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Identifying Capability Gaps and Funding Opportunities PowerPoint Presentation
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Identifying Capability Gaps and Funding Opportunities

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Identifying Capability Gaps and Funding Opportunities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Identifying Capability Gaps and Funding Opportunities. Presented To: Navy Packaging Board Presented By: Raymond Chin, Container Design Engineer Naval Inventory Control Point April 23, 2009. Introduction. Packaging & Interface Technology Upgrades

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Presentation Transcript
Identifying Capability Gaps and

Funding Opportunities

Presented To:

Navy Packaging Board

Presented By:

Raymond Chin, Container Design Engineer

Naval Inventory Control Point

April 23, 2009

  • Packaging & Interface Technology Upgrades
  • Identify Process to Document Capability Gaps
  • Gather Concepts to Address Gaps
  • Match Ideas with Requirements
data calls solicitations
Data Calls / Solicitations

ONR Technology Transition Programs

  • Rapid Technology Transition (RTT)
    • Provides bridge funds to transition new and emerging technologies into established programs of record.
  • Technology Insertion Program for Savings (TIPS)
    • Reduce operations and support (O&S) costs of naval systems and platforms through the transition of new and innovative technologies (strong cost avoidance).
  • Technology Transition Initiative (TTI)
    • Accelerates introduction of new technologies into operational capabilities for the armed forces, administered by OSD.
  • Seabasing Future Naval Capabilities (FNC)
    • Technologies that benefit seabasing (warfighting capabilities sustained from the sea without reliance on shore facilities)


  • Joint Deployment Distribution Enterprise (JDDE) Technology
    • Addresses operational challenges and capability gaps through RDT&E.
data calls solicitations cont
Data Calls / Solicitations (cont.)

NAVSUP Technology Programs

  • Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)
    • Use small, socially or economically disadvantaged businesses to meet R&D needs related to technological innovations.
  • Small Business Technology Transfer (SBTT)
    • Similar to SBIR, but requires the small business to have a research partner consisting of a University, Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), or a qualified non-profit research institution.
  • NAVSUP Capability Gaps and Initiatives
    • Initiatives aimed at addressing NAVSUP’s performance shortfalls or deficiencies.

Material Readiness & Logistics (N4)

  • Energy and Environment Related Project Call (Due April 29)
    • Opportunity to obtain R&D funds for energy/environment related projects (e.g. facility improvements, alternative power, reduced food waste packaging)
packaging related capability gaps
Packaging Related Capability Gaps
  • List of Examples
    • Ineffective tools for container environmental management result in material damaged/degraded in storage/transit
    • Loss of item visibility & accountability
    • Lack of capabilities & integration to provide operational logistics support
    • Unrecyclable / Non-recycled waste
    • Supply services’ pollution
  • List of Examples
    • Marine Biodegradable Plastics
    • Multi-Metal VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)
    • Long Life Desiccant
    • Dynamic Dehumidification Process
    • Pallet Transformation
    • Alternate Materials for Reusable Containers
    • RFID Antenna Advances
what can we do better
What can we do better?
  • Stakeholder Input
  • Business Process Improvements
  • Use TARP as a resource
    • Identify process or technical issues
    • Document special interest items
way ahead
Way Ahead
  • Maintain Running List of Ideas
  • Standardize Template for Submitting Ideas
  • Utilize PHS&T Community of Practice
  • Maintain Relationship with NAVSUP CSA
  • Submit Recommendations to NPB
capability gaps initiatives
Capability Gaps & Initiatives
  • Capability Gaps identify a performance deficiency (state a problem)
    • e.g., Current methodologies for protecting large quantities of high cost assets in storage or shipment are costly and occasionally ineffective, leading to damage or degradation of the “protected” assets.
  • Initiatives respond to a Capability Gap (help solve a problem)
    • e.g., Environmental sensors to monitor material in storage and in transit to proactively warn if protection is breached. Specific capabilities are required to mitigate humidity and temperature.
  • Align our efforts to solve the top problems
    • Limited resources must be applied judiciously
  • Communicate our problems to stimulate innovative & alternative initiatives/solutions
    • Can someone in NAVSUP help, but is not aware of the problem?
    • Can someone outside of NAVSUP help?





ESG Annual Duty

Two Step process:

  • Generate capability gap list
    • Solicit capability gap inputs from NAVSUP Enterprise
    • Review & approve capability gaps
  • Allocate discretionary R&D resources
    • Solicit initiative inputs that respond to capability gaps from NAVSUP Enterprise
    • Prioritize initiatives & allocate resources
this year s capability gap inputs
This Year’sCapability Gap Inputs
  • 13 Capability Gaps recommended
    • Aligned to 3 CDR’s Guidance focus areas:
      • Global Logistics Support (5)
      • Sailor & Family Support (2)
      • Alignment (6)
  • 1 additional Capability Gap proposed for Log R&D ESG consideration
    • Could be aligned to Global Logistics Support
this year s capability gap inputs1
This Year’sCapability Gap Inputs

13 Recommended Capability Gaps:

1 Additional Capability Gap for Consideration:

1.6 Supply Chain Threats


Project Title (Quad Chart for N4 Energy/Environment Project Call)


Project Picture

  • What’s the problem that needs solving?
  • Proposed solution




  • Energy efficiency, pollution/waste reduction…
  • Applicability to other commodities, other Services…

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