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Political partys

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Political partys. By: - Arnau Vilalta -Ariadna Perdigó - Maria Antolin - Oriol urgellés. Political partyes legalisated afer the 1975. The politycal partyes legalised followed the following order: 1. UCD (Unión de Centro-Democtico) 2. PCE (Partido Comunista de España)

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political partys
Political partys

By:- Arnau Vilalta -Ariadna Perdigó- Maria Antolin- Oriol urgellés

political partyes legalisated afer the 1975
Political partyes legalisated afer the 1975
  • The politycal partyes legalised followed the following order:
  • 1. UCD (Unión de Centro-Democtico)
  • 2. PCE (Partido Comunista de España)
  • 3. PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español)
  • 4. Alianza Popular (now PP (Partido Popular))
  • 5. PNV (Partido Nacionalista Vasco)
converg ncia i uni ciu
Convergència i UnióCIU
  • CiU is a Catalan nationalist party. It is usually seen as a moderate nationalist party, both in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain. Depending on the observer it is regarded as either conservative or centrist. Still, liberal leanings may be found in the larger CDC, while Union is a Christiandemocratic party.
izquierda unida
Izquierda Unida
  • Is a political party that was organized in 1986 bringing together several political organisations opposed to Spain joining NATO. It was formed by a number of groups of leftists, greens, socialists and left-wingrepublicans, but was dominated by the Communist Party ofSpain


Democratic socialism, Communism,




Soft euroscepticism,


Political position



The politics of Spain take place under the framework established 

by the constitution of 1978. Spain is established as a social

and democratic stat, where in the national sovereignty is vested in the

people, from which the powers of the state emanate

The people's party (PP) is a conservative political party in Spain.

The  People's  Party  was  a  re-foundation  in  1989  of  the People's  Alliance a  party  led  and 

founded  by Manuel  Fraga  Iribarne,  a  former  Minister  of  the  Interior  and  Minister  of  Tourism 

during Francisco Franco's dictatorship.


The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party is a social-democratic political party in Spain. Its political position is Centre-left. The PSOE is the former ruling party of Spain, until beaten in the elections of November 2011 and the second oldest, exceeded only by the Partido Carlista, founded in 1833

2011- Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba.

esquerra republicana de catalunya erc
Esquerra Republicana de CatalunyaERC

• This party was formed by Jaume Aiguaderon the 17th of march in 1931 in theneigbourhood of Sants, Barcelona.• Esquerra Republicana is a left-wind party andthey are propitious about a republic countryand they are in favour abour Catalonia’sindependence.

Unión progreso y democraciaUPyD
  • This party was formed in may of 2007 by 45 different people in San Sebastián to face both principal political parties in Spain (PP and PSOE)
  • Although the principal aim of this party was to be an intermediate point from PP toPSOE as I said, this party has become a right-wind one and they are just one more party notvery known.
  • The main president this party has had is Rosa Díez and she has been since the very beginning of the party until nowdays, but there’s been more important people cooperating with it such as Carlos Martínez Gorriarán or Fernando Savater.

Amallur: Amaiur Spanish is a political coalition of left sovereigntist and acting in the País

Vasco and Navarra.


-Maite Aristegi (former Secretary General)

-Rafael Larreina (EA)

-Xabier Mikel Errekondo: headed to Navarra

-Aritz Romeo (Aralar), the list was headed by Iñaki Vizcaya Age (UPV professor)

and more.


In the general elections of November 20, 2011 Amaiur recorded a total of 333,628 votes,

which gave him seven deputies and three senators.

The December 12, 2011 Amaiur said would own group in Congress to not take possession of

Navarra deputy, Sabino Cuadra, who did not attend the session of the Cortes constitution.

In March 2012 Amaiur submitted to the Constitutional Court an appeal against the decision of

the General Committee to consider the adoption for purely political reasons

eaj pnv

EAJ-PNV: EAJ-PNV o Basque Nationalist Party created in 1895. Their ideology is nationalist

Basque in origin, of Christian inspiration. His main field of action lies in provincial territories

of Basque Country and Navarre, and the Basque country. Founded in 1895 by Sabino Arana

Goiri, is the second oldest political party emerged in Spain that exists today, after the Spanish

Socialist Workers Party

Candidates: Andoni Ortuzar, BBB president, Jose Luis Bilbao, Bizkaia Provincial Council, Ana

Madariaga, President of the General Meetings of the Territory, Iñaki Azkuna, mayor of Bilbao,

Amaia del Campo, a candidate for the City Council and I Barakaldo grandstand with 967