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wiesbaden germany n.
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Wiesbaden, Germany PowerPoint Presentation
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Wiesbaden, Germany

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Wiesbaden, Germany
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Wiesbaden, Germany

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  1. Wiesbaden, Germany By Martha Eckhart

  2. Wiesbaden, Germany It is located on the Rhein River where it changes from a northern to a western direction. It is the capital of the state of Hesse.

  3. Roman Wall built around 370 A.D.

  4. The Heidenmauer (Heathens’ Wall) was partly destroyed in 1902 to allow for this “Römertor” (Roman Gateway) with covered wooden bridge to be built.

  5. Wiesbaden circa 1665

  6. “Wiesbaden” literally means “bathing in the fields.” Kochbrunnen - “Boiling Fountain” – The hot water from this underground spring is comprised of many minerals, but predominantly sodium and calcium. Supposedly it heals many ailments! (Personal note: It stinks to high heaven! It smells like rotten eggs!)

  7. Want a drink? The spring water these people are about to drink comes from 6000 feet below the ground and has a temperature of 151° F.

  8. Painting of how the Kochbrunnen looked at the turn of the century.

  9. Outdoor Hot Water! The Kochbrunnen Spring was built in 1971. It is a massive granite slab that weighs 18 tons. The sculpture appears to some as a giant clam cooking in its own steam. Some drink it, but some soak their feet and ankles in it. It is said to cure arthritis!

  10. Nerobergbahn This small train travels to the top of the Neroberg, Wiesbaden’s local mountain attraction, by using water ballast from the train at the top going down to pull UP the train at the bottom! Environmentally protective in 1888? You betcha!

  11. Wiesbaden – Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Elizabeth It is at the top of the Neroberg (245 meters above sea level). The Duke of Nassau had it built in 1855 as a sepulcher for the mortal remains of his wife, the 19-year-old Russian Princess Elizabeth, the niece of Tsar Alexander I. She died in childbirth. It is still used for Russian Orthodox Services.

  12. Interior of the Russian Church – dome of the cupola

  13. Staatstheater – Opera House

  14. Interior of Opera House

  15. Ceiling of the Opera House

  16. Foyer of Opera House

  17. Biebrich Schloss (Palace) Once home of the Duke of Nassau

  18. Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) Built in 1850

  19. Interior of Hauptbahnhof

  20. Largest Cuckoo Clock in the World! On the half hour a cuckoo bird comes out, and on the hour a little Bavarian girl and boy come out and dance to the music. It was originally located on the Kaiser Friedrich Square. The square was totally destroyed during World War II, but the clock survived. It was moved in 1950 to the front of a store that sells wonderful carved wooden artifacts.

  21. Altes Rathaus “Old City Hall” Built in 1610, it is the oldest building in Wiesbaden. It is now used to store records. Civil weddings are held here.

  22. New RathausBuilt in 1888

  23. Stadtschloss (City Palace) Once home of Emperor Wilhelm II, this palace was build between 1837-1840. It is now the center of the Hessen State Parliament.

  24. Luisenplatzwith Bonifatiuskirche in the background

  25. Marktkirche-Market Church Its 270 feet tall spires make its tower the highest point in the city.

  26. ENDE