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STOP BULLYING . STOP. Including everyone. It is very important to include everyone. Maybe you do not specifically like this person but it is still important to include them because, if you would not be included you would not feel very welcome to the school or place.

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Stop bullying



Including everyone

It is very important to include everyone. Maybe you do not specifically like this person but it is still important to include them because, if you would not be included you would not feel very welcome to the school or place.

If you are in an international school, and if you and your friends are speaking another language, and there are other children who do not speak the language, YOU ARE EXCLUDING THEM!


  • Physical Bullying

  • Verbal Bullying

  • Cyber Bullying

  • Social Bullying

Physical Bullying

Whatis fun or cool about hurting someone? Name calling, tripping someone, laughing at them, leaving them out or ignoring them it is really not cool.

It is not acceptable to punch or kick someone just for fun. If you do kick someone for fun then you are definitely bullying.

Verbal bullying is not justteasing or picking on someone,orsayingbadthing about them or therefamily.

Verbal bullying is whenyou talk to soemoneusingbad language. It canalsobe by sayingthingsbehindthere back. It is verybad to saythingslikethatbecauseitmakesthemfeelreallybad and theythinkthey are worthnothing.



Effects of cyber bullying

  • Skip school

  • Experience in-person bullying

  • Be unwilling to attend school

  • Receive poor grades

  • Have lower self-esteem

  • Have more health problems

Cyber bullying is when someone bully's you via the internet. It is not nice to comment or send them a message that is cruel. Firstly there is no reason for this because you should try to be friends with everyone. But if it’s a stranger then tell you parents or who ever looks after you.


It is the type of bulyinglikewhenyou tell yourfriend not to befriendwith a person. It is not becauseYOU do not likethatperson, thatyourfrienddoes not likethatpersonaswell. Everyone is FREE to befriendwithwhoevertheywont.

This type of bullying is any type to do with your self and the bully. Usually it is most common to be in-between friends or family members. This happens because your friend might brake a promise or tell one of your secrets. But your family member could tell hundreds of people online embarrassing story's.


DON`T WAIT TOO LONG. The bullymightthinkyou are a good victim and thatyouwontsayanything and sohewontbe in troubles.

TALK TO THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS. Talk to the prinsipal or the schoolcounselor. Bullying is so commun that a lot of schools have an anti-bullying program.

DON`T STAY IN YOUR CORNER. Speak to someoneyou trust and you know. It is already good to sayit to someone.



Where Bullying Takes Place

At school is ware most of the bullying is placed. It is most common here because it is more likely to see the person which the bully wants to bully.

Don’t be a bully But be a friend

Instead of bullying STOP acting unfriendly and be a FRIEND!

It is much better than being the mean person. STOP staying in your corner and join in with others, try to make some new friends.

Don’t be a bully for fun or for any reasons. It is important to join in and make friend, then when you get older you will be able to hang out with your new friends.


These are some examples of things to remember:

  • Tell the teacher or your parents if YOU are being bullied

  • Tell the teacher when YOU SEE bullying happening

  • Help your friends if you know that they are being bullied

  • It is important not to be a bully even if YOU think it could be fun