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Islam in Thailand PowerPoint Presentation
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Islam in Thailand

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Islam in Thailand

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Islam in Thailand

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  1. Islam in Thailand This presentation is all about Islam in Thailand, such as how it came, architecture, their food, their clothes, and how Islam developed there.

  2. Food Pad Thai is a common food in Thailand. It consists of noodles, chives, shrimp, peanuts, etc. S made it using kwetiau noodles, and here it is:

  3. Flag The people of Thailand call their flag ธงไตรรงค์, pronounced Thong Trairong, which means tricolored flag. So that means it has three colors. The colors are red, blue and white. In World War I the blue and white stripes were added to the flag. This is the Thailand flag that S made.

  4. Clothes & Culture The women's clothing is a tube skirt. It's like the tight skirt the Korean guys were wearing at the port. So it's this tight dress. Thai culture is Buddhist. It does not approve of lying. It includes having respect to people. And Thais think that if you really want something, you have to have it.

  5. So how is Islam in Thailand? When I say Thailand, you may not associate the name of Thailand with Muslims, and that's because the majority of people there are Hinayana Buddhists. But in southern Thailand, there are quite a bit of Muslims, which will make this PowerPoint relevant, since I already named it Islam in Thailand. So yeah, in Southern Thailand, there are enough Muslims to have their own kingdom and courts and such. This kingdom is in the Greater Patani region, which I'm sure you could find on a map. So it has been impossible for the Buddhists to force the Muslims to switch to the modern Buddhist rules there in Thailand, because the Muslims there are very independent. The Muslims there are also known for their resistance and rebellion against the Thai government.

  6. Thailand Architecture In Thailand, most houses are on stilts about as high as a man's head. They also use these stilts on Masjids too, sometimes, but not very often. An example of a Thai Masjid would be the Central Masjid in Pattani, a south province of Thailand. Pattani's population is mostly Malay Muslims who speak Pattani Malay, but some can also speak Thai. I made a traditional Thai house because There wasn't much islamic architecture resources from Google. Thai architecture was influenced highly by the Indians.

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