a scattering feature due to the ordering of the alkyl side chains,

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(the ellipse may indicate a scattering feature due to the ordering of the alkyl side chains,

however, I would like to look into this some more in the data from the annealed films

Observations detlef smilgies chess
Observations (Detlef Smilgies, CHESS)

  • all samples look quite similar:

  • only the MEH-PPV (100) reflection is visible: the film has very limited order

  • (001) is quite broad: only short-range order (use Scherrer formula)

  • (001) is preferentially aligned along the surface normal with a width of roughly 5 deg:

  • the polymer chains seem to want to be parallel to the substrate with the a stacking

  • of the aromatic rings perpendicular to the substrate.

  • for cb solvent there seems to be very little difference between ls and hs

  • for tl solvent films also look similar with respect to structure. It seems that the ls film

  • is quite a bit thicker than the hs film judging from the scattering intensity, however:

  • Remarks:

  • 1) These observations are only meaningful, if all data files were collected at the

  • minimum just past the MEH-PPV critical angle, and if the exposure times were equal !

  • –> I assume this is the case, but I did not check. (The intensity of the ITO powder ring

  • is quite different in the two tl samples which indicates that exposures or incident angles

  • were different.) Please check the your log.

  • 2) Better information about thickness can be obtained from the XR data, if they are

  • good enough.

  • next step:

  • radial and angular distribution of the (100) peak, in order to compare samples

  • in detail; this is done using the fit2d CAKE feature with the special integration

  • option, when RADIAL BINS or ANGULAR bins is set to 1.

  • needed for this: distance calibration – I will work on this next, and will provide the

  • integrations as an example how to treat the other GIWAXS data