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Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trials. The Way We Make Progress Against Disease. What Are Clinical Trials?. Research studies to find better ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease Help health care providers find ways to improve patient care. Why Are Clinical Trials Important?.

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clinical trials

Clinical Trials

The Way We Make Progress Against Disease

what are clinical trials
What Are Clinical Trials?
  • Research studies to find better ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease
  • Help health care providers find ways to improve patient care
why are clinical trials important
Why Are Clinical Trials Important?
  • Most of the best treatments we have today are based on what we learned from clinical trials
  • People are living longer because of clinical trials
do many people take part in clinical trials
Do Many People Take Part in Clinical Trials?
  • Few people take part
  • The more people who take part, the faster we will find better ways to treat and prevent disease
what are the different types of clinical trials
What Are the Different Types of Clinical Trials?
  • Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Diagnostic
  • Screening/early detection
  • Quality of life
treatment trials
Treatment Trials
  • What new treatments can help people with a particular disease?
  • What is the most effective treatment for people with that disease?
treatment trials1
Treatment Trials
  • Many treatment trials compare two or more different approaches to treating a disease
  • Participants will take either:
    • The best accepted treatment
    • A new treatment
prevention trials
Prevention Trials

What approaches can prevent healthy people from developing disease?

prevention trials1
Prevention Trials

Two kinds, that ask participants to either:

1. Do something

2. Take something

protecting patients safety
Protecting Patients’ Safety

Informed Consent

Before agreeing to take part, patients have the right to understand all that is involved in a clinical trial:

  • Procedures and treatments
  • Tests
  • Possible risks and benefits
protecting patients safety1
Protecting Patients’ Safety

Institutional Review Board

  • Committee made up of experts
benefits of taking part
Benefits of Taking Part

Possible benefits:

  • Patients will receive, at a minimum, the best standard treatment
  • If the new approach is proven to work, patients may be among the first to benefit
  • Patients have a chance to help others and improve health care
risks of taking part
Risks of Taking Part

Possible risks:

  • Unknown side effects or other risks
  • New treatment may not help every participant
  • Costs
where to find clinical trial information
Your health care provider

National Library of Medicine

Where to Find Clinical Trial Information



National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial ResearchNATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTHwww.nidcr.nih.govAdapted from a slide presentation developed by the National Cancer Institute, for its Cancer Clinical Trials Education Series.