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ProPitch for Investment Banks Factsheet PowerPoint Presentation
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ProPitch for Investment Banks Factsheet

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ProPitch for Investment Banks Factsheet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ProPitch for Investment Banks Factsheet. Background. Solution. Overview

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propitch for investment banks factsheet
ProPitch for Investment BanksFactsheet




ProPitch completely integrates with PowerPoint and Excel that work together to automate the tasks most critical to creating investment banking pitchbooks. ProPitch enforces your companies corporate standards and saves hours per project. Since its built into MS Office, our system stretches the technology investment that you have already made, and leverages your banker’s existing knowledge.

Investment banking pitchbooks are not your typical standard business proposals. Given the prestige of the organizations that produce them, the fees at stake in every deal and the seniority of the pitch recipients, they are serious documents with unique requirements.

Bankers and production staff are constantly under tight deadlines to create pitches that are both creative and flawless. Calient's tools will help consistent formatting and branding standards, while customization pitches from deal to deal. Our ProPitch system automates all of these painstaking manual tasks so you can leave the office before the sun rises. Calient's applications are integrated with the ever so familiar Microsoft Office.

Calient Technologies ProPitch solution has been delivered to some of the worlds leading investment banks. Dozens of bankers have lent their input over the last 20 years and hundreds use it today.

Slide Manager

Store and easily access frequently used

slides. Slide manager provides a snap shot view of the slides as you scroll down the list. It allows use of standard content within the company. There is no quicker, more cost effective way to build your Pitchbook.

Table Builder

No need to re-type Excel data into PowerPoint to create a table. Just select the data and choose the standard table format. ProPitch links the table and pastes it perfectly into your Pitchbook.

Chart Builder

Simply highlight your data in Excel and choose from a list of your banks standard chart templates. All branding elements: colors; markers; labels and legend, are done. With one mouse click your chart is properly sized and inserted into your Pitchbook.

propitch for investment banks at a glance
ProPitch for Investment BanksAt-A-Glance




Creating new pitches and updating Pitchbooks made easy.

Access frequently used slides and custom layouts easily.

Tools allow users to assemble their Pitchbook easily.

Add custom shapes, bullets and content.

Custom links update automatically when the source table or chart changes.


Access to standard workbooks & worksheets with branded colors and fonts.

Access custom color palettes and manage styles.

Automate standard charts and tables with one click.

Guides allow users to size an Excel chart or table to fit perfectly on PowerPoint slides.

Copy charts and tables into both PowerPoint and Word with custom linking functionality.