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Focus on Genre

Focus on Genre. HERE’S A PUZZLE TO SOLVE! What kind of writing is full of suspense , contains a crime , a detective who’s trying to figure it out, clues to point the way, suspects who might have done it…. and finally, the SOLUTION?. If you said it’s a MYSTERY , you’re right!.

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Focus on Genre

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  1. Focus on Genre HERE’S A PUZZLE TO SOLVE! What kind of writing is full of suspense, contains a crime, a detective who’s trying to figure it out, clues to point the way, suspects who might have done it…. and finally, the SOLUTION? If you said it’s a MYSTERY, you’re right!

  2. The Case of the EARTHENWARE PIG Brown Detective Agency 13 Rover Avenue Leroy Brown -president- NO CASE TOO SMALL $25 per day plus expenses Example of an Earthenware Pig Author: Donald J. Sobol

  3. The Sticks of Truth Retold By George Shannon The Sticks of Truth is based on an Indian folktale that uses elements of a mystery. Many folktales and mysteries are similar; action and sequence of events are important, a major problem is solved, and each has lead characters.

  4. something that helps solve a mystery clue A fingerprint found at the scene of a crime is a clue that often helps detectives solve cases. Synonyms: hint sign suspicion trace

  5. something that is being investigated case The police studied the case of the missing jewels. Synonyms: lawsuit legal action

  6. a person who has committed a crime criminal The police officer created a road barrier to try and catch the criminal. Synonyms: convict prisoner crook felon

  7. a person who tries to solve a crime detective The detective wanted to examine the evidence that was found at the scene of the crime.

  8. facts or signs that show the truth or that help someone make a conclusion evidence Police usually send the evidence to a forensics lab for testing. Synonyms: proof facts support

  9. the answer to a mystery solution If we work hard, we can find a solution to this problem. Synonyms: answer result

  10. a person thought to be guilty of a crime suspect The officers used bloodhounds to track the suspect.

  11. uncertainty about what will happen suspense The story was full of suspense. Each chapter was more exciting than the last. Synonyms: anticipation expectation

  12. a person who sees or hears something witness The jury listened while each witness gave their testimony. Synonyms:bystander spectator eyewitness

  13. More Books by Donald J. Sobol

  14. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! Draw! Draw! Draw!

  15. Free Association • Write as many words as you can think of that go with each of the vocabulary words. • For example: • The word is school: • learning • Science • pencils • Reading • Math • teachers • P.E. • education • And on and on and on 1. evidence 2. witness 3. suspense 4. clue 5. detective 6. solution 7. criminal 8. case 9. suspect

  16. Vocabulary Classifying • Place the following words in categories: • evidence witness suspense • clue detective solution criminal case suspect • Decide the names of the categories. • Determine how many categories. • Determine which words go in which categories. • After classifying the words, write a paragraph explaining each of the categories and why certain words go in a particular category.

  17. Synonym Search Match the vocabulary words on the left to the correct synonyms on the right. Some vocabulary words have more than one synonym. Ready, set, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suspense criminal case solution evidence clue witness

  18. Can You Find the Context Clues? 1. The only _________ she left behind was a small strand of her hair. 2. He concealed the _____________ under his coat. 3. The _________ used his logical thinking skills to solve the mystery. 4. The judge imposed a life sentence on the _______________. 5. It took them hours to figure out the _____________ to the math problem. 6. The police decided to interrogate the ______________ right away. 7. I like this novel because of the way the author builds ___________ into the plot’s rising action. 8. The _____________ tried to alter her original story, but the police officer didn't believe her. 9. The jury will need to deliberate for hours before giving a verdict in the criminal ______________. evidence; witness; suspense; clue; detective; solution; criminal; case; suspect;

  19. Word Association Challenge 1. Which word goes with an accident? Why? 2. Which word goes with a school lunch room? Why? 3. Which word goes with telling a story? Why? 4. Which word goes with judges, lawyers, and courthouses? 5. Which word goes with handwriting and voice recorders? Why? 6. Which word goes with a magnifying glass and a wig? Why? 7. Which word goes with acting? Why? 8. Which word goes with a winning play in football? Why? 9. Which word goes with someone hiding? Why? 10. Which word goes with writing a riddle? Why? 11. Which word goes with the night before Christmas? 12. Which word goes with listening to a story? Why? Word Bank evidence witness suspense clue detective solution criminal case suspect

  20. Tell Me What You Know 1. Why would someone need a detective? 2. Explain how you feel when reading a story that is full of suspense. 3. Witness, evidence, and caseare connected because__________________________________________. 4. What are the differences between evidence and clues? 5. What makes a detective suspect someone of breaking the law?

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