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Project/Program Discovery – < Project/Program Name>

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Project/Program Discovery – < Project/Program Name> - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project/Program Discovery – &lt; Project/Program Name&gt;. A discovery deck will describe information a team has learned as a foundation and provide implementation plan recommendations. Delete all yellow notes from this presentation. Purpose and Intended Outcome. Purpose

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Presentation Transcript
project program discovery project program name

Project/Program Discovery – <Project/Program Name>

A discovery deck will describe information a team has learned as a foundation and provide implementation plan recommendations.

Delete all yellow notes from this presentation.

purpose and intended outcome
Purpose and Intended Outcome


  • To present the high-level goals, scope, plan and vision as created during the Discovery phase for Project/Program: X

Intended Outcome

  • To create a shared understanding of the potential opportunity and proposed approach; and
  • To decide whether we should invest in a full scoping, budgeting and planning process for this project/program

This presentation assumes the project/program team has put significant thought into objectives, goals, KPIs, staffing and implementation framework

problem opportunity statement
Problem / Opportunity Statement

A problem statement should be concise, written in laymen’s terms and can include the following:

  • A brief description of the problem and the metric used to describe the problem
  • Where the problem is occurring by process name and location
  • Who is affected by the problem (number of people, names of departments, schools, centers, etc.)
  • The time frame over which the problem has been occurring
  • The size or magnitude of the problem
  • If possible, cost metrics

This slide should be concise.

Think “Elevator Pitch” when considering content length

project program vision
Project/Program Vision

Slide should be updated with project/program vision slide


This slide should not be overcomplicated. Each response should be limited to a sentence each, maximum.


before and after
Before and After

Think “Telling the Story” when considering content

core project program delivery team
Core Project/Program Delivery Team
  • Sponsor:
  • Project/Program Manager:
  • Other Leads (Tech, Usability, etc.):
  • Anticipated Delivery Organization (Existing/New):
  • Oversight Group(s):
high level plan and workstreams
High-level Plan and Workstreams

This is slide is not meant to convey the detail of a project/program plan. As such it should not be crowded but only provide a high level overview and should not be a crowded slide

It should be a top down visual to provide high-level timing for executive leadership.


All planning milestones should be documented

Future phase milestones (Implementation, Transition, etc.) optional

Key Next Steps

  • Indicate activities that the team will be taking next to meet the milestones listed above
questions and answers
Questions and Answers?
  • Does this approach, objectives and next steps align with the expectations of the governing body?
  • Do the milestones and next steps meet expectations?
  • Other Questions?

Every Discovery overview should leave time for Q&A from the audience to , at a minimum, ask the governing board to validate the approach and provide guidance and input


If necessary add additional slides beyond this point to support the update and to assist with pre-reading. If unnecessary, please delete this and next slide.

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