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Laboratory HVAC Best Practices PowerPoint Presentation
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Laboratory HVAC Best Practices

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Laboratory HVAC Best Practices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Laboratory HVAC Best Practices.

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laboratory hvac best practices

Laboratory HVAC Best Practices

“Intensive ventilation requirements and increasing plug loads make today’s laboratories the single largest campus energy consumer.  The challenge is to design and operate energy efficient labs…while still maintaining high performance, comfort, and safety standards.  This session presents some of the latest strategies and best practices for optimizing laboratory energy performance.”

Dale Sartor, LBNL

Craig Johnson, UC San Diego

Bill Cowdell, UC Irvine

Rich Yardley, Newmatic Engineering


The UC Project Management Institute is a Registered Provider with The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems. Credit earned on completion of this program will be reported to CES Records for AIA members. Certificates of Completion for non-AIA members are available upon request ( program is registered with the AIA-CES for continuing professional education. As such, it does not include content that may be deemed or construed to be an approval or endorsement by the AIA of any material of construction or any method or manner of handling, using, distributing, or dealing in any material or product. Questions related to specific materials, methods and services will be addressed at the conclusion of this presentation.



Brain Imaging

Natural Sciences

Eleanor Roosevelt College

Design and Construction


Cancer Center


East Campus Central Plant

Retina Glaucoma

Management School

Mayer Hall Addition

La Jolla Playhouse

Computer Sciences

Design and Construction (cont)

East Campus Grad Housing

Price Center Expansion

Student Health Addition


Bioengineering Library





Paine Center


Cardio-Vascular Center

Music School

Management School II

  • dormitories
  • laboratories
  • ‘other’ - classrooms, offices, auditorium, etc

Exceeding Title 24

building massing, glazing, exterior shades, etc

thermal load on, or in, the building

mechanical engineer to identify loads, mitigate them and influence the building static element design

acceptable indoor environment

ME accountable for indoor environment

what worked and why
  • what should we never do again
thermal fluid heaters
  • exhaust plenums
  • insulation on steam and condensate piping
  • vivarium floors (epoxy)
  • environmental cold rooms
    • PLC and software
    • ventilation air condensation
    • door heater
  • fanwall system
catwalk over vivariums
  • motion sensors for HVAC and lighting
  • press unoccupied air change rates
  • in vivariums, air in and out of each space
  • animal bedding systems (Detach)
    • disposal bin design
  • irrigation from condensate, not rain
  • glazing
    • manage solar load off of building
    • views to outside of building
    • interior shades

Credit 8.2 (1 point) Direct line of sight to vision glazing from 90% of all regularly occupied spaces, not including copy rooms, storage areas, mechanical,

laundry, and other low occupancy support areas.

Provide drawings and a narrative highlighting direct line

of sight zone. Submit calculations demonstrating that 90%

of these zones have direct lines of site to perimeter glazing

above ceiling coordination
  • lab consultants vs engineering designers
  • test and balance
  • list redundancy in ‘remarks’ column
  • Px installations and retrofits
    • airflow and static
  • 3D diagrams
wall occupancy sensors with two contacts
  • data visualization for Supercomputer
  • low grade heat off of server racks


Dale Sartor, P.E.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

(510) 486-5988

This concludes the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems Program.