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It Takes A Village

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It Takes A Village - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It Takes A Village . and a Consultant . By Jessi Hempel, with Seth Porges. Challenges: • Language Barriers • Cultural Differences • Access to Electricity Solutions: • Scrap High Tech • Move to Face-to-face. Tahir Ayub • PwC Accounting & Consulting Partner

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It Takes A Village

and a Consultant

By Jessi Hempel, with Seth Porges

Challenges:• Language Barriers• Cultural Differences• Access to Electricity Solutions:• Scrap High Tech • Move to Face-to-face

Tahir Ayub

• PwC Accounting & Consulting Partner

• Sent to Namibia to help village leaders with AIDS crisis.


The village chiefs learned that they needed community support to combat the disease

Tahir Ayub learned that Technology isn't always the answer: "You better put your beliefs and biases to one side and figure out new ways to look at things"


The Project Ulysses Three Key Themes:

      • • Leadership
      • • Cultural Diversity
      • • Sustainability
  • The Project Ulysses Teaching Methodology:
      • • Preparation and Performance - Feedback
      • • Foundation Program
      • • Project Work With NGO
      • • Review Program - Debriefing to Share

Goals of Project Ulysses• To Identify and Develop Future Leaders• To Build a Global Network of PwC Leadership

• To Increase PwC's Capacity to Capitalize on Its Diversity and Transnational Nature

• To Prepare Leaders to Guide the Firm in a Global World of Ambiguity

• To Encourage the Business Sector to Move to a More Sustainable Business Model   


Project Ulysses Candidates:

• Junior and Senior Top Talent in Mid-career

• Action Learning, Eight Week Service Projects

• Personal Voyage and More

• Tests Talent and Expands World View

Project Ulysses Assignments:

• Belize: Ecotourism Plan

• Namibia: Community Aids Crisis

• Uganda, East Timor, India, Cambodia…


Project Ulysses Successes:

• All Graduates Still Work There

• Half Have Been Promoted

• Stronger Commitment To PwC & Firms New Vision

• Answers the problem of Identifying &

Training Up-and-Coming Leaders

• Gives a Two Way View:

• PwC to Future Leaders

• Future Leaders to PwC


What the Students Say:

Linking Global Leadership Training to

Community Development Creates Responsible Leadership

1 if you were the ceo of pwc how would you defend project ulysses to shareholders
1. If you were the CEO of PwC how would you defend Project Ulysses to shareholders?


  • • Relatively Inexpensive Price Tag: $15,000 + Salary
  • All 24 Participants Have Stayed and Been Promoted at PwC
  • • Participants Have a Stronger Commitment to PwC
  • • Identifies Leaders Who Can Think Outside the Box
  • • Builds a Global Network of PwC Leadership Talent
  • • Increase PwC's Capacity to Capitalize on Its Diversity and Transnational Nature of Operation
  • • Prepare Leaders for a Global World of Ambiguity
  • • Encourages Business Sector Towards a Sustainable
  • Business Model
2 what benefit would project ulysses be to pwc employees who don t want a foreign assignment
2. What benefit would Project Ulysses be to PwC employees who don’t want a foreign assignment?


• A Voyage of Personal Discovery• Gain a Broad, International Perspective Critical to Success• Prepared for the Challenges Beyond the Confines of Accounting and Consulting• Learn to Accomplish a Task Without the Usually Resources• Learn to Take on a Project Well Outside Their Scope of Expertise• Gain Values Such As Community Involvement that are Fundamental to Corporation Culture

3 how do the facts confirm the globe projects research findings about leadership
3. How do the facts confirm the GLOBE projects research findings about leadership?

Hofstede: 1.Management practices need to be adapted to local cultures 2. Cultural arrogance is a luxury individuals, companies, and nations can no longer afford in a global economy”• Individualistic - Collectivist: I -Me culture connects with We-Us culture• More Listening, Flexibility and Patience in Management Style• High - Low Future Orientation • Institutional - In Group Collectivism:Must determine what has closest identity (family, tribe, corp, workers union, etc…)

Globe’s Nine Cultural Dimensions

Cultural Dimensions


4 what cross cultural competencies were developed
4. What cross cultural competencies were developed?


Table 4-4 Key Cross-Cultural Competencies

All these cross-cultural competencies were developed.

5 would you participate in this type of leadership program
5. Would you participate in this type of leadership program?





~ Thank You ~