Roundtable for independent institutions
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Roundtable for Independent Institutions . Compagno Room Amy Simmons, University of Redlands Facilitator. What do Articulation Officers and Astronauts have in common?. Acronyms!. CIAC. AS-T. MA. IGETC. BM. C-ID. GPA. CCC. TMC. BA. AA-T. MBA. UC. ASSIST. DIG.

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Roundtable for independent institutions

Roundtable for Independent Institutions

Compagno Room

Amy Simmons, University of Redlands


















Do we understand what s going on
Do we understand what‘s going on?

  • Can we follow the conversation about implementation of SB 1440?

  • Do we understand what SB 1440 is?

  • How will we, as private institutions, use the tools implemented by CSU and CCC Academic Senates to comply with SB 1440?

LAO Progress Report, May 11, 2012

Sb 1440 background
SB 1440 background

According to

Implementation began in the 2010-2011 academic year.

What is tmc
What is TMC?

  • In response to SB1440, CCC and CSU Academic Senates decided to create statewide Transfer Model Curricula (TMC) for a number of the most commonly transferred majors.*

*LAO Progress Report, May 11, 2012

Approved transfer model curricula
Approved Transfer Model Curricula

Figure 2

Approved Transfer Model Curricula

As of March 30, 2012

LAO Progress Report, May 11, 2012

What is c id
What is C-ID?

  • C-ID is a supranumbering system being developed to ease the transfer and articulation burdens in California’s higher educational institutions (

Roundtable for independent institutions

The birth of a course C-ID

  • Descriptors include basic information about the course, such as the topics that are covered, the knowledge and skills that students should be able to demonstrate as a result of taking it (course objectives), how students are evaluated (such as through essay exams and research papers), and sample textbooks or other instructional materials that are commonly used.

  • Once a descriptor is fully vetted by faculty, it is given a unique course identifier. ("College Algebra," for example, is designated C–ID MATH 150.)

  •  Courses that match a particular descriptor are assigned that same C–ID course identifier. (So regardless of a local college's course number, a math course at a community college that matches the College Algebra descriptor would also carry the additional designation of C–ID MATH 150.

  • Under the leadership of the Academic Senates of CCC and CSU, between October 2010 and March 2012, over 1,000 CCC and CSU faculty have participated in meetings across the state as part of the effort to develop TMC.  The 18 TMC that have been approved thus far are the product of tens of thousands of hours of faculty time.

LAO Progress Report, May 11, 2012

The birth of an as t
The birth of an AS-T

  • TMC’s are used to design AS-T’s

  • College of the Desert was the first to receive approval of a program in March, 2011

  • Pasadena City College, as of March 2012 had the most programs in the state: 13

  • Participation and progress among CCC’s in creating AS-T’s is mixed

LAO Progress Report, May 11, 2012

Private institutions serve a large number of transfer students from ccc s
Private institutions serve a large number of transfer students from CCC’s.

Approximately 1/6 of CCC transfer students chose in-state private institutions, so upwards of 18,700 students transferred to our institutions in 2010-2011 academic year.

LAO Progress Report, May 11, 2012

How do privates use this information
How do privates use this information? students from CCC’s.

  • Do private institutions have dedicated articulation officers?

  • With the creation of C-ID, do private institutions accept courses from any CA CCC containing a given C-ID?

  • Are private institutions working toward accepting AS-T’s for transfer students?

  • How is the institution’s academic integrity safeguarded if it is accepting C-ID’s and AS-T’s?

An articulation topic for future discussion
An articulation topic for future discussion… students from CCC’s.

Are you an SOC school? To become one, submit your courses to the DNS.


To become a Servicemembers Opportunity College, submit your courses to the Degree Network System.

This program allows servicemembers to understand what courses taken at one member institution transfer to other institutions in Guaranteed-Transfer Networks.

For further information:

Resources students from CCC’s.

  • Legislative Analyst’s Office.

  • Web site for the course identifying numbering system

  • Everything about associate degrees for transfer

  • Association for Independent California Colleges and Universities

    Amy Simmons, Publication and Degree Audit Specialist